Children University opens its doors for the little students In Homs and Aleppo

A sprout of flower cannot flourish without care and attention, and that is how Hope center cares about the future generation that is going to be responsible of re-building Syria. As bringing up children in a healthy, experimental environment will ensure their growth with the best cognitive and creative skills, and from this concept the children university project started.

Children University in Aleppo opened its doors to register young attendees on the 1st of June 2022, and since this was the first time this concept was implemented, it had unprecedented success with more than 200 children applying for the project. During the first phase of the project children were introduced to the different specializations such as media, medicine, science, engineering, and informatics, and started participating in English courses to enhance their speaking skills.

After the concept of Children University was well received in Aleppo, on the 12th of October 2022, our hope continued by launching a new branch in the city of Homs. The two centers are now functioning at the same time in both cities, cooperating, and inspiring each other to always ensure their young students always experience the newest and most useful ideas, experiments, and activities. 

Some of the scientific experiments conducted in the centers are doing a heart autopsy, simulate volcanic explosion, and plant fungi, other activities included visiting historical sites, firefighting stations, and setting up the Christmas tree.

The two centers are providing an enhanced extra-curricular activities for almost 360 children each year, and working to truly inspire the next generation with all means necessary, as our children are the Hope we have for a brighter and better future in Syria.