About Us

Our mission:
To serve and protect Christian families of Aleppo

Our values:
Hope - Justice - Modesty - Responsibility - Listening

HOPE CENTER was established at the beginning of 2018 under the guidance of Archbishop George Abi-khazen from the Latin church in Syria and supervised by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary.

The center’s goal is to support the Christian families in Syria through the coordination between the church-affiliated donors outside Syria, and the churches' relief committees working in Syria and especially in Aleppo.

The center considers supporting Christian family members through providing grants to finance micro-projects that would allow them to provide for their livelihood and move them from a state of reliance on relief aids to a state of self-dependence and thus establishing a better future for the Christians.

The grant which the center provides helps restore the crafts that the families used to have before the war or create new opportunities to help improve the family’s income and livelihood state.

Furthermore, the center aims to support the Christian initiatives that work in the Christian development field inside the churches in Aleppo, such as scouts and fraternities, so they can serve their crucial message of developing our Christian youths.

HOPE CENTER is an ecumenical organization, it is a coordination point that aims to achieve effective communication between the local initiatives and the church-affiliated donors in order to attain the best future for Christianity in Syria.

We thank CARITAS POLAND one of our main donors.

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Our partners:

Al-Sakhour street Aleppo 2018


Micro Projects

We are currently receiving applications for upcoming projects at HOPE CENTER

Mini Pickup Truck

My name is Antoine, I am married to Roula Babakian and we have a son, his name is Elia, he...

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A printing center

Joseph is a single, young man, living with his family and he is the sole provider for them. He used to...

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My name is Jawhar Aljerouj, I live with my family of four, my wife Talin Kabanjian, and our three children...

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Hair Salon

My name is Maria, I am 46 years old and married to Robin Jokrian, we have a girl her name...

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Photographing Equipment

My name is Kamel, a 35 years old single man, I live with my father Yorghaki and my mother Grassiela...

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Computers Maintenance and Surveillance Systems

My name is Johnny Sarkis, I am 40 years old and I’m married to Sally Mekleh, We have a little girl,...

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Christian Organizations Initiatives

We continue to support educational ecclesial projects

Scout Olympics

20-21/10/2018 by Saint Afram Scout

Challenge yourself in a game of physical and musical competence, and of course a pleasurable time.

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Kids' Talent

By Christian group of saint Ephraim, From 11 to 31 June 2018

Every talent is a gift from God and it's our mission to look after it.

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Meet The Team

We are one family dedicated to accomplish the Christian mission through our values.

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Hope Center

Villat main street,
beside St. Elias Church
Aleppo, Syria

Email: info@hcsyria.org
Tel: +963 99 33 60 493
Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00