Homework Room

Summer program: Learn with fun

Time flied quickly when our little ones are learning and having fun in the Homework room all summer. 

The repeated school closures due to corona virus spread had its toll on the education system and the repercussions of that started to show on student’s education levels. This is what Homework Room teachers decided to step up and offer the students remedial classes to compensate for what student were missing out in their school classrooms.

Although the main objective was to reinforce their education, having fun remained an essential part of the process. After all it was summer summertime and adventure was a must in all the lessons students were about to learn. 

The three months program included lots of hands-on learning sessions, packed with the opportunities to explore the hidden talents and practice all summer to celebrate at the end of summer program.

The event took place on the 13th of September with the presence of the parents of the students. And the students proudly presented many entertainment segments, plays and dances. At the end of the day the all-distinguished students were honored. 

Ending that joyful season was an emotional memory for both teachers and kids but the excitement to start a new school year was already filling the air. 


Funded by:

Saint Nicholas