Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Coffee Shop

George Kabanjian is a father of three sons two of them are soldiers and his third son is a barber but he can barely afford his own needs. He sells packets of cigarettes in the streets. last year, he suffered a lot because he had to work under the rain and the snow. He moved from Jabal Al-saydeh before 6 years because of the crisis in Aleppo. He lives now in a rented house, he pays half of the rent and the church helps them with the rest. This project will increase his income, and the existence of this shop will protect him from the coming cold of the winter and will guarantee the continuity of his work.

Renting a Blacksmithing Workshop

Jean is a married man who has a little daughter. He was also displaced from his home in Al-Shekh Maksoud region. He used to work in a factory in khan Alasal area. He is working now in manufacturing doors and other pieces made of metal. He works in an empty space in front of his house which is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer and it does not have electricity. His wife worked as a cleaner in a school, then she got sick and couldn't do her job anymore. he has a lot of customers to work with in this field, but the fact that he does not have a shop makes it harder for him to provide the requested orders. So, by having this project he will be able to provide for his family in a better way.


Abed is a married man who has two children. He was displaced from his land and home in Al Yakoubiyeh village and later in Aleppo he was also displaced from Sheikh Maksud to Al-Midan. he wants to buy a taxi to work on because of the hard-economic situation, and because he lost his work in Bustan Al Basha area. he had a brain damage so he cannot work anymore in his job as a blacksmith. He rented a car to work on but it costs him a lot, so by this project he will be an independent person and will be able to afford a better life for his family.

Sewing Workshop

A single woman who lives with her sister’s family, her father has schizophrenia, that’s why she can’t live with him at the same house. the rest of her family migrated to Germany during the war, so she basically has no one to rely on. She studied design because it has been her passion, she used to work in accessories, shoes and sometimes clothes. The project will be an important chance, she will be able to become self-dependent and start her own business.

Secondhand Clothes Shop

Riad saab is a father of two sons who are baccalaureat students. His wife is a teacher in Bni Taghleb school and he is working now in al Jalla restaurant as a prime chef. He has a shop in Al Midan he used to work in that shop in the field of fast food but because of the crisis he cannot open in the same region again. So, he started thinking about a new project which is a shop for the second handed clothes. He made some studies and he found that it will be a successful project. His shop was damaged during the crisis when the missiles started falling on Al Midan region. They moved to Kafroon for a short period of time during the water problems in Aleppo. This project will give him the chance of having a better income in the future.

Alternator Repairing Shop

Moses Mesropian has 4 children and he moved from Al Raka to Aleppo before 5 years. he has been living in a house for one of his relatives since his arrival to Aleppo. He rented a shop to fix the alternators of the cars before a short time. He wants to buy the pieces that he needs in fixing alternators to improve his income. He cannot go back to Al Raka because their house is destroyed completely. His shop was rented but the...

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Mechanic Workshop

George jabour is a single man who lives with his unemployed sister. During the crisis he suffered a lot due to the terrible things that happened to him like the death of his brother when he was walking in Sulymaniah in 2014. He also lost his shop in Bustan Al Basha and all his equipment was stolen. He wants to start working again. He had started fixing his shop which was damaged, but the equipment that he wants is very expensive which he cannot afford. George hopes that the coming days are going to be better and he is sure that someone will help him to start working again.

Fixing Cars Workshop

Fouad Jbara is a father of a university student. His wife is also unemployed and he lost his shop in Bustan Al Basha during the crisis in Aleppo and all his equipment and goods were stolen. He had a car, but he sold it to provide his family with the necessities of the life. They take aid from the maristes and this aid is the only source of income that they get. He started fixing his shop and he wants to start working again because this shop was the only source of income. He is all hope that someone will help him to start working again in his own shop that was taken from him for almost 6 years.

Men's Clothing Shop

Tony has a daughter and two sons, one is a soldier and the other is engaged and he is preparing for his future. They did not go out of Aleppo during the crisis, but when it started raining missiles in the area where they lived, they had to go out and they rented a house for 3 years. After that they sold their old house because its area was no longer habitable, so they bought another one that was smaller, but...

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Beauty Center

Vivian Karanta is a divorced mother who has a ten years old daughter. She lives with her parents (father mother and a brother). She wants to start her own project to depend on herself in providing her own daughter in the future. Her brother is a hairdresser, but he is not working now. Her mother does not work. Her father is a janitor in a company and he cannot support his family entirely. She sometimes works with Jesus and Merry visiting team, but she has experience in the field of beatification so she wants to go back to it to guarantee a better future for her and her little daughter. She is all hope that the future is going to be better and someone will help her in achieving her dream.

Spare Parts for Cars

Joseph mashek is a married man who has two sons one of them is an employee in a barber shop and the second one is a student. His wife is unemployed. He has some spare parts that he keeps at home and sometimes he sells them for the shops next to his house. He used to work as an employee in a spare parts shop but he left his job because his salary was low. He moved from Al Midan to Sulimaniah for...

