About Us

Our mission:
To serve and support Syrian families

Our values:
Hope - Justice - Modesty - Responsibility - Listening

HOPE CENTER is an ecumenical organization, established at the beginning of 2018 under the guidance of Archbishop George Abo-Khazen of the Latin church in Syria and supervised by the Sisters of Jesus and Mary.

We work to help Syrian families to restore the balance and stability into their lives through many initiatives that focus on the family, which we consider the most important unit to build a healthy and successful community.

Starting with the main provider of the family to help him/her in reviving their previous jobs or giving them a chance of starting their own projects that would provide them with an income which will cover their daily needs. This is a step in rebuilding the country’s economic structure on a micro level.

We care about women empowerment, to encourage the abused, weak women in society to work and be independent in their own life.

The youths, to prepare them to enter the work field and be creative and functional individuals.

We also care deeply about the children and how to return the joy and hope to their lives, in addition to well education.

We thank our main donor Caritas Poland

Our partners:

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Micro Projects

We are currently receiving applications for upcoming projects at HOPE CENTER

Aluminum Workshop

We were displaced from Al- Saydeh Mountain and rented a small place through the help of CONGREGATION DES FRERES MARISTES....

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Hair Salon

My name is Eshak Ofissa, I am 27 years old, I live with my parents. My father is retired and my...

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Car Alternator Core Winding

Before the crisis Garo used to work in repairing washing machines, it no longer provided sufficient income for him so...

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Beauty Center

Not everyone can work in the beauty industry, it takes both the skill and talent to thrive. Jerjy Iskandar khoury...

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Carpentry Workshop

My name is Sobhi Baladi, and I am 51 years old. I am single, I live with my retired father in...

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Marwan’s career path was determined since his early youth, when he applied with his friends for a public driving license...

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Christian Organizations Initiatives

We continue to support educational ecclesial projects

Rally of Thought

By Jesuits scout, From 19 To 22 April 2018

The minds race, the excitement rises, and everyone wins at the end.

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The Great Debaters

By Holy Cross Scout, From 9 To 11 May 2018

When we learn to listen to the other side, we grow up to become a great person.

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Given statements and opinions about HOPE CENTER

Meet The Team

We are one family dedicated to accomplish the Christian mission through our values.

Contact With Us

Hope Center

Villat main street,
beside St. Elias Church
Aleppo, Syria

Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00