Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Electronics Maintenance

Zohrab is a young man who had to face life's hardships at an early age, he left his education and started working when he was only 15 years in mobile and computer maintenance, to help his parents provide the daily needs.

He worked in this domain for about 4 years. He also worked as a vendor in a pharmacy for one year, then as he became 18 he was called for military service. Zohran spent the next ten years of his...

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Car Electric Maintenance

Elias the owner of a car mechanics workshop who has been working in this field since 1985, gaining the skills and building good reputation in the industry. For two decades, Elias who is forty now has been the sole provider for his family who depended on him for their daily bread. 

Like any business this workshop was hit hard by the economy, Elias thought it was best to sell it and seek another opportunity abroad, but three months later he came...

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Sweets and Pastries

“Poverty matters when it’s related to the way of thinking, not to the financial situation…”

That’s how Garabet started his conversation…

This ambitious man did not let the hard conditions he faced stop him from following his dream and starting a lovely family, in addition, to initiating a job in Syria after years of living abroad.

Garabet lived in Lebanon for a long time, where he started his career as a sweets and pastries chef. Also, he worked for a Cinematography company, to...

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Blacksmithing workshop

Starting from scratch, losing his brother, serving in the military for four years, made being the sole provider for a whole family, seem nothing compared to all those agonies for Jamil. 

After he was discharged from the military. Jamil began taking care of his sick father, who was suffering from cancer for several years before losing his battle with illness. 

The death of his father and brother, those who were always supportive of him, caused him a big shock in his life....

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Photography gear

It all began in 2014 when Moses, the father of Kaytana and Hagop, was walking back home late at night, making his way in pitch darkness, and suddenly fell into an 8m deep trench. the most frightening thing was the loss of his sight and knowing that if he would ever be rescued, he is going to be hospitalized to save his injured eye. Help was on the way, eventually Moses was thankful this nightmare ended, but he was still...

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Car Inspection Device

The 34-years-old Yacoub spent most of his life building a career in car mechanics; from an early age, he worked in several workshops and attended many masterclasses to get acquainted with engines and latest methods, each and every step of the way, he learned new things adding to his growing experience. 

To achieve his goals, this fast-learning man worked in a specialized company which was sadly closed after one year because of the unstable situation in the country, but he did...

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Sewing Machine at home

It is said that a mother spares no means to take care of her family and offer the best for her children and loved ones and sometimes does what seems to be impossible, like Siranoush. 

Siranoush's biggest challenge was the loss of her husband who passed away leaving her behind, to face life alone with no source of income no roof over her head and with the great responsibility of taking care of her disabled.

By the time her husband passed away...

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Carpentry Workshop

Aboud, his wife Huda and his two sons Nicholas and Carlos (12 and 6 years old) live together in the family residence in Aleppo, along with Aboud’s mother Mouna.

At the beginning of war, Aboud couldn’t reach his carpentry workshop in Handarat area, all the roads were cut off and the armed groups took complete control of the area. When dangers of mortar shells became closer and more severe, Aboud took his family and fled to Marmaritta village far from the...

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Vecken has been battling with the hardships of life to take care of his wife and two boys; Garo and Hagop. The war may have ceased in the fighting sense, but its impact on families is still overwhelming. 

Through the first years of war hundreds of shells were falling in their neighborhood, the building in front of theirs was destroyed by one of those shells and their house was severely damaged. Those explosion terrifying sounds affected their youngest son’s physiological health...

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Lathing Machine

Albert Gergi is a 45-years-old industrial man, who has 30 years of work experience in Metal lathing.

Albert is married, and a father of Mark; his 15-years-old son. He lives with his family in their house in Al-Serian neighborhood, which was relatively safer than other areas in Aleppo during the war. Unlike Al-Sheikh Najjar where he works. 

While all his relatives have left the country during the war, Albert chose to stay in Aleppo his home town for many reasons; besides being...

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Sewing Workshop

Rania comes from a big family, she lives with her mother, both of her brothers and their own families, all in the same household. From early on Rania grew to be an independent, strong woman on every aspect. Her long years of experience in the sewing field enabled her to open her own workshop just before the war started.

Like many people, Rania was affected by the ramification of war. The lack of electricity, the bombing and the bad economics in...

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Laser Cutting Machine

Joseph is a graduated architect, but besides his studies he has always been a hardworking and self-dependent man.

His father had lost his workshop and the machinery, and when the family lost their livelihood, Joseph started seriously considering having a full-time job. First, he volunteered with an organization then in 2018 he started working on a laser cutting machine. Utilizing his designer skills, Joseph started making a living by selling architectural models, wooden accessories and many other items. The problem arose...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Olive Land

Ibrahim, a devoted father and husband, hails from the village of Qattinah. Responsible for a family of seven, his days were filled with caring for his four young daughters, his wife Roula, and his elderly mother. Life has been harsh on him, but he persevered as a farmer, relying on his land as their sole source of sustenance.

