Capable teachers for our children

Children today represent our hope and desire for a better future, and we have a great responsibility towards them to provide the best possible teaching system, this can only become a reality by procuring teachers with tremendous abilities to recognize every single child’s need and help them overcome their daily basic struggles, the capacity building training first initiated on the 8th of March 2022, this training has been one of the initiatives of the school-to-School program. For three weeks teachers were given the opportunity to attend the training that took part in St. Michael’s church hall, the overall objective was to raise the teachers' abilities in three main aspects,

Child protection (psycho-social support PSS and Gender-based violence GBV), this training was conducted by the trainer Maher Ali Kassar, who has long years of experience in the field of counseling.
The teachers were introduced to the terms with a new perspective of child protection, and how protecting a child physically isn’t just enough, the teachers were trained to explore the depths of the child’s psychological development, in addition to identifying what is their right and how to protect them, this will enable the child to develop adequately by integrating support with teaching to recognize signs of distress and act upon them.

Child behavior and development, this training was conducted by Dr. Roudeina Ali, who has several published studies and articles in the field of social science.
This course displayed the importance of each age stage and the community a child is exposed to in shaping their personality, in addition to discussing some common behavioral problems among children such as (ADHD, lying, isolation) and how to overcome some of these problems by implementing meaningful cooperation between teachers and the families of children.   

Effective learning strategies, this training was conducted by the trainer Abdalla Sayegh, who has extensive experience in the field of training and occupied several positions in the field of education at organizations.
The main subject of this training was transforming teachers into educators, to guide children by using educational aids/tools efficiently and promote teamwork and discipline within the classroom, this all will help to enrich the child’s curiosity and grab their attention, and enable teachers to build a network of trust with each child, by making the child the center of the educational process.

by the end of this program 54 teachers completed each training, the great feedback and honest testimonies of the teachers are the fuel that enables us, Christian Hope Center to pursue our dream of building a perfect environment for children and young adults to develop and recover social cohesion.