Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Silver Crafting Tools

Khatchir is the head of his small family of four, along with his wife Rowaida, daughter Eliza and son George, they all live in Serian neighborhood. Since they belong to the middle class, the financial crisis of the long war had put a devastating tall on them. 

Due to the high rents, the family had to live in a small, unhealthy underground apartment for a long time. The bad conditions of the apartment did not suit the son, George, who suffers...

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Eshak and his wife Amira are blessed with two boys and a girl, living in their house in Al-Midan, the couple consider themselves lucky to survive the vicious war with only some material losses. 

One of the losses was Eshak’s metal crafting workshop in Bustan Al-Basha, which was severely damaged and robbed-off completely during the years of war. 

When Eshak heard that his workshop was looted while being out of reach, he knew that he should think of another way to make...

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Metal Welding Workshop

Jameel was one of the craftsmen whose career was severely disrupted because of the Syrian war. Prior to 2012, Syria was heading toward developing its economy; large companies and industries were being built and many well-known artisans like Jameel were having thriving businesses more than ever. However, when war started everything changed. The nature of Jameel’s work was affiliated with industrial facilities, huge gas or water pipe lines' installation project across cities and oil tanks manufacturing projects. this type of...

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Sewing machines

Gamal is a mother of two, who has a long experience in the sewing field. She had entered this work long before she was married. First, she started doing tailoring for customers but when her own sewing machine was worn out and no longer in a working condition, she stopped for a while. However, her husband’s deteriorating health, which coincided with the start of the war forced her to look for jobs in sewing workshops in order to make a...

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Silver Crafting Tools

Although young George lives a quiet life with his mother in their family house in Al-Midan, but the long years of war were anything but quiet; their neighborhood had suffered from the shelling for many years and George and his mom were alone in those hard times, since his father had passed away when he was a kid and his older sisters are married abroad. Going through war and being responsible for his mother, made George mature early in life. 


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From an early age, George and his brother Fadi had to face the hardships of life instead of having a normal childhood, first they were separated from their parents at the age of five, then, life became even harder. 

The brothers who were living with their aunt and uncle, were shocked when they both were called to serve in the army at the same time. During his service, George was injured; a sniper's shot hit him just under his heart, and...

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Maher’s life was turned upside down when he and his younger brother were both called to serve in the army’s mandatory service in 2018. When the two brothers were away on fire lines, their mother Soaad could not bear the thoughts that her sons are in danger everyday, the fear for their lives and the difficulties of living alone as her husband passed away since the boys were small children, all this affected her health and caused her a heart...

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Computerized Embroidery Machine

After the death of their father, Fadi and his brother George lived with their mother and became responsible of the household. 

Although the war years were not easy on Fadi, but he considers himself lucky that during those difficult times he and his loved ones stayed safe and he managed to keep his job and make a decent living to survive. 

Young Fadi has a long experience working in the embroidery field; he has been in this domain since 2001, when he...

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Car Tuning Equipment

Hrant, his wife Rita and their six-years-old daughter Nathalia are one of many young families who had to tackle on hardships of war from their early start. Soon after getting married Hrant and his wife escaped Aleppo city seeking safety in Mashta Al-Helou in Homs’ countryside and remained there for more than four years. It was during that time their house in Aleppo was hit by a shell, luckily they were out of the city when the incident happened.

Hrant wanted...

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Sewing Workshop

Tony Saeed, the father of two is an example of resilience in times of war. On both safety and financial aspects Tony and his family have suffered for long time. Their house in Al Midan was extremely dangerous, the falling shells had their toll on the family specially the children, it got to a point where they were forced to leave their home (and ever since they have been living in rented apartments). 

Before the war, Tony’s job was going good,...

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Sandwich Shop

In order to financially support his family of four and take care of his mother, George had to work many jobs from sales to metal spraying to even working in a gas station. George has always been a hard-working resilient man who always managed to be good at whatever he does.

Now that the war is over, the hope of going back to his old house in AL-Sheikh Maksoud was revived. George and the family had suffered a lot, Michelin, his...

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Dentistry Clinic

The 31-years-old dentist, is defying all the hardships and doing his best to establish a successful clinic, in a time where the economic situation is so unstable after ten years of ongoing war. One of the main obstacles that stand between George and his dream clinic is the high costs of material and equipment in his field of work. Up-to-date machines are essential for his work but at the same time are very expensive which a newly graduate, self-made dentist like George can’t afford.

While George made huge steps and opened his clinic with the basic and available kit, this fund came in a perfect timing to enable him complete his tools and equipment and give him the financial support necessary to start a long promising career ahead.

