Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Lathing Machinery

Michael Tanashian is a 32-years-old young man who chose his career long time ago, after the seventh grade Michael started working in his father’s workshop for metal lathing, he quickly mastered this profession and took the leading role in the workshop but the war changed things drastically.

In 2012 his workshop in Al-Arkoub was destroyed by the missiles and robbed completely, then Michael had to work for people to be able to support his family of three, they were barely living,...

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Zouhair Ahmar is a self-made, hardworking father of two Antoine (21 years-old) and Naya (14 years-old). Along with his wife Caroline, they took care of their kids and put together a beautiful home over the years, He used to work as a driver in a well-known cab service company called “Taxi Baghdad”, this job provided a decent living for the family of four. But with the beginning of war, the company closed and he was suddenly jobless. in those hard...

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Carpentry Workshop

I am Nichola Wahbe, a 46 years old man, married to Rima Fattouh. We have one daughter; Jessy, she is 19 years old and one son, Bashir; he is 17 years old, in addition to my mother Bahija who lives with us. I worked in a carpentry shop from 2005-2012 that’s where I learned the craft from the owner of the workshop when the crisis started the owner travelled, after that I worked as an electrician from 2015-2016 on demand, I...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

One of the most affected regions in Aleppo is “Sheikh Maksoud”, the majority of its residents have been displaced, one of them is Fadi Msadi. Fadi is 50 years old, married to Rita Sabee and the father of a 2-year-old daughter Anna Maria. Fadi used to work as a driver from 2000 to 2012, until he found a job as a guard for a family that have a villa in Al-Hamdaniah area. The little family struggled from the early beginnings...

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Electrical Spare Parts

Abd Al-Ahad family are enthusiastically expecting a new member, the most excited is the 3 years old Matia, the daughter of Rami (39 years-old) and Myriam (27 years-old). Every morning since 1998, Rami opens his shop in Al-Moushie neighborhood where he works in ‘fixing and selling electrical tools and equipment’, the business used to be better, but during the war, it became an extremely dangerous zone, the number of customers decreased significantly. For four years it was a daily struggle for...

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Floor Grinding and Polishing

Ayman is a craftsman from Al-Dwair village, who was displaced with his family of six in 2012 and had to start over from scratch after their house got destroyed in addition to the cow farm, which was the main source of income for the family.

First, they stayed in a house in Al-Arman neighborhood with the help of the church then they moved to a rented apartment in Wadi Al-Sayeh neighborhood, where they settled down. The father of four works in...

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Handmade Accessories

Miro learned about crafts from her husband Fadi, who has been working in this domain since 1990, they continued working together despite all the tough circumstances they've gone through. 

The couple used to make accessories together, then Fadi started selling them in his shop, in addition to distributing their handmade products between Homs and Hama cities. 

When her husband started to suffer from heart problems and went through surgery, Miro became the one responsible for their two children; the family sold their...

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Wall Painting Equipment

George is a single man who lives with his parents and two brothers, he worked as a wall painter since 2005 and he gained great experience in this profession.

Lacking most of the essential equipment was a barrier that prevented him from accepting many offers, lest not being able to finish the needed work on time. 

George continued working with the available tools and he used to rent the needed equipment, especially the electrical generator and air compressor, because buying all the...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

Shadi worked as a wall painter since 1995, throughout his long career he worked between Syria and Lebanon, which helped him gain a great experience in this profession. 

Being the only supporter for his wife and two children in addition to his parents, when his father was diagnosed with cancer, Shadi's family moved to stay with him to provide the needed care. 

In 2011, the war started in Syria and all of Shadi's tools were stolen, the only option left for him...

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Electrical and Plumbing Installation

Khalil is a craftsman from Homs, his career started in 1984 with great skills in electrical and plumbing installation. 

He is a married man and a father of three sons, his family lived peacefully in a simple neighborhood called Bab Al-Sebaa until the Syrian war came along; the family decided to leave their home for a while in hopes that the situation stabilizes, they stayed for six months in a village near Homs with his parents-in-law.

