Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.








Elias is a married man, who was a mechanic before the crisis in Aleppo, but he had to switch his job and become a taxi driver for some organizations during the war in Aleppo, because of the situation of the crisis. He worked with many organizations as a driver like the Marists. He also tried to rent a taxi, but the owner of the taxi asked for a big percentage from the profits, so he decided to look for something else, his wife does not work so he is the sole provider for his family. The biggest lost for him was the passing of his brother who died while he was asleep in his bed, by a missile that hit the building next to them. He wants to have a taxi of his own, so he would be able to have a better and more stable income for the future.

Fiberglass for Cars

Fajeh is a married man, he has a young daughter, he and his family are looking after his paralyzed mother who lives with them. He had a shop that manufactures fiber glass for the cars, but it was destroyed during the crisis in Aleppo. Later, he worked with a person in the same business, but the owner of the shop was very mean and gave him a low salary, so he had to leave the shop in order to find something that can help him with all the expenses he has especially with his mother’s condition. He wants to start his own project because he has a great experience in this business, and he is confident that this project is going to be very successful.

Car Furnishing

Salem and his family were displaced from their home in Sheikh Maksoud, they are currently living in a rented flat in Al-Midan area. He rented a workshop to work in car furnishing, but the owner of the workshop doubled the rent, so he had to look for another one. Now he is renting a workshop in Al-Midan area, he does not however have the machines that are essential to do his job in the best possible way, he sometimes borrows his friend’s machines in order to complete the work. He wants to have his own machines and be an independent person who does not always have to rely on the help of others, this project will be an important step towards his career development.

Mechanic Workshop

George jabour is a single man who lives with his unemployed sister. During the crisis he suffered a lot due to the terrible things that happened to him like the death of his brother when he was walking in Sulymaniah in 2014. He also lost his shop in Bustan Al Basha and all his equipment was stolen. He wants to start working again. He had started fixing his shop which was damaged, but the equipment that he wants is very expensive which he cannot afford. George hopes that the coming days are going to be better and he is sure that someone will help him to start working again.

Fixing Cars Workshop

Fouad Jbara is a father of a university student. His wife is also unemployed and he lost his shop in Bustan Al Basha during the crisis in Aleppo and all his equipment and goods were stolen. He had a car, but he sold it to provide his family with the necessities of the life. They take aid from the maristes and this aid is the only source of income that they get. He started fixing his shop and he wants to start working again because this shop was the only source of income. He is all hope that someone will help him to start working again in his own shop that was taken from him for almost 6 years.

Metal Welding Workshop

Morris is an unemployed married man who lost his shop and equipment in Bustan Al-Basha during the crisis in Aleppo. Losing his shop was a terrible incident that made him feel depressed. He could not even get any of his equipment out of Bustan Al-Basha. Now he is 58 years old. After this incident he started looking for any job to provide the necessities of life for his family, but unfortunately nobody employed him. This shop was the only source of income. His wife does not work too. He wants to start working again in soldering iron because he has enough experience in this field. he depends on his brother and the charities in providing the daily needs. He believes that someone will listen to his story and give him a hand to start working again in his own shop.


Elias is a married man who has a son. “I used to work as a hauler in a company between governorates , and I was kidnapped during the crisis while working, then the company decided to close this section, So I traveled to Venezuela to start a new job but the economic crisis started after awhile, my son also came to Venezuela, but he could not find a job so he came back to Aleppo and started a new job in a bank, my daughter got married and traveled with her husband." When he came back, he had spent all his life savings and because of his age he was not able to find a job. Now his son is engaged and he is the only provider of the family. Working in this field is great for him because he has the license and the experience.

Alternator Repairing Shop

Moses Mesropian has 4 children and he moved from Al Raka to Aleppo before 5 years. he has been living in a house for one of his relatives since his arrival to Aleppo. He rented a shop to fix the alternators of the cars before a short time. He wants to buy the pieces that he needs in fixing alternators to improve his income. He cannot go back to Al Raka because their house is destroyed completely. His shop was rented but the...

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Coffee Shop

George Kabanjian is a father of three sons two of them are soldiers and his third son is a barber but he can barely afford his own needs. He sells packets of cigarettes in the streets. last year, he suffered a lot because he had to work under the rain and the snow. He moved from Jabal Al-saydeh before 6 years because of the crisis in Aleppo. He lives now in a rented house, he pays half of the rent and the church helps them with the rest. This project will increase his income, and the existence of this shop will protect him from the coming cold of the winter and will guarantee the continuity of his work.

Men's Clothing Shop

Tony has a daughter and two sons, one is a soldier and the other is engaged and he is preparing for his future. They did not go out of Aleppo during the crisis, but when it started raining missiles in the area where they lived, they had to go out and they rented a house for 3 years. After that they sold their old house because its area was no longer habitable, so they bought another one that was smaller, but...