Tragedy struck during the ravages of war when his precious olive trees, along with his small house, were mercilessly consumed by flames. Over...

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Ranim, a young lady from Qattinah, lives with her parents, brother, aunt, and grandfather. After graduating from the faculty of pharmacy in 2022, she diligently practiced for two years to gain valuable experience. Her lifelong dream was to own her pharmacy.

Then, she learned about the Micro Projects Program, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to turn her dream into reality. Fueled by determination, she applied for the program. A few months later, she was accepted and received the necessary support.


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Potatoes, Wheat, and Vegetables Land

Anwar, a devoted father and husband in Qattinah village, tends to farming his land alongside his two sons, both university students. 

With vast farming experience, he nurtures thriving trees and vegetables, aided by a vital water well for irrigation. As economic circumstances got worse, plowing cost became a heavy financial burden, particularly for Anwar, who relied on a rented tractor, straining his finances.

Anwar sought aid from the Micro Projects Program. This program offered a mini-cultivator and spraying pump, alleviating plowing and spraying costs. Now, he efficiently secures his family's livelihood and preserves their tranquil life in Qattinah.


Stationery Store

Norma, a devoted wife and mother of two, embarked on a journey of resilience and hope. In 2021, alongside her husband and son, she established a small stationery store. 

This endeavor aimed to secure their livelihood. Despite facing adversity, they had experienced the theft of a previous store during their displacement from Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood due to war.

Their new store, strategically positioned near a school, garnered a steady stream of customers. her determination led her to seek growth opportunities. She applied to the Micro Projects Program, aspiring to expand their venture. With the program's support, she acquired a scanner, a printer, and additional stationery. This assistance breathed new life into their micro-project, enabling it to flourish.

Olive and Walnut Land

Nahed, a retired employee living in Qattinah village, relies on his small olive and walnut land to support his family; his wife, two sons, and ailing father. 

His modest pension barely covers their needs, so the land income is essential. Equipped with a water well and pump, he dreamed of owning a mini-cultivator, trailer, tank, pesticide, and fertilizer sprayer to reduce plowing and spraying costs. However, the economic challenges made this dream very distant. 

Seeking a solution, Nahed turned to the Micro...

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Beans & Grains Shop

Nouhad, a devoted wife and mother of three, resides in Fairouza village. While her third son pursues a brighter future abroad, she cares for her husband and two remaining sons. Her husband's health struggles, including diabetes, have rendered him unable to work, forcing her to take charge. 

With a simple shop, she embarked on a journey selling grains, spices, and her homemade traditional dishes. Her shop provides various spices, frozen meats, cheese, and snacks.

Yet, Nouhad's ambition sought more. Recognizing an opportunity,...

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Vegetables and Wheat Land

Amer, a hardworking man in Qattinah, has a loving wife, three children, and a job at a factory. 

He inherited a fertile land for farming from his father many years ago and with his brother they planted wheat and vegetables, but lack of irrigation limits their success. Hope arose when he applied to the Micro Projects Program, receiving a water pump, seeds, and fertilizers. 

The farm thrived, and with increased productivity, they will lead a prosperous project, ensuring a better future for their children. 

Vegetables, Wheat, and Olive Land

Dergham, a devoted single man, selflessly cares for his elderly father and sister with special needs in Qattinah village.

 As a hardworking farmer and employee, he strives to provide for their needs. On his land, planted with olive, vegetables, and wheat, he has a well and water pump. To enhance crop yields and save costs, Dergham dreams of owning a mini-cultivator and a trailer that's why he applied to the Micro Projects Program. 

With this equipment, he envisions a brighter future for his family, where they can overcome the challenges they face as a result of the hard situation in the country.

Wheat, Potato, and Vegetables Land

In Qattinah village, brothers Wadih and Rabih were partners in a project that revolved around their shared love for farming and fishing. They resided in their family home with their parents while their brother, Rol, is serving his mandatory military service.

Rabih had dedicated eight years of his life to serving in the army. Meanwhile, Wadih traveled to Lebanon in pursuit of improving his family's circumstances. However, the unstable situation there compelled him to return home in 2018.

With their land lovingly...

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Vegetables and Wheat Land

Philip and his loving wife, Siham, raised their three children with great care and dedication in their home village Qattinah. He had a long career at the laboratory of Homs University, serving diligently until his retirement in 2017. Since then, he embraced farming as his new passion.

However, life wasn't easy as he was the sole provider for his family. His main source of income was his land, where he cultivated wheat during winter and vegetables during summer. The main difficulty...

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Potato and Wheat Land

Hanna, a retired driver and farmer from Qattinah village, had spent most of his life working hard to provide for his family. He lived with his loving wife and their 33-year-old quadriplegic daughter, who required constant care and attention.

His livelihood depended on the land he owned, which was planted with wheat and summer crops such as potatoes. However, maintaining his crops required regular spraying of pesticides and fertilizers, a task that proved to be a financial burden for him. Since...

