Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.








Bassil Mssedy, a dedicated father in his 50s, worked as a blacksmith for 15 years in the industrial city of Aleppo. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the war made him jobless. The industrial area, once thriving, now lay in ruins.

Bassil and his wife used to reside in a rented house in Al Midan, an area that was heavily bombarded during the war. Tragedy struck one fateful day when a missile destroyed their home. Miraculously, they had left the house just an...

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Aziz is a determined young man, recently married to Rasha and waiting for their first born child.

He worked as a driver since 2009 and continued working in this job during his ten-years military service in Damascus, Rasha works as a nurse in a hospital and they live in a modest rented house. 

During his service aziz was injured in the leg then he was discharged and he started looking for a job to secure his life and future. His parents decided...

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Antoine had a good life before the war working as a hairdresser with great skill and many customers, in 2013 he was called for military service and had to serve for nine long years in Aleppo's suburbs which affected his health greatly as he was subject to many injuries from explosions.

Antoine suffered from a neurological condition that caused trembling in his hands and he no longer was able to continue in his original career of hairstyling, even grabbing the scissors...

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Antoine is 28 years old, married and a father of a 1 year old lovely boy, he has served in the military for almost the last ten years of his life which has robbed him of any opportunity to pursue a career and build a future for his family.

with no experience and a very harsh economic situation of the country, Antoine put a lot of thinking of his next step in life, he looked for any job that would help...

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Rubber Molding

Elias Akhras lives with his parents in a modest house, his father is retired, making him the only one working and providing an income for his family’s expenses.

He used to work in sculpting statues and decorating with his father at a young age, then switched job to rubber molding in their shop near Al-kindi hospital. Things were working great in his life until the war occurred, making him lose all his possessions from work equipment to properties. 

Elias was devastated and...

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Abd ALmasih lives in a rented house with his wife and three kids in Telephone Hawaii area, working as a minibus driver at Al-Farah school with the help of his wife. His elder son works as a salesman in a clothing shop to provide his educational expenses. In addition to that, Abd Almasih helps out some elderly people by delivering things to them in order to keep up with his family’s expenses in the middle of this economic crises.

He used...

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Handmade Crafts

Art has always played a huge role in Rakel’s life who is a gifted young lady that took her talent further by pursuing her passion and studying fine arts.

Rakel lives with her parents, sister and nephew, the father is a blacksmith, the mother is a housewife, her sister is a widow working as a hairdresser in a borrowed shop. The main source of income for the house is from the work of the father and sister.

She used to work in teaching drawing and psychological...

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Sand Blasting Machine

For Youssef, being a good provider is one of his goals, and he considers it a big achievement.

Living in a small house which consists of two rooms with 6 people is not easy specially with the increasing expenses.

His two brothers are both still students, his sister works in a clothes shop and his mother newly started working and his father was his supporter, but because of his illness he couldn’t work anymore.

"During my seven years in the work of sand...

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 Shkri lives with his wife, two sons and his daughter. His wife works as a cook at Olacc, his daughter is a part-time teacher at the same place and his two sons are high school students.

During the war the family house got damaged, but the poor financial situation didn’t allow him to restore it so Olacc gave him a hand with restoring part of the damage.

Shkri has been a taxi driver since 1998. In 2018 he became an employee at the...

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Car Brakes Lathe Machine

The skills and experience you gain from traveling abroad can give you life-long personal benefits as well as an advantage in the professional world.

Garabet,68-year-old man, father of two daughters, traveled to Canada in 1986 for more than 7 years where he worked in the same field on the brake lathing machine and then returned to Aleppo after gaining great experience.

He said: “travelling abroad is an amazing way to learn a lot of new things”. Before the war, he had his...

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Carpentry Equipment

Ghassan 55 years old has been working as a carpenter for more than 40 years, he learned this profession and worked in many workshops for more than twenty years, then he decided to become independent and work separately between homes and workshops upon request.

Today, Ghassan is the father of two sons who live in his grandmother’s house, after the loss of their own home, which he bought in 2012. As a result, the family moved to the city of Homs...

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Sweets and pastries at home

Katia is married with two kids; she loves to take care of her family and pamper them along with prioritizing time for her hobbies and her work.

Katia discovered her passion which was making pastries and sweets, she took a course from a professional chef to gain more knowledge in her specialization.

She started evolving slowly, and her first few orders were from her close friends and her relatives, everyone who tried her sweets and pastries encouraged her to keep up her...

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Shoemaking Workshop

For more than 27 years of experience as a shoemaker, Elias Alhelo has devoted all his life to the sake of his family and his three daughters Maha, Ayda, and Hanin.