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Abed is a married man who has two children. He was displaced from his land and home in Al Yakoubiyeh village and later in Aleppo he was also displaced from Sheikh Maksud to Al-Midan. he wants to buy a taxi to work on because of the hard-economic situation, and because he lost his work in Bustan Al Basha area. he had a brain damage so he cannot work anymore in his job as a blacksmith. He rented a car to work on but it costs him a lot, so by this project he will be an independent person and will be able to afford a better life for his family.

Shoes Store

Antoine lives with his mother; his parents are separated because of some family issues. The father has a shop that he wants to give for Antoine to work in, his married sister and her daughter also live with them because her husband had to travel “I am currently working in a movie theater and my mother is an assistant in a school, but both of our incomes are not enough considering the high livelihood expenses. This store will give me the chance to start my own business in shoes which I have a former experience in, it is a good profit for living in a decent way.”

Wall Painting Equipment

Elias is a hard-working man, who despite all the tough circumstances didn't accept to sit and watch. He is married and a father of 2 sons, he chose wall-painting as his main profession since 1993.

In 2012, the family was displaced from their neighborhood Bab Al-Sebaa to Fairouza village and lost all of their belongings in addition to Elias's equipment. Upon their great loss, they decided to start all over again, and settled down in Fairouza, while his two sons traveled...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Yaackoub is a floor tiler, this profession has been his only source of livelihood since 2000. 

His equipment was stolen twice from the construction sites due to the chaotic situation in the country after the war, and he had to stop working for two years. However, as the only provider for his wife and their two children, he was helped by good-willed people to buy some simple tools and resume his work.

Yaackoub is facing a hard challenge nowadays just like many...

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Wood Shaving Workshop

Where there's a will, there is always a way! All of us have a goal in life, however, this goal is only achieved by people who have strong willpower and work hard with dedication, and George is a great example of strength to start all over again despite the hard circumstances. 

Going back to the pre-war period, he used to live with his family in their village "Al-Qaryaten" and he was responsible for running the family's tile factory. By 2015, this...

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Pots Maintenance and Polishing Workshop

Imad is the only provider for his wife and their 2 sons in addition to his mother. His family was displaced from their home village "Al-Qaryaten" and escaped to Fairouza village away from the horrors of war.

Imad used to work in many fields before the war; in 2012, he decided to start his own project to support his family and with the available simple capabilities, Imad started his workshop of pots maintenance and polishing, due to people's need for such...

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Car Electrical System Maintenance

Elia is a young man who had the courage to start his own business, he lives with his parents and sister in Fairouza village after the family was displaced from their home city Homs; they had to stay in a rented apartment for 6 years until they managed to buy their current house.

Since his father is an old man, he was no longer able to work and provide for the family and Elia took this responsibility upon himself despite his...

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"What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." This saying describes Shafik's tough experience; he was one of the 270 people who were held in captivity in Al-Qaryatayn village, which witnessed the terrors of the devastating war.

The story started when the armed groups attacked his home village Al-Qaryatayn and he was trying to protect his wife and their 3 children, the selfless father managed to get them out but he couldn't escape and was kidnapped for 3 months until he had...

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Wall Painting and Decorating

Nassif is among many craftsmen who were affected by the war, losing his chance to enhance his work conditions due to the economic situation and the high prices.

He works in wall painting and decorating since 1998 and he is well-known for his great skills in this profession. In 2016, the hardworking man moved with his wife and their only son from their home village Maskanah to Fairouza village where they settled down and established a new life from scratch. 

Nassif's work...

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Car Washing Workshop

Ghassoub is the only provider for his wife and their two girls, and this man didn't give up no matter how hard were their circumstances. 

His career started in 1999 as a mini-bus driver, then a few years later, he was employed in an industrial company until the cruel war began, and ended up his 6-year journey.

Ghassoub couldn't stay without a job and immediately worked for a local association as a car mechanic for 9 years, where he gained great skills....

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Floor Tiling & Stone Cladding Equipment

Firas started working in floor tiling and stone cladding at a young age, after finishing his military service, he resumed work and mastered this profession when he was only 21 years old. 

His special skills and great experience opened up good opportunities for him in Lebanon so he traveled in 2012 hoping to improve his situation. He worked for a year there then the tragedy happened on the 30th of October 2013, when, unfortunately, his brother was martyred in the army...

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Plumbing Equipment

Feeling how near death is with every breath you take, and smelling the dust and smoke while leaving your home by force at gunpoint is one of the hardest things a person might go through in life.

Rami and his family of four had to leave their village Al-Qaryaten back in 2015 when it was attacked by armed groups who destroyed everything. He is a married man and a father of 2, Elina (11 years old) and George (10 years old)....

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Hussam works in floor tiling since 2006, this profession heavily relies on a sustainable power supply, and unfortunately just like many other craftsmen, he suffered from a severe lack of electricity and nearly lost his only source of livelihood. 

Hussam lives with his wife and their 3 children in addition to his elderly parents and he is the sole breadwinner for his big family.

