Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Sweets and Pastries

Anna’s journey in the sweets industry started in 2017 - Venezuela, but how she got there is a whole other story. 

Anna had just had her second daughter Gabriella when the war started in Syria, she had some of her extended family living in Venezuela for many years, they were concerned about her and her little girls’ safety, so they convinced Anna to come and live with them until the war ends. 

Although moving to the other part of the world was...

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Pickup truck

George used to work in AL-Ramousseh as a heavy-vehicles mechanic, and despite the fact that working in this field is very profitable but it also can be physically demanding. His long years of practice made raised some health issues (hernia surgery, disc condition) and George had to make an early retirement. luckily, his seven sons were all grown and capable of running a business on their own, he bought a pick-up truck to just to help the family business with...

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Electrical equipment

The war changed many people's lives and affected their work greatly. Some lost their jobs, their shops, or were forced to change their careers just to be able to survive through the difficult economic conditions.

Droubi Al-Awad is the father of three lovely children and the only provider for his family. He is an electrical technician who specializes in home electricity. He made many clients due to the good reputation he has in his career that he started back in 2011....

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Car Inspection Device

Growing up in a household where business and family were one, Hagop and his two brothers Yervant and Toros learned a lot from their dad. The three men started working from a very young age with their father in his car mechanic workshop, and grew to choose their own paths later when they gained enough experience. Before the war, business was thriving and the three brothers were working independently; each one of them had his own workshop. But the destruction...

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Coffee Shop

It’s really hard for a person to start his life with a disability. That’s what happened to Johnny, who was born with a blind eye, so he had to get used to living with one eye.

2013 was really rough for this family; they lost Johnnys’ father, the family backbone when he was looking for a job, an armed group kidnapped him. The family looked for him in every possible place with no result, until they got the bad news and...

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Mobile's Maintenance

During the war, a lot of people got stuck in the same situation, while Fadi kept trying to improve himself.

He started working in the mobile maintenance and programming domain in 2001 in Aleppo city for about seven years. After that, he traveled to UAE and worked for a mobile company. 

After three years, he went back to Syria, but the crisis forced him to sell his house and travel to Lebanon searching for safety. He lived there for 4 years and...

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Design and Prints

Self-improvement includes nourishing other people's skills and personalities. That's how things go with teachers such as Wahid Haddad. 

Wahid, who is 28 years old, left his education early and followed his passion for playing guitar, where he grew up to master this skill, now he has become a guitar teacher in four institutes, and also giving private lessons.

In addition to teaching, Wahid used to help his father at their furnishing gallery for more than ten years, but unfortunately, after the death of his dad, he...

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Car Mechanics

Kegham chose his career path in car mechanics back in 1986, when he was still a young man. In his rocky start he worked in several workshops and built a good reputation and experience in the domain. His ambition was to eventually become self employed and have his own workshop. By the time Kegham became so close to achieving his dream, the war had started and destroyed his plans.

In 2013, when Kegham lost his hope in working in his domain,...

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Truck Suspension Maintenance

Majed’s workshop was located in Al Ramouse area where all the heavy machinery and vehicles workshops were found, and just like the people who owned workshops there, Majed lost everything suddenly. With the start of war Majed wasn’t able to go to his workshop anymore, and it was very challenging to lose his livelihood source of income with two children (Mariella and Antonio) to take care of. 

The 40-years-old man spared no means to bring bread to the table. Between 2012...

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Sewing Machines

Talin’s first experience in sewing started back in 2009, working in the workshop of a local clothing brand. What Talin learnt in that year accumulated the tailoring skills she already had, and the mother of two was content with her stable life and work.

No one knew that war would fall upon the country and flip the life of people upside down. In 2012, Talin and her family were displaced from their lovely home because of the dangerous neighborhood. Just shortly...

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Car Radiators Maintenance

Sami Khalil is a young man living in a small rented house with his parents; the father is blind and the mother has a back condition, thus, he is considered the only provider and supporter for this family. 

Sami was one of the Syrian people who suffered a lot during the war. He lost his workshop in Al-Rakka when the armed groups robbed it after he worked there for about 20 years in repairing car radiators. Furthermore, their house was heavily...

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Sewing Workshop

Ebrahim gained experience by working in the sewing domain since 1996, at his brothers rented workshop for more than 20 years, but unfortunately, when Ebrahim's parents' house was destroyed, and his father passed away, the workshop closed in 2015, and the whole family moved to Latakia, where his brother established a sewing workshop with a partner, and Ebrahim worked for them as a supervisor.

But the livelihood became very expensive in Latakia, and Ebrahim was the only provider for the family, he came back...

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