Meet Tareq Douna, one of the graduates of the DISC program

Tareq is a 26-year-old civil engineer who majored in environmental science, unfortunately as most of the people in Syria he has experienced the loss of a dear person during the war, the psychological burdens of his loss fueled him to enroll in the DISC program. As Tareq describes the center was a second home where he felt safe to share his grief in the companionship sessions, this was one of the steps of growth he experienced while also participating in the educational courses of the program, gathering new and fundamental experience that in his opinion will contribute to increase his chances in the work market.

In his own words “my experience in HDISC had a big impact on me, considering all the different educational and personal development I have experienced; without it I would have not figured out my real capabilities”

This story comes to prove that true development occurs once accompanied with social support that takes into account the emotional aspect in the lives of the youth, that are striving on daily basis to put their mark in the Syrian labor market.