Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Metal Lathing Machine

Being the sole provider for a family of five is a heavy burden, upon the shoulders of the 42-years-old, father of two Semaan who has always been a hard working machinist doing metal works and milling to secure his family’s livelihood.

Semaan started his career in the early nineties in Al-Arkoub working for a local workshop. The only time he was left jobless was twenty years later when the war reached Aleppo city and Al-Arkoub was one of the first areas to...

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Water filtration Systems

A self-made man knows how to start from scratch, explore a new field of knowledge, and build a successful career. This hard and at the same time rewarding journey of Ghassan’s has started in 2006, when he lost his job in a retail company, it was a turning point. Ghassan started an internship in a filtration company with a dream of building his own business. It wasn’t easy, but for a man who has determination and perseverance, nothing was not...

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Lathing Machinery

Despite his 30 years of experience in the metal discs manufacturing, the 58-years-old George shereiki had never owned his independent workshop. George entered this domain in 2002, in Al-Ramouseh industrial area where he used to work for a local workshop owner for more than 12 years, but when war came along, it brought destruction and loss to everyone’s life, George wasn’t an exception, his workplace was destroyed and for two years George became unemployed. After losing any hope of going...

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Sewing Machines

Rita’s family has suffered a lot during the war, their agony started in 2016, when she and her husband Hagop were injured by a mortar shell explosion. Rita’s healing process took more than four years to go back to normal again but the worse was Hagop’s situation, his injuries have caused permanent damage and he lost his leg and his hand was hurt too. 

Hagop, who used to be the main provider of the household, lost his ability to work. In...

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Laser Cutting machine

Bassil Faced all the harsh events in his life with great patience and resilience to make his long-deferred dreams come true.

In 2010, Bassil was called to serve his mandatory military service, but this period stretched for more than 5 years because of war. Due to his health condition, Bassil was discharged and was ready to go back to his life but unfortunately nothing remained the same after four years of war. Their house was damaged, and his job was lost.


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Car Mechanics

Al Raqqa is one of the cities in Syria that has gone through the worst conditions, many people were thinking of immigration and others were internally displaced across the country seeking safety and stability.

Razek, the father of Odile and Fattouh, sent his children to Aleppo and he stayed in Raqqa trying to protect his properties there, but because of the aggravation of the situation, he was forced to leave his home and his workshop and move to Aleppo without knowing...

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Metal Lathing Machine

Hanna, 35-years-old father of two has a long experience in heavy machinery maintenance. back in 2002, he met his employer and started learning about repairing machinery which requires knowledge of its working mechanism and at the same time how to fix and assemble any broken pieces. After nine years the war hit Syria, Hanna lost his job, and to be able to financially survive he started working in a local mall. After a while he decided to go to Lebanon...

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Sewing Workshop

When Fadi’s house was hit with a destructive weapon, the 43-years-old man took his mother Dalal and moved to Tartous city, to escape the death and horror that was everywhere in Aleppo. 

Fadi has always worked in the clothes manufacturing business in one way or another, first in 2004, he entered the domain as a salesman then when he gained good experience in it and moved to Tartous where he opened his own retail shop. Slowly his work grew and he...

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Silver Crafting

The war couldn’t stop in front of the ambitious young Elias, who was working with his father in their silver crafting workshop, in their hometown; Idleb. He learned all about this profession from his father in addition to studying English literature and playing basketball, which unfortunately he had to quit due to a leg injury. 

After ten years in the silver crafting domain, Elias and his family were forced to flee their extremely dangerous city; which meant losing all their properties...

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Plumbing Equipment

Besides the devastating direct effects of war, there are other collateral damages that the war caused not many of people are aware of, like losing several crafts. This is what happened to Pierre. 

Pierre used to work in heating systems installation and maintenance, he and his brother shared a shop and each of them was specialized in different services, Pierre was specialized in radiators, while his brother was a plumber. But by 2011 their shop’s location became under heavy fires, and...

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Hairdressing kit

When it came to choosing his profession, Aboud made his decision a long time ago when he started working in several beauty salons while still young. Aboud was enthusiastic, ready to learn and eager to be a well-known hairdresser. His dreams were big and his ambitions were high but, unfortunately, the war had put him still. In 2015, to escape the dangers of Aleppo, Aboud and his parents went to Marmarita for couple of weeks only to extend their stay...

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Dental Laboratory

After his father’s illness, Nazaret had to carry great responsibilities such as caring for his father’s treatment costs, caring for his elderly mother, as well as repairing his house, which was severely damaged by the falling shells. Unfortunately, Nazaret’s father passed away, leaving his wife and son face the unknown future in times of war. 

Although Nazaret outlived the hardest days of war with minimal damage, but the financial difficulties prevented him from upgrading his business as he has long experience...

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