Damascus: A massive need for livelihood support

It’s been four years now since the armed conflict subsided in Damascus, yet the situation is no better than it was, as the economic crisis exploded rapidly affecting people in the city and its suburbs.

Securing the daily bread became people’s main concern, while health and education hang on the verge of collapse. Despite all efforts, the increasing need was untamed and people living in poverty looking for a light of hope to continue their path in life.

With the micro-projects opening in Damascus in 2021, people sought a second chance in life by having a project that will provide them with a sustainable source of income and improve their situation.

By trying our best to reach the most in need to make a positive change in their lives, and as the time passed, we saw the happiness in people’s eyes and heard the blessing and thanking words from the beneficiaries for this opportunity which empowered us to put as much effort as we can for the sake of people. 

However, after having about 20 projects financed, our office started to receive more than thirty applicants a day with many others waiting in front of the building, such crowds weren’t expected. It was clear that the population gathering in Damascus was bigger and more varied than in other governorates in Syria. Soon after, people from the further Damascus suburbs such as Maaloula, Sednaya, and Maarouneh came to our office asking for a chance to apply for the micro project’s program.

Unfortunately, such areas weren't in our project start-up plan as the office was small in size to accommodate all those numbers, and our team members couldn’t reach the far suburbs of Damascus so all we could do was take the applicants’ names and numbers and promise to keep them informed with any new development in the targeted areas.

“ For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever". Psalm 9:18

We always have great faith in the mercy of God who never forgets his people and surely will lead us soon to help and support them wherever they are as we are praying to be the ray of hope that they seek to continue their difficult journey in the current circumstances.