Informatics Graduation Projects

11 July 2023

On July 11, 2023, as a conclusion of the young learner's journey at Children University,

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Embarking on a Fresh Adventure

5 July 2023

Starting from July 5, 2023, Children University warmly greeted its third group with love and excitement.

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Exploring the Basics of Architectural Design

26 June 2023

On June 26, 2023, the young architects delved into the fundamentals of house design and interior furniture arrangement.

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Visiting the zoo


Because the awareness of the value of nature, livestock and biodiversity is very important...

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An exploring trip into the fascinating world of animals

13 June 2023

The enthusiastic young students have recently embarked on an educational adventure to a local pet shop as part of their science-class curriculum.

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Future Doctors Explore Medical Center's Departments

8 June 2023

As part of a scientific trip, future doctors recently visited a local medical center.

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Entering the world of children University


Photos from the attendance of the new group...

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Equestrian activity


Since photography is an art that is not limited to documenting events or photographing characters...

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The advanced level in media has begun!

4 April 2023

The first lesson was very interesting, the children learned how to use the camera

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Easter at Children University

13 April 2023

The young students celebrated Easter in their own way!

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Graduation day


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"...

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Visiting an artist


To learn how to conduct interviews and prepare appropriate questions...

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Visit the Red Crescent Center


After the children of the University completed the basic stage in the specialty of Medicine and after learning the basics of first aid...

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Easter activity


Based on the importance of living our religious rituals and their role in building the child's personality and developing him as a Christian...

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Mother's Day at Children University

16 March 2023

On their day, the young students wished happiness to all the mothers who provide us with their love and strength

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The beginning of a new journey

23 February 2023

The second group of young students arrived to Children University with much excitement for their new adventure.

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Choosing specializations

2 March 2023

The first stage at Children University concluded with the young students choosing the suitable specializations

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Discovering Lego Spike world

22 February 2023

Children's first experience with programming was very interesting!

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The arrangement of home furniture

The young architects learned how to arrange home furniture

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Discovering Earth and Volcanoes

7 December 2022

Having a good understanding of our planet, its nature and how it was formed is crucial to develop children's perception and their analytical thinking.

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The celebrations of jolly Christmas

8 December 2022

The young students celebrated their first Christmas at Children University in an atmosphere of joy and cooperation.

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World's Human Rights Day

14 December 2022

In order to ensure a safe environment for the young learners to explore,

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English at Children University

21 November 2022

One of the most special classes at Children University is the English language class,

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Chemistry day

23 November 2022

Now the young chemists know what is acid, base, and the difference between their chemical compositions.

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Media & Theater

17 November 2022

The young students were introduced to the world of media,

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Our first day at Children University

5 October 2022

Our first day at Children University was about welcoming the young learners

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Children University Opening

12 October 2022

Children University center opened its doors in the city of Homs,

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Static electricity


Science includes all aspects of life

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Heart autopsy


Our young doctors dissected a heart and discovered up-close the four heart chambers and valves, they also learnt the mechanism of blood pumping and the true functions of the heart.

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First steps into specialize


At the end of the basic level, the kids were able to choose one subject they desire to specialize in from the fields of (medicine, engineering, media, and science),

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Visit to the old city


In order to identify the buildings, their types, and the structure of some of the monuments in Aleppo, the children visited the old city and got a glimpse of its great history.

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Microscopic Fungi


Young children university students learnt about the types of fungi and their role in the environment

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Science with plants


Learning about the principle of reviving seeds from dormancy to active state, the "children university"students planted flowers to monitor their growth and experiment their basic functions, to better understand the plant structure consisting of stems, roots and leaves.

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Trip Day with Firefighters


After finishing the subject of medicine, and learning about first aid, children went on a trip with firefighters to identify the dangers that humans can be exposed to, they were also able to participate in a fire extinguishing experience, and share a ride in the fire truck.

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First Day of University

1 June 2022

On 1 June 2022, the Children University Center opened its doors and welcomed the first group of young university attendees, the first day of the university semester started with activities and explored the interesting university faculties they are going to enjoy during in the next following 4 months.

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