Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.








Elias is a married man, who was a mechanic before the crisis in Aleppo, but he had to switch his job and become a taxi driver for some organizations during the war in Aleppo, because of the situation of the crisis. He worked with many organizations as a driver like the Marists. He also tried to rent a taxi, but the owner of the taxi asked for a big percentage from the profits, so he decided to look for something else, his wife does not work so he is the sole provider for his family. The biggest lost for him was the passing of his brother who died while he was asleep in his bed, by a missile that hit the building next to them. He wants to have a taxi of his own, so he would be able to have a better and more stable income for the future.

Computer Games Shop

Anees is a single, young man who is looking after his parents and helping them with the livelihood expenses, when the crisis started in Aleppo, they had to move to Kafroon because their neighborhood was too dangerous. In Kafroon Anees’s father could not find a job, so Anees had to work in a PlayStation shop to provide an income and aid his family. When things got better in the area of their house in Aleppo, they moved back to it....

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DJ equipment

Allaa is a single guy who lives with his family in a very small room in a building where his father works as a guard, but the owners of the building travelled out and they barely send him his salary. His father cannot leave the job firstly, because he cannot find a suitable job for him as he is very old and secondly if he leaves his job, he has to find another place to stay with his family. Allaa used to work in gold crafting workshop but the owner travelled so he started working as a DJ in parties, he does not own the DJ equipment, he always rents it, he needs this project to be able to get all the benefit from his work. This project will make him independent and will help him building up his future.

Renting a Blacksmithing Workshop

Jean is a married man who has a little daughter. He was also displaced from his home in Al-Shekh Maksoud region. He used to work in a factory in khan Alasal area. He is working now in manufacturing doors and other pieces made of metal. He works in an empty space in front of his house which is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer and it does not have electricity. His wife worked as a cleaner in a school, then she got sick and couldn't do her job anymore. he has a lot of customers to work with in this field, but the fact that he does not have a shop makes it harder for him to provide the requested orders. So, by having this project he will be able to provide for his family in a better way.

Printing Center

Joseph is a single, young man, living with his family and he is the sole provider for them. He used to work for Caritas as an IT, but later he stopped working there and started working with his friend in a printing shop. It was fine at first, later he started feeling that he is working very hard, but not getting enough in return, so he decided to start his own project that will provide a good income. He has a great experience in this field as he has been working in it for more than 4 years, but he does not have enough money to start with his own project. This project is more than a dream for him, it is his passion. It will give him the chance of a new beginning, doing what he loves for a living, and also to become a good provider and secure a future for his family.

Sewing workshop

Ibrahim is a married man who has a 3 years old daughter. During war, he could not find a job so he volunteered with the army. His recruitment location in the army is so dangerous, but he has to get an income in any possible way in order to provide a decent life for his wife and daughter. He lives in his mother-in-law’s house and he is the sole provider for her and his family. He wants a workshop to work with his cousin in sewing clothes and ironing them. He is constantly thinking about the future of his daughter and his family and he wants to be able to give them the best as any other father dreams. This project will give him a new start, to work in a safe workshop, to be more around for his family and little daughter who doesn’t get the chance to spent time with her father.

Shoes Store

Antoine lives with his mother; his parents are separated because of some family issues. The father has a shop that he wants to give for Antoine to work in, his married sister and her daughter also live with them because her husband had to travel “I am currently working in a movie theater and my mother is an assistant in a school, but both of our incomes are not enough considering the high livelihood expenses. This store will give me the chance to start my own business in shoes which I have a former experience in, it is a good profit for living in a decent way.”


Elias is a married man who has a son. “I used to work as a hauler in a company between governorates , and I was kidnapped during the crisis while working, then the company decided to close this section, So I traveled to Venezuela to start a new job but the economic crisis started after awhile, my son also came to Venezuela, but he could not find a job so he came back to Aleppo and started a new job in a bank, my daughter got married and traveled with her husband." When he came back, he had spent all his life savings and because of his age he was not able to find a job. Now his son is engaged and he is the only provider of the family. Working in this field is great for him because he has the license and the experience.