Khalil's job was in the city,...

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Sewing Workshop

Mounira is a seamstress and a fashion designer from Homs, her career started in 2011 when she decided to make her first step in turning her passion into a business. 

Mounira, a married woman with three children; a son and two daughters, this resilient mother had enough courage to launch her own project and support her family, when her husband, the only provider of their home, lost his job in a phosphate mine. 

With some simple machines at home, Mounira designed and...

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Wall Painting Equipment

With more than 25 years of experience, Osama worked in wall painting between Homs and its villages; the skilled painter has been always known for the quality of his work, and his great reputation wherever he goes.  

Back to the pre-war period, the small family had to leave their house in Homs to escape the dangers of war; they moved to Fairouza village where they stayed for 7 years before they were finally able to return home. 

Four years ago, Osama...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

The brutal war denied Subaih of living his childhood like all other children of his age. In August 2011, when he was just 15-year-old, Subaih witnessed his father's kidnapping, he was taken away with his mini pick-up truck and since that day, no one heard from him and Subaih became the only provider for his mother and younger sister Hana (18 years old).

He started to work and study at the same time for three years; he used to finish school...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Firas's journey of searching for a career started in June 2020 when he finally finished his nine-year military service, he felt like he lost his best years when he was supposed to be establishing for his future. 

Firas is a single man living with his parents and two brothers, during his military service, he used to work on a rented mini pick-up truck whenever he had the opportunity just to cover his own daily expenses. However, the renting costs began to...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Back in 2007, Ziad went with his father to the construction site for the first time and started learning about floor tiling, his father's great skills helped him to enrich his experience and quickly it became his way to provide a living. 

Ziad lives with his parents, his sister, and brother at their home in Al-Hamidia. In 2012, they had to leave their city and flee to Fairouzah village where they spent the next seven years until they were able to...

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Aluminum Workshop

After Jamil graduated from the Industrial Institute, he opened an aluminum workshop back in 2009. Sadly he then lost his father and became the sole provider for his mother, two sisters, and aunt.

His workshop helped him provide a decent income for his big family and everything was going well until 2021 when the workflow began to slow down due to the economic crisis and severe lack of electricity, which caused him to miss out on many work opportunities because he was unable to commit to a delivering date with his clients. 

Jamil applied to get an electric generator, which he couldn’t afford by himself. Supporting his project will save the only source of livelihood of this family to ensure a dignified life. 

Hair Salon

Nekoula moved to Homs dreaming of a better future, the young man left his home village at the age of 18 and headed to the city searching for new opportunities. 

He worked in many professions until 2007, at first he worked for a well-known hairdresser and started learning this skill, which later became his passion. After 4 years of practicing, he decided to open his own salon but unfortunately, the cruel war was in his way. like many Syrians, Nekoula lost his...

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Foodstuff Kiosk

Whenever you go to Al-Dwalaa neighborhood, you see Mousa Barhoum smiling, full of determination, standing beside a small kiosk next to the sidewalk from early morning hours until late evening, selling goods, on one leg after losing the other due to a health problem.

Mousa was working as a maintenance and procurement worker in Al-Mashrabiya restaurant in Bab Touma, his income was good enough to meet his family's expenses and his daughters’ education. But In 2015, Mousa suffered from vascular ischemia...

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Hairdressing Salon

In 2010, Tony left his village and headed to the city of Damascus with hope and determination to make a change in the life of his family. He settled in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood and started to work in any available job and send most of his wages to his mother and brother who suffers from sight disability. 

Unfortunately in the first years of the war the security situation in Damascus deteriorated badly, and soon after, he was asked to serve in Hama.


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Mini Market

Salwan Alnasr is 43 years old, married to Rita with a 13-year-old son called Jack.

Salwan and his family live in a modest rented flat in Al-Dwalaa, He used to work as a tile setter for more than 13 years. Despite the fact that his work was very hard and affected his health on the long term, he kept working to afford the best life for his family because during the crisis years, no matter how hard he worked, his income...

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