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Carpentry Tools

Bitros Orfahli is a married man who has a son in the eleventh grade and a daughter in the sixth grade. His wife is unemployed and he is the only provider for his family. He is a carpenter. He had a workshop in Al-Arkoub which was destroyed completely. When he was very young he used to work for someone who had a workshop in Sulaymaniyah, but later he traveled and closed his workshop. Bitros did not want to stop working so he...

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Pick-up Truck

The cruel war forced many people to live far away from their families and children, seeking better income to afford decent living conditions.

Dekran Kendmian worked in maintenance and his salary was good enough to meet his daily expenses, but with the beginning of the war, his profession was affected badly and he became unable to afford the basic needs.

Dekran couldn’t stand watching his children deprived of having a good life or proper education, so he decided to travel to Lebanon...

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Shoemaking Workshop

For more than 27 years of experience as a shoemaker, Elias Alhelo has devoted all his life to the sake of his family and his three daughters Maha, Ayda, and Hanin.

They lived in Aldekhanyeh area in peace where Elias had his workshop and the profit was sufficient to secure a decent life for them.

Unfortunately, after the beginning of the crisis, things started to worsen gradually until the year 2014, when armed groups entered Aldekhanieh and started to shoot at the houses...

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Coffee and Nuts Shop

"Being responsible for a lovely family with two little girls under current circumstances in Syria is something very difficult, it breaks your heart not to be able to secure the simplest needs of life and see your daughters growing in deprivation."

All that George was seeking for, is to secure a decent living for his family. Unfortunately, within the economic crisis in the country, no matter how hard he worked he couldn’t afford even the daily food.

In the previous years of...

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Stationery Shop

For 23 years, Nawal worked as a teacher to many generations who learned from this wise woman, she didn’t just teach them the typical curriculum but also planted true values of life in their mind and you can see that from her sons whom, despite the difficult financial and living condition of the country, were supported by their mother to become successful in their education. Hani is now in the third year of Agriculture Engineering, Fady is in the first...

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Wissam Wakim is married to Rasha Mousa, together they have a cute little kid called Marcus.

Wissam has worked as a goldsmith since 1996, but after the beginning of the war in Syria this profession became unprofitable so he traveled to Lebanon in 2011 and started to work as a private driver for a Lebanese family. 

Unfortunately, after about four years, the family traveled abroad and Wissam became jobless, so he returned to Syria where he got employed as a driver between...

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Teaching Class

Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.

That’s what could be concluded from the life journey of Wassim Nanaa, a 37-year-old man who was struggling for the last decade to survive. Wassim was living along with his mother and two brothers in Al-Dwalaa area, working as a hairstylist with his brother and their work was good enough to secure them a decent life.

Wassim was like any young man of his...

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Distributing Foodstuffs

Firas Haddad, 46, lives with his mother in a modest house in Jaramana, Damascus countryside.

as a child, Firas went through very difficult circumstances as he was exposed to a fire accident in his childhood that caused severe burns on his hands and face. He has undergone many surgeries since then and still suffers from deformities, but it didn't prevent him from working or having a normal life.

In 2010, Firas started working as a salesperson using his small car, and even...

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Pickup Truck

"I always trust God’s will in my life and reconcile with all my struggles, the one who believes…. will always survive” With those words, Emil began telling us his tragic story.

Emil Philips is 51 years old, married with two kids Thomas and Maroska. Emil and his family are Egyptians living in Syria; he originally came to Syria from his home country Egypt in 2010 to find better career opportunities. He got employed as a food officer at Albal Hotel in...

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Pickup Truck

Fady Yazjy, 47 years, is married and has two kids; George born in 2006, and Mary-belle born in 2011.

Fady and his family used to live in Alkabbas area in Damascus, but during the crisis, the area was surrounded by armed groups and hit daily by dozens of mortar shells which caused huge damage to the family's house, so they had to flee to another area without being able to take any of their belongings or furniture out of the house. 


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Mini Market

Walid Al-Bethreh, is married and lives in a small, modest house in Al Tabbaleh neighborhood in Damascus. He worked as a jeweler in a workshop since 1999, he did everything he could to provide his family with the best living, but things changed after the outbreak of war, as the Goldsmithing work began to gradually diminish until it stopped in 2014 due to the lack of demand and the workshop was closed.

Walid didn't hesitate to start in a different profession...

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Anton did not choose to spend his youthful years in military service, but it was something imposed on him by the brutality of war and the bitterness of the crisis.

At the end of 2011, Anton was called for military service, which extended for a whole decade, during which he had to work day and night as a driver. During those years, his family was exposed to many dangers and migrated to Lebanon, while he remained in Syria. Even when his...

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Pickup Truck

"Whatever happens in your life and no matter how troubling things might seem... do not enter the path of desperation, God’s hand is always there to save you." That’s what Majd Maalouf said with great faith. 

Majd is 39, married with three sons: George, Jamil, and Jad.

Since his childhood, Majd had to work hard to afford his livelihood; he started as a tile polishing worker in 2006 and then was able to have his private tiling equipment which improved his income...

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