Men's Clothing Shop

Tony has a daughter and two sons, one is a soldier and the other is engaged and he is preparing for his future. They did not go out of Aleppo during the crisis, but when it started raining missiles in the area where they lived, they had to go out and they rented a house for 3 years. After that they sold their old house because its area was no longer habitable, so they bought another one that was smaller, but...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Elias is a married man who has a son and a daughter. His main job is painting. During the war he sold his house and his car because of the lack of work and because he needed money to provide his family with the daily needs. He managed to send his son to study in Latakia and Because of his psychological condition, they returned him to live in Aleppo and the father lost everything he had. Now he wants to buy a Suzuki to work on and support his family.

Espresso Machine

Yossef is a single man who is now 42 years old. He lives with his father and his two brothers who are not married in the family house. He has a small espresso machine which is not enough to serve 2 people at the same time so he wants a bigger one which will make him able to earn extra amount of money. He is also renting a window in a small shop that costs him 25000 a month. “ I find it too hard to provide the daily needs for my family and pay the rent, but by having a bigger espresso machine all my problems will be solved”.

Sewing Machines

Mousa is a married man who has a two years old son. He is living now with his wife and son in his wife’s parents’ house. Before they used to live with his family but during the crisis in Syria a missile fell on the roof of their house, so they had to move out of it. He had a workshop in Bustan Al-Basha, but when the free army entered it, he had to get out of there and leave...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

There is no doubt that the war had its devastating effects on Syrians’ lives in many ways, but despite all the hardships they go through every day, there’s still room for hope. Ghandi, just like many family providers, has struggled to support his family during the post-war period, but he never surrendered to the bad circumstances, and always did his best for the sake of his wife and their one-year-old baby.

He lives with his small family in a rented apartment,...

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Being the eldest son, Fares has always felt most responsible to help his family, the 22-year-old young man lives in a simple rented apartment with his mother Shireen, his brother Charbel who is a 10th grader, and his father Samer who works as an employee for an oil factory with a modest salary. 

This lovely family was living a peaceful life in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia, until the vicious war started and forced them to leave their home city and...

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“I lost the best years of my life due to the war, I was supposed to establish my life and settle down!”

Those were Fares’s words after spending nine years of his life serving in the army, where he suffered from the ravages of war and many injuries; some of them left him with fragments lodged in his body and lots of horrifying memories.

Today Fares lives with his parents, his younger brother who is a university student, and his aunt in...

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Mini-Cultivator - Agricultural Project

Life taught Maurice how to take responsibility for a family at a very young age after his father passed away. Since then, his mother Suzan who is a teacher did everything she could to compensate for her four children's great loss, and the whole family was depending on her salary for a living. 

Maurice is a 22-year-old veterinary student who lives with his mother, brother, and two sisters in a simple house in Ozeir village. He took upon himself the responsibility...

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Mini-Cultivator - Agricultural Project

Year after year, Murshed who is a floor tiler became no longer able to continue working the way he used to. While he was getting older, and being the only provider for his family, he started to focus more on farming to keep providing for them without needing any help.

He is a married man and a father of two; a daughter and a son. Living with his small family in their simple rural house in Ozair village; Murshed has worked...

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Floor Grinding and Polishing Machine

Syrians lives were affected in a way or another because of the war and its negative impacts appeared on many aspects, most notably on the economic situation and living conditions in the country making them struggle everyday to survive.

Sami has been working in the field of floor grinding and polishing since 1975, with great experience and a good reputation among the other craftsmen. He used to have two floor grinding and polishing machines as his son George used to help...

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Irrigation System - Agricultural Project

Although he lost 7 years of his life serving in the army, Elias tried very hard to compensate for those years and worked with enthusiasm to build up a new life from scratch. After finishing his service, he returned to his home village Maskaneh and stayed with his elderly parents who needed his help and support. 

Since his father's health and age no longer allow him to work in farming, the 32 year old took the responsibility of his family's land...

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Mini-Cultivator-Agricultural Project

George is a farmer; he is the sole breadwinner for his wife, their 3 children in addition to his elderly father and his sister, he lives with his family in Ozeir village and he grows strawberries for a living. 