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Hair Dressing Salon

At the age of 17 Elie Hannoun decided to leave school and start working at a hairdressing salon in his hometown Saydnaya to support his family and handle his own expenses.

soon he became very skilled and well-known in the town but he couldn't expand his work because after the war outbreak, the devastating impact spread to Saydnaya region, and all its residents became living under danger and threat, which led to the cessation of work in most professions, including Elie’s...

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Aluminum manufacturing workshop

Raymon Al-Badawi, 30 years old, is married to Yara Haddad, and they have adorable twins, George and Charbel who were born in 2021.

Raymon, his family, and his old parents live in a small rented flat on Al-Qurayyat Street, Jaramana city. his father works as a tailor and his mother is retired so basically Raymon is also the responsible for their expenses.

At the beginning of his twenties, he started working at an aluminum workshop and soon after he was able to...

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Events Decoration

Aleen Salhani, 31 years old, lives with her parents and sister in a modest house in the city of Jaramana, Damascus countryside. She graduated from the Agricultural Technical Institute and started working as a seamstress assistant in a workshop, then she worked several jobs, trying as much as possible to earn enough money to afford the house demands because her parents suffered from several health problems and were unable to work which made Aleen and her sister responsible for the...

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Detergent shop

Jad Aghaby is 27, he lives with his mother and sister in Jaramana, his father left the family a long time ago and didn't take any responsibility for taking care of his children.

Since his childhood, Jad and his two sisters Joel and Jessica had to be self-dependent and work to afford their expenses.

He graduated from the Accounting Department and started working but unfortunately, in 2011 he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent two years of intensive treatment and had two...

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For more than fifty years, Nabil Al-Nasser lived in Al-Swaida city, got married there, had children, established a successful trading business, and had a stable home. He was about to reach his retirement age thinking that he had secured his family's future and would retire peacefully, but by the year 2010, his life had changed completely.

In the beginning, he lost all the goods of his shop due to a snowstorm that hit Al-Swaida city, which led to the collapse of...

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Undergarments shop

Rima Albitar is 35 years old, married to Hesny Kasouha and they have three adorable daughters Mira born in 2010, Rita born in 2014 and Lana born in 2016.

She graduated from the agriculture institute and was living in peace and security with her husband in Alqseir village which is located on the Lebanese-Syrian borders that’s why after the start of the Syrian war, the village was rapidly attacked by the armed groups who terrified the citizens by spreading violence and...

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Fadi Al-Khoury 62, is married to Amal Rashid and has five children: Lara, Layal, Lina, Lorraine, and Elias.

He lives with his family in a rented old flat on Al-Duwailah street, in poor living conditions. 

For more than 33 years of his life, Fadi worked as an employee at a governmental institution until his retirement in 2018, after that, he started to work as a taxi driver trying his best to afford his family's livelihood, especially since his son and daughter are...

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"When you do anything for the sake of your family, you do it with love, because family is the most valuable thing that one can have in life"

That is what George Alyoussef said.

he is a 30-year single man who lives with his mother and two sisters in his uncle's house at Altabbaleh.

after he finished the baccalaureate, he started working to support his family because they were in bad financial condition. In 2015, he volunteered at the Two Sacred Hearts center...

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Imad Mallouh and his sons are among the survivors who experienced all the horrors of war and reached the death point but God's great mercy saved them.

He is 52 years old, married to Nahla Ghumaid, and has two sons and a daughter, he used to live with his family in Al-Swaida countryside and he was working as a policeman there.

After the start of the war, he faced many threats and dangers that ended in his kidnapping with his two sons...

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Mosaic and wood carving workshop

George Bergheil is a very talented 44-year-old man, he is married to Janet Haddad, and they have two beautiful daughters, Chanel, born in 2006, and Christelle, born in 2012.

George is from the village of Maaloula in the countryside of Damascus. When he was twenty years old, he started practicing the profession of mosaic, seashell inlays, and wood carving. He soon proved a great talent in this field and became the passion that took him all his time and effort.

After his...

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Pick-up truck

For more than twenty years, Samer worked as a tiler for long hours to secure his family the best possible living.

Samer is 45 years old, married to Eivon Makhoul and they have two kids.

Samer and his family couldn’t afford to rent their own flat so they lived in a small room in his parent’s house in the Aldwallaa neighborhood. He was also responsible for taking care of his old parents and securing their expenses which overwhelmed him with high living...

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Micheline Halal, 44 years old, is married to Fadi Francis, and they have two sons and a daughter.

Micheline and her family are from a small village called Maaloula in the countryside of Damascus where they used to live and work in their grocery store. Her husband worked as a mural artist, and they were living in stability and safety until the fierce war began and its impact reached the village of Maaloula, which forced the family to close the grocery...

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