They lived in Aldekhanyeh area in peace where Elias had his workshop and the profit was sufficient to secure a decent life for them.

Unfortunately, after the beginning of the crisis, things started to worsen gradually until the year 2014, when armed groups entered Aldekhanieh and started to shoot at the houses...

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Distributing Foodstuffs

Firas Haddad, 46, lives with his mother in a modest house in Jaramana, Damascus countryside.

as a child, Firas went through very difficult circumstances as he was exposed to a fire accident in his childhood that caused severe burns on his hands and face. He has undergone many surgeries since then and still suffers from deformities, but it didn't prevent him from working or having a normal life.

In 2010, Firas started working as a salesperson using his small car, and even...

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Teaching Class

Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.

That’s what could be concluded from the life journey of Wassim Nanaa, a 37-year-old man who was struggling for the last decade to survive. Wassim was living along with his mother and two brothers in Al-Dwalaa area, working as a hairstylist with his brother and their work was good enough to secure them a decent life.

Wassim was like any young man of his...

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Photography Equipment

“Some of us matured early because life showed us the worst side of the world”. This is what best describes Melham Ibrahim, who, despite his young age, has the experience of an old soul.

Melham was born in 1998, and by the age of 13 the war was ravishing Syria, like many of his age, he lost the opportunity of enjoying his childhood due to the severe violent acts and destruction, he was also deprived of education because his father’s shop...

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Walid Al-Bethreh, is married and lives in a small, modest house in Al Tabbaleh neighborhood in Damascus. He worked as a jeweler in a workshop since 1999, he did everything he could to provide his family with the best living, but things changed after the outbreak of war, as the Goldsmithing work began to gradually diminish until it stopped in 2014 due to the lack of demand and the workshop was closed.

Walid didn't hesitate to start in a different profession...

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Pick-up Truck

"I always trust God’s will in my life and reconcile with all my struggles, the one who believes…. will always survive” With those words, Emil began telling us his tragic story.

Emil Philips is 51 years old, married with two kids Thomas and Maroska. Emil and his family are Egyptians living in Syria; he originally came to Syria from his home country Egypt in 2010 to find better career opportunities. He got employed as a food officer at Albal Hotel in...

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Wissam Wakim is married to Rasha Mousa, together they have a cute little kid called Marcus.

Wissam has worked as a goldsmith since 1996, but after the beginning of the war in Syria this profession became unprofitable so he traveled to Lebanon in 2011 and started to work as a private driver for a Lebanese family. 

Unfortunately, after about four years, the family traveled abroad and Wissam became jobless, so he returned to Syria where he got employed as a driver between...

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Pick-up Truck

Fady Yazjy, 47 years, is married and has two kids; George born in 2006, and Mary-belle born in 2011.

Fady and his family used to live in Alkabbas area in Damascus, but during the crisis, the area was surrounded by armed groups and hit daily by dozens of mortar shells which caused huge damage to the family's house, so they had to flee to another area without being able to take any of their belongings or furniture out of the house. 


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"The hardest moment in life is when your daughters ask for a simple thing, but you are unable to afford it." with these painful words, Salimeh told her story.

Salimeh Al-Mailaa, 35 years old, got married at a young age escaping her difficult childhood to face a harder reality of being responsible for a house and two little daughters. However, she accepted the situation and started working to help her husband in securing the living expenses. Despite her weak body structure,...

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Accessories Shop

George Al-Naqiri had a good job and a decent life, provided his children with all their requirements, but the wheel of life turned on him and he lost his house and factory of detergents manufacture, thus, his financial situation deteriorated rapidly. 

However, these losses did not weaken his determination, so he gathered his savings, borrowed some money from his relatives, and rented a small shop for accessories.

Unfortunately, the situation became dangerous with the outbreak of war in 2011, which reflected negatively...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

The life journey of each person is unique in itself, unlike any other, it is impossible to imagine how some people can wake up every day and go on with their normal lives, go to work and laugh while they have great sorrow within their souls.

Since his childhood, Alaa took the responsibility of looking after his parents; he had to quit his study and learn the blacksmithing profession. In 1994, Alaa and his brother started working in a blacksmithing workshop,...

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Coffee and Nuts Shop

Samir Shalash used to have a private restaurant in the Al-Tal area in the countryside of Damascus, and his work took all of his time; it was a profitable business, as it was very popular in the area, and people came from many regions.

He never imagined he would lose everything so suddenly; after the outbreak of the war in Syria in 2011,  Al-Tal area turned into a center of battles and violence, which led to massive destruction of buildings, and...

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