Samira Kattaa-Aljabal: Resilience in times of lockdown

After opening her fitness hall project around the new year time, Samira Kattaa-Aljabal instantly faced some uncontrolled difficulties, starting with shells falling on the area and the fear of getting someone’s hurt by coming to her place all the way to the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

After a while from opening the gym, the war related situation began to calm down, the work was better and many people were very excited to start exercising and be active and her customers were very happy with the lessons and the profits were good.

Unfortunately, just a month later the Corona virus started. At first the work was not affected, but then when the cases started to increase the people were afraid to take the risk and with the curfew, things got worse until eventually the government issued a ban of all gyms in addition to many other places that are not safe during the pandemic.

Of course, that was devastating news for Samira whom just started to get profits from her new project and things were going well.

Staying at home created many challenges, mainly the lack of income for the livelihood, it is very hard for such an independent woman who always provided for the family to sit at home without a job and feel so helpless in this situation, she lost her only way of providing for her and her daughter. 

Samira now is still optimistic about the upcoming days, next month she will be able to reopen again, of course she is planning from now about all the precautions she is going to apply to make sure that the place is sanitized and safe for her customers.

“people are always asking me when are we going to reopen the place, especially that during lockdown the majority of women gained some extra weight and people in general missed exercising and to kill the time with something healthy and useful, so I am looking forward to work and I am planning to do dance lessons for children as they no longer have school now which will improve my income and at the same time will be enjoyable for both parents and their kids.”

The current situation that the corona virus caused was not easy at all for anyone, most jobs were majorly affected by this pandemic and people lost their income for many months by now.

The responsibilities and monthly payments like rent, bills, food and basics are the biggest difficulties especially for people who earn their living day by day.