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Olives, Grapes, and Wheat Land

Elian's journey has been marked by hardship and responsibility. As the eldest son, he carries the weight of his family's welfare on his shoulders. His father's injury from the war left him with an artificial leg, and his left leg is riddled with fragments. With his father unable to work, Elian took it upon himself to provide for his parents and younger brother in their home village of Qattinah.

After completing high school, he embarked on a two-year stint at a...

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Sewing Workshop

Christine Fanouneh is 39 years old, she lives with her mother and brother in Jaramana, Damascus suburbs.

During her childhood, Christine lived in a very harmful environment as her father used to abuse her mother on daily basis in front of her and her sister, her brother was born with Down’s syndrome in addition to many health problems which made him in a continuous of medication and lots of love, care, and attention that the family was missing.

When Christine and her...

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Elie Istanboly, 30 years old, is like many young men of his age who had to spend years of the war facing dangers and horrors during their military service, and in Elie's case, it took nine difficult years of his youth.

Before the war began, Elie worked as a taxi driver and after he was discharged in 2019, he wanted to learn a profession so he could have a career for the future and make up for the previous years.

Elie started...

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Hassan Jolan, 33, didn’t have the chance to work or learn any profession after turning into his twenties because he was called for military service. He thought it would be a short period and pass in peace, but he did not know that a fierce war would strike his country to steal nine years from his life in which he had to be far from his family and friends under very difficult circumstances until his discharge in 2019.

He went home...

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Mobile Maintenance

At the age of five, the life of Adeeb Haddad completely changed from a young child living in a safe environment with his parents to a homeless orphan moving from house to house.

His father's death in 2001 put his mother in a state of grieving and shock and also affected Adeeb who lost security and stability. Their financial conditions were very bad as his mother wasn’t working, so they moved to live with their relatives until his mother decided to...

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Plumbing Workshop

Often, we are born to encounter many life obstacles, but the defining point is either giving up or challenging and accepting these obstacles and continuing our lives while we are full of hope and optimism, which was the choice of thirty-two-year-old Johnny Mardini.

Johnny was born into a humble family consisting of a hardworking father who worked day and night for the sake of his family and a loving mother who did everything she could to give love and care, especially...

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Nuts Shop

losing her husband at the age of 26, and being responsible for a newborn baby at the same time is tough for any woman to handle, but Nancy Alshoufi decided to direct her love and care to her baby who will grow up without his father's support.

Her in-laws were also in great shock as they lost their son at a very young age, Nancy decided to keep living with them trying her best to look after them after their huge...

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Behind the great amount of sadness and calamities that Fahed has been through in his life, there is a loving, confident heart and a solid will to improve himself and save his family from their tragic situation.

Fahed Farah, 34, is a caring husband and father of two sons; Farah, born in 2017, and Charbel born in 2019. He lives along with his family in a dilapidated flat in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood.

At the beginning of his twenties, Fahed was called to the...

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Detergents and Plastics Store

Wadie Abou Assaleh, a 60-year-old man, is married to Claire and they have two sons George who since his born in 1994 suffers from a mental disability, and Elias born in 1991. 

From 1985 to 2011 Wadie worked as a goldsmith along with his brother at their workshop but after the outbreak of the war, their profession was affected badly. Hence, his brother traveled abroad and Wadie was forced to close the workshop and work as a private driver for an...

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As long as you keep smiling in the face of your difficulties, life will reward your great hope. 

Simon Tannous is 44 years old, he is married and has two adorable girls, Hala born in 2008, and Lana born in 2013.

Simon and his family live in a small rented flat in Kashkoul and he also works in his mini-market in the same area.

He was an employee as a driver at the construction administration in Damascus since 1996, but his low income...

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Carpentry Workshop

Sometimes the only thing that can keep you fighting, is believing that one day everything is going to be better.

Najeh Ajaiby, 52, has never stopped believing that good things are coming on his way.

he is originally from Egypt and came to Syria in 1997 looking for better work opportunities, so he started to work in his profession as a carpenter in different workshops. Soon after he got married to Samar AL-Abdoun and had three children Ruba, Fadi, and Mina.

Najeh worked...

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Salwan Alnasr is 43 years old, married to Rita with a 13-year-old son called Jack.

Salwan and his family live in a modest rented flat in Al-Dwalaa, He used to work as a tile setter for more than 13 years. Despite the fact that his work was very hard and affected his health on the long term, he kept working to afford the best life for his family because during the crisis years, no matter how hard he worked, his income...

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Hairdressing Salon

In 2010, Tony left his village and headed to the city of Damascus with hope and determination to make a change in the life of his family. He settled in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood and started to work in any available job and send most of his wages to his mother and brother who suffers from sight disability. 

Unfortunately in the first years of the war the security situation in Damascus deteriorated badly, and soon after, he was asked to serve in Hama.


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