Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





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Amin and Hadi are partners, they opened a grocery shop together after losing their jobs when COVID-19 started to spread in Syria and affected all the economic activities. Amin lives with his wife and their three children and he is the only provider for the family. He worked in many professions to be able to take care of his family since 1993, until he had to stop working in 2019. He decided to start a simple business with his brother-in-law...

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Artistic Carpentry Workshop

Ibrahim is a single man who lives with his mother, his sister and his brother. His start in the field of artistic carpentry was from his house with very simple tools. In 2008, his business improved so he rented a shop to show the wooden handicrafts he was creating and he participated in many exhibitions around Syria and became very popular for the beautiful pieces he made. The business was going very well until 2011, when the devastating war came...

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Salem opened his mini-market in 1994, and ever since it has been the only source of livelihood for his three sons; one of his them, Amjad, started working immediately when he grew up just to help his parents in providing for their family. His other two brothers have "Quadriplegic Cerebral palsy" and they are both completely paralyzed since birth. 

Lately, Salem’s mini-market started to lack most of the essentials and necessary commodities as he became unable to buy new goods during the economic crisis, the sales rate dropped and his income became insufficient to cover his sons’ daily medicine, in addition to the increasing needs of the family. Supporting his life project changed the livelihood of this family for the better.

Perfume shop

Working as an employee with a very low salary forced Bassam (the only provider for his family) to find another source of livelihood which would allow him to take care of their basic needs. The married man and the father of three, had a health condition since he was young which prevented him from walking and moving his legs. In 1993, he decided to open a perfume shop, this job didn’t require any physical effort and it was suitable for...

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Cooking Equipment

Wissam is a married woman and a mother of two, when the economic crisis began, the heavy burdens of life increased on her husband who works in bread distribution, he barely managed to provide for his family’s everyday needs. Wissam couldn’t just wait and watch, she decided to work and help her family, as a housewife the best thing she could do was utilizing her skills in cooking to support her husband and she found a job in a church...

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Photographing Equipment

“Things don’t always go according to planned.” That was exactly what happened with Malaz who works as a photographer since 2007. Over the years Malaz worked very hard to prepare a well-equipped studio and he became very popular in the area for his great experience in this field. As a single man, he used to save money in an effort to keep up with modern technologies and update his old equipment. 

Unfortunately, in 2020, a sudden medical condition forced Malaz to...

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Coffee Shop

During the current hard circumstances of living, Juliette did her best to help her husband who works as an employee with a very low salary to provide for their three children. In 2018, she opened a second-hand clothes shop and things went well for two years until COVID-19 started to spread and affected all the economic activities, Juliette became unable to buy more goods at that time and she had to close the shop. 

Giving up had no place in her...

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Clothes, Cosmetics and Accessories Shop

Mohannad worked in selling clothes and women’s accessories during his military service which lasted for ten years in the city of Damascus. After finishing his service, he had to leave everything behind and return home; being the sole provider for his parents, but he was very excited about getting back and seeing his family again. Unfortunately, he found his father in a serious health condition as he was diagnosed with cancer and went through many surgeries. 

The treatment costs were a...

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Pharma Bank - Medical Supplies Warehouse

Despite their young age, the two friends; Nagham and Bassel had the courage after graduation to start their dream project together. In 2019, they established “Pharma Bank” which is a warehouse for medical supplies, they hired four university students to help them in their new business, their main objectives were to support young people and secure them with job opportunities and also to help provide a dignified life for more than one family. 

In a less than one year, Pharma Bank...

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Wall Painting Equipment

“Although we didn’t have a house before the war, we lost everything and started from scratch!”

Imad was living a simple life with his wife and their three sons in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia until the cruel war started in 2011 and forced them to leave. Their displacement journey lasted four years; they spent the first two years in a small village called (Fairouza), and the rest in the city of Homs in Al-Arman neighborhood. During that time, Imad didn’t...

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The hard economic circumstances forced Jack, the sole support for his family, to find additional sources of livelihood. He is a single man who lives with his old parents, he started working as a nurse in 2014 with a modest salary which was not even enough to cover his family’s needs, so he had to think of a way to enhance his living situation. He took advantage of living near a school and used a small room from their house...

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Audio Visual Equipment

Samer has been working as a DJ since 2008, and he is well-known in Homs for his great experience in this field. He is the only provider for his wife and two sons. In 2013, someone broke into the place he used to keep his equipment and stole everything, his loss was very big and he couldn’t buy new equipment by himself as it became very expensive.

Since that day, he had to rent the essential equipment each time he got...

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