Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Sandwich Shop

For thirty years, Jebran Andrawos or “Abou Antoun” as everyone knows him has been diligent to offer his customers the best and most delicious food. His days used to start early with preparing his fresh ingredients, open his shop in Bustan Al-Basha and welcome his customers with hospitality and generosity. Jebran’s life was quiet and peaceful. His customers from all around the industrial neighborhood, would stop by his shop to enjoy his delicious food and chat with Jebran. And after...

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Sewing machines

Corona Virus changed the lives of many people around the world, not just being hazardous to people’s health but also by its impact on business. Nelly was one of those who became unemployed when the wave of the deadly virus hit Syria. 

Nelly needed that job desperately, she had gone through many excruciating events from her husband losing his workshop in a blink of an eye, to her house being hit by missile forcing her and her family to move from...

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Ironsmith workshop

Parenthood made the 34-years-old Rafi, defy the impossible to be a good provider for his wife Armineh and their two sons; Sako (10 years old) and Alec (5 years old). Rafi’s family business has always been in ironsmith, from an early age he learnt this craft from his father and contributed to the family’s work. But what made Rafi stand out from other craftsmen is that his specialty was manufacturing Amusement Park equipment. Unfortunately, for a city struck by war...

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After 10 years of volunteering in police service, the last thing Diaa imagined was to be called to serve for six more years in what was labeled as the worse war of the century, the Syrian war. 

His quiet life in Homs city was flipped upside down when the war started. After leaving the police force, Diaa who is from Homs country side had just opened a shop and was thinking about settling down and starting a family, but God had...

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When Haroutun’s shop in Al-Ramuseh was destroyed, during the early years of war, he was left without a job and without any clue on how to support his big family. He and his sons used to work in car mechanics, but with war arriving to Aleppo their workshop first became out of reach then destroyed due to the armed conflict in the area. Later with the vicious progress of war being unemployed was beginning to be the least of their...

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Although it’s been ten years now, But Marderos can’t forget how war started suddenly and changed his family’s life forever. Tragedies started to fall upon them one after another and turned their lives into a nightmare. In The hardest days of 2015, when mortar shells were showering upon them, his daughter got injured and her injuries were severe and mainly in her abdomen, luckily she healed  after several shrapnel removing surgeries. Marderos also lost his brother by a mortar shell. 


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Pickup truck

Everything in our lives is a reflection of choices we’ve made, but what if we didn’t have a choice at all! It is a feeling of helplessness and sadness that the 59-years-old father of two, Dikran is very familiar with. 

For ten years, Dikran was a pickup truck driver, he used to carry different merchandise, all sort of goods around the city and even transport furniture for clients as a side hustle. With sweat and tears he was able to secure...

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Pickup truck

In the midst of the financial crisis, losing a job could be a dreadful nightmare specially if you are the family's provider and a father of a toddler. The 28-years-old Gabriel was devastated when he lost his job when the program ended in the organization which discharged the employees. 

Although Gabriel’s family business has always been in carpentry domain, but due to war their workshop was severely damaged and their machines were stolen. Without a profession, he returned to the savings...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

In the midst of war and economic crisis, establishing a business is nearly an impossible thing for young people like Samer. 

Eight years ago, the 31-years-old man who takes care of his mother, wanted to enter the blacksmithing field, gain a ton of experience in order to be able to open his own workshop one day and be an independent individual. The hard financial situation stood in the way of Samer's life and prevented him from achieving his goals and dreams,...

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Plumbing Equipment

When Rober and his family fled their house in Al-Midan in a hurry in the middle of the night due to the armed attacks, they didn’t imagine it would be the last time they will see their sweet home. The family left their residence with the start of war in 2012, and started a long journey of displacement and suffering. 

For four years they were homeless, they had to live in a shop under terrible conditions, and because the blumbing workplace...

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Wooden Furniture Spraying

On a gloomy morning in 2012, Antoine’s life turned upside down, when he was kidnapped on his way to work. It was the hardest 15 days of his life, when he was finally set free, he made the decision of leaving Aleppo.

Antoine took his family of four to Latakia leaving behind his furniture spraying workshop and equipment. Settling there was not an easy thing, Antoine started looking for jobs in his original field of work, in order to provide for his...

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Pick-up truck

Throughout his life years, Whether it was as an employee in a shop or for clients everywhere, Armen’s job has always been in the sales domain.

He started back in 1990 and his hard work paid of after long years of persistence and Armen’s acquaintances’ list grew longer specially when he became a salesman. His position allows him to drive a pick-up truck full of merchandise to sell and distribute them around the city. 

Although Armen liked his job, but due to...

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Photographer equipment

Siham Alsheikh, a 22-year-old woman, had a very difficult childhood as her parents were separated at the age of 12, so she, her mom, and little brother had to leave their house and move to live in a small room in Bab Touma in very difficult circumstances. They had to face the horrors of war by themselves with no one to turn into. From such a young age the twelve-year-old skipped being a child prematurely and found herself battling against...

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