A Conference of Hope for the Syrian Church

“Church: House of charity, Synodality and Coordination” an important conference that was held in the Syrian capital Damascus, which brought together for the first time in a decade, Patriarchs, bishops, priests and laity for the purpose of placing Syria back again at the center of Christian life in the Middle East.

Representatives of local humanitarian agencies, such as Caritas Internationalis, the Jesuit Refugees Service, AVSI, L’Oeuvres d’Orient, and ACN, in addition to local organizations and foreign delegation were present at the gathering to shed a light on the church’s reality and most urgent needs and challenges that need to be addressed. According to Antoine Audo the Chaldean bishop of Aleppo and secretary of the conference: "One of the objectives of the conference is to define the priorities for moving forward and optimizing the Church’s commitment for the upcoming years.”

Meanwhile, the apostolic nunciature and the assembly of local bishops and patriarchs worked to organize the conference in order to coordinate charity and social work to address the serious humanitarian emergency of post-war on a large scale, the local participants had the opportunity to share their experience and discuss their practices in their fields of humanitarian work, and draw great attention to young people, the future of Syria, As Audo said: “We want to understand how to help them rediscover trust in the Church and in their country”.

Christian Hope center represented by Mr. Fredy Youssef also weighed in on the matter, sharing the organization's mission, vision, and working mechanism all built with the capacities of Christian youth in Syria. Meanwhile, important church leaders, including the Apostolic Nuncio Card. Mario Zenari spoke about the challenges facing the Christian church and the vision they have for the future, the discussions were summed up during the workshops regarding the humanitarian work in Syria under the catholic-social teachings, and how to translate words into real actions asserting the church’s role and finding a clear path for the new generations which is essential for alleviating Christian loss caused by the war.