Aid Program
Family to Family

Maya Sayegh (volunteer in the Latin church): “from the start of the family to family program in our church, I’ve been helping with the distributions, during these two years I witnessed the massive help the program offers for the families in these difficult times” Maya continues, “ the families who are in a great need due to the war-related economic hardships, often ask us to deliver their gratitude and appreciation to those who donated and reached out to them”.  From her experience in volunteering, the food-technology engineering student, tells us that this amount of cash aid is being extremely useful, some families use it to provide the basic needs while others utilize it in special purposes like school fees for their children or for heating or electricity expenses.Bashir who’s also a volunteer in the same domain and worked with many relief programs and most recent in the Family to Family, confirms that the continuance of this program is now more important than ever, knowing that the economic crisis caused by the prolonged war is suffocating the Syrian community.  Among the Latin church’s many relief programs including (diaper packages, food baskets and olive oil distributions), the Family to Family program is ongoing since 2018. 

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