A new addition to the DISC centers; finally the ADISC in Aleppo

After many years of successfully implementing the DISC concept around different Syrian cities, the ADISC is another thriving initiative to continue the path of helping the youths. 

Getting a job under the harsh economic crisis and the post-war situation has become so difficult to obtain, especially for the youth who doesn’t have enough experience and strong skills. The main objective of the ADISC project is to help them be professionally equipped with the required skills for the marketplace and to secure employment. 

The program targets 120 young adults (ages 22-35) who are looking for job opportunities by providing English and computer skills, life skills training, professional development courses, specialized courses and mentorship, all of which will support their future endeavors for employment and long-term livelihood sustainability.

More than 390 graduated students from DISC programs in Homs and Damascus with a high percentage of success encouraged us to continue our service in Aleppo city.  

The project will launch soon starting with the first group of students whom are determined to strengthen their capacities and navigate the work market with their aquired skills and expertise.