The skilled man built great experience throughout the years and worked around the city of Homs and its...

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Floor Tiling & Stone Cladding Equipment

Nadim works in floor tiling and stone cladding since 1997 with his 2 brothers, he is the only provider for his wife Abir and their 2 children Asaad (13 years old) and Alinor (10 years old).

The family's suffering during the war isn't much different from the others; they escaped to their home village for 2 years to protect their kids and returned back when the situation stabilized in Homs.

Throughout the war years of hard work, Nadim used the same equipment...

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Ehab Al-Bitar is one of the self-made men who are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their families.

The 30-year-old man is married to Nour Alqablan, living in a small flat near his mom and siblings in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood.

within the severe years of war, Ehab was able to finish his university study and in 2016 he graduated from the faculty of trade and economics, he wanted to start working but the situation in that period was precarious and his...

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For the last 30 years, Nabil Alhosh, 52, has never hesitated to work day and night from behind his steering wheel to provide his family with the best living; Nabil worked as a microbus driver, doing many shifts during the day because his main priority in life was securing a decent life for his family and good education for his four kids: Linda, Kinda, Mirna, and Yousef.

Yet, this endeavor was not easy during the years of war as the drivers...

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“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”

Despite all calamities, Youssef Al-Samara has never stopped fighting and was full of hope that the coming days are going to be better.

He worked as a hairdresser since 2002 and his income was good to afford his living expenses, but after the outbreak of the Syrian war, he was called to join the military service as he served in fierce war zones which put him under dangerous accidents.

He was living in...

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Plumbing Workshop

Often, we are born to encounter many life obstacles, but the defining point is either giving up or challenging and accepting these obstacles and continuing our lives while we are full of hope and optimism, which was the choice of thirty-two-year-old Johnny Mardini.

Johnny was born into a humble family consisting of a hardworking father who worked day and night for the sake of his family and a loving mother who did everything she could to give love and care, especially...

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Nuts Shop

losing her husband at the age of 26, and being responsible for a newborn baby at the same time is tough for any woman to handle, but Nancy Alshoufi decided to direct her love and care to her baby who will grow up without his father's support.

Her in-laws were also in great shock as they lost their son at a very young age, Nancy decided to keep living with them trying her best to look after them after their huge...

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Hairdressing Salon

“The human’s will is what defines a person and how far he is going in his life journey”

Iskandar was raised by loving and supporting parents, his father used to work as a tiler and handled his tough work to afford his family a decent living.

As soon as he grew up, Iskandar realized he wanted to be a hairdresser, so he started learning about this profession and worked hard to gain field experience dreaming to have his own Salon in the...

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"A hero is someone who gives without thought of himself, and Shadi was that hero in his son’s eyes”

Shady Maqsoud 48, never hesitated to give all for the sake of his family and kids.

He is married to Jumana Qazi and they have two sons Johnathan born in 2003, and Julian born in 2007 

Shady started working as a painter at the age of nineteen to support his parents with the living expenses, and for many years he worked as hard as...

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Behind the great amount of sadness and calamities that Fahed has been through in his life, there is a loving, confident heart and a solid will to improve himself and save his family from their tragic situation.

Fahed Farah, 34, is a caring husband and father of two sons; Farah, born in 2017, and Charbel born in 2019. He lives along with his family in a dilapidated flat in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood.

At the beginning of his twenties, Fahed was called to the...

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Mini Market

George is a married man and the father of three daughters Dina, Rita, and Rima.

George suffers from speech disorder but that didn’t prevent him from working or having a normal lifestyle as for the last 30 years, he has been working at the Ministry of Health as a physical therapist.

He handled his tough work schedule for many years to ensure a dignified life for his family, because all he cared about was raising his daughters to become successful individuals in...

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Detergents and Plastics Store

Wadie Abou Assaleh, a 60-year-old man, is married to Claire and they have two sons George who since his born in 1994 suffers from a mental disability, and Elias born in 1991. 

From 1985 to 2011 Wadie worked as a goldsmith along with his brother at their workshop but after the outbreak of the war, their profession was affected badly. Hence, his brother traveled abroad and Wadie was forced to close the workshop and work as a private driver for an...

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As long as you keep smiling in the face of your difficulties, life will reward your great hope. 

Simon Tannous is 44 years old, he is married and has two adorable girls, Hala born in 2008, and Lana born in 2013.

Simon and his family live in a small rented flat in Kashkoul and he also works in his mini-market in the same area.

He was an employee as a driver at the construction administration in Damascus since 1996, but his low income...

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Carpentry Workshop

Sometimes the only thing that can keep you fighting, is believing that one day everything is going to be better.

Najeh Ajaiby, 52, has never stopped believing that good things are coming on his way.

he is originally from Egypt and came to Syria in 1997 looking for better work opportunities, so he started to work in his profession as a carpenter in different workshops. Soon after he got married to Samar AL-Abdoun and had three children Ruba, Fadi, and Mina.

Najeh worked...

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