George heard about the Micro-Agricultural Projects Program and saw it as a great chance to improve his project during the hard economic circumstances in the country, so he applied for a mini-cultivator, which would make plowing the soil easier and a pesticide engine sprayer. 

With the great skills he has, his project was approved, now, he became able to develop his work and secure a better income for his family depending on the land that he has always loved.

Strawberry Seedlings- Agricultural Project

Bassel lives with his wife, their 12 year old  son and his elderly father in their home village Ozeir the home town of many generations of Jreij family.

its geographic location on the Syrian Lebanese boarders made Ozier's younger generation head to Lebanon to make their own ways through life and live experiences different from what their parents and grandparents were used to in their farm based community. Bassel was no exception, in 2001 he headed to Lebanon and pursued a...

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Hair Salon

Like many Syrian women, Reem chose to stand by her husband Elian and help him make a decent living for their two sons, Laith (14 years old) and Ghaith (12 years old). 

In 2012, her family was displaced from their house in Al-Waar neighborhood to their hometown “Rabah” where they had to rent an apartment and stay for five years, during that period, the family’s house in Homs was severely damaged after it had been stolen.

When everything settled down, Reem and...

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Beauty Salon

With all the heavy responsibilities she’s carrying on her shoulders, Reem has always done her best to cover all of her three daughters’ needs during the absence of her husband who traveled in a search of a work opportunity. 

Since she was young, Reem has loved working in the field of beauty and attended many courses to develop her skills. Before the war, she worked as a teacher for seven years but during those years, this job never made her forget...

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Wissam is an electrical engineer, he is a married man and a father of three daughters; Georgette (10 years old), Angel (8 years old) and Barbara (5 years old). He used to work in an engineering office, which he had opened with his friends until the cruel war changed everything. 

In 2013, Wissam and his family had to experience a whole new life after being displaced from their house in Al-Hamidia; they moved to the city of Damascus where they rented...

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Photographer equipment

Siham Alsheikh, a 22-year-old woman, had a very difficult childhood as her parents were separated at the age of 12, so she, her mom, and little brother had to leave their house and move to live in a small room in Bab Touma in very difficult circumstances. They had to face the horrors of war by themselves with no one to turn into. From such a young age the twelve-year-old skipped being a child prematurely and found herself battling against...

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Hairdressing Salon

Every day, strong-will people impress us in life, as they continue fighting their difficulties no matter how hard they are especially in Syria where all the circumstances joined together to weaken the people’s will.

One of those people is Wafaa Alhelo, a 40-year- old woman, married with two children.

Since she got married, Wafaa worked in many fields in order to support her husband. She worked in wax coloring and embroidery, then in 2008 her husband became very sick and they had...

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Zircon installation workshop

At the age of 43, Elias Edsi works in the field of jewelry making. He's been in this field of work for over 20 years, devoting his life to his work and to taking care of his elderly parents.

In an old traditional Arabic house in Bab Toma, the three of them live and in a workshop, in Alqassa street he works as an employee setting zircon stones on jewelry all day long.

During the Syrian crisis, Elias’ career was affected badly,...

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Mini market

It was a magical power that enabled Syrians to pass the past ten years of the crises, many people were affected on the personal side and a few could survive, and that made our beneficiary Nazha Alqutami, one of the survivals.

Nazha is 53 years old, divorced, and has two daughters and a son. She suffered a lot within the crises in Syria, her brother was kidnapped and his whereabouts are still unknown. At the age of 18, her daughter Maria...

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Hairdressing and Make-up salon

Rania Sekareih, who is 48 year- old woman, married with three children, is the true example of women’s power in Syria.

Rania plays many roles in her kids’ life, the mother, the father, the tutor, and sometimes the friend. Her son, George is in the third year of architecture engineering college. Although he works after his college time to afford the high expenses of his study, yet his mother Rania is his biggest supporter of him. Her daughters Rozet and Jessica...

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Mini market

When we want to talk about strong will in life, Tamim Qablan is the perfect living example for that. Tamim is 35 years old, he is single and living with his parents in a modest apartment in Altabaleh. He suffered from polio since his childhood, which led to paralysis of the lower extremities but that didn't band him from working hard day and night in order to support himself and his family at the same time. More over, God gave...

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