Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Ironsmith Workshop

Wael comes from the small village of Kfarbo, where life was easy and peaceful until the dark days descended upon Syria and Wael was called to serve in the military. He fought through a complete nightmare of injuries, sieges, and frontline battles for nine years. Thankfully, the year 2019 marked the end of Wael's suffering. Miraculously, Wael returned home safe and sound, only to find himself needing to rebuild his life from scratch as he moved from the village to...

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Pickup Truck

The 28-year-old Tony, known for his strong work ethic, has always been doing hardcore job. In 2014, Tony was called for military service, which lasted eight years. 

Upon returning home, Tony found limited opportunities, all of which offered very low income, making the transition to normal life difficult. After eight years in the military, Tony found himself without a clear profession to pursue or a specific goal to follow. He took on various jobs, working in mechanic shops and supermarkets, but struggled...

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Solar Power Installation Workshop

Elias is a hardworking father and the sole breadwinner for his family of three. While serving in the military, Elias faced a long battle with hepatitis, which led to him being exempted from his service. He began the treatment, which cost a lot, forcing him to sell everything he had to cover the expenses. The price of a single medication was a staggering 350 USD. Fortunately, after completing the treatment, he made a full recovery and regained his health.

Elias took...

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Christo spent 7 years of his adolescence serving in the military during the ceaseless Syrian war, an experience that left him with an injured foot and unclear aim for his life. Earlier this year, the newlywed couple was finally able to tie the knot. However, Christo's happiness was overshadowed by financial issues. 

Coming from a big family, he felt marginalized working for his father’s grocery shop, earning a minimal income. With a new family to support, Christo wanted to be independent,...

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Suspension and Steering System Maintenance

George has experienced many ups and downs in his career, despite having 35 years of experience as a car suspension and steering mechanic; Unfortunately, during the war, George's workshop was stolen, along with all his equipment. To make matters worse, he was kidnapped and then released after a week. These traumatic events took a toll on him. 

Seeking a safer environment, George and his family fled to Latakia, which was more secure than Aleppo. Without a house or income in a...

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Car Maintenance

Ohans is a skilled car electrician who established his workshop in 2010. However, his newly established workshop didn't last long due to the Syrian war. The workshop was unfortunately located in an unsafe area and suffered significant damage, leaving Ohans with no choice but to sell his house, workshop, and all his belongings in order to survive. He then made the difficult decision to relocate to Lebanon in search of better opportunities.

Unfortunately, Ohans faced numerous challenges in Lebanon and struggled...

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Dental Clinic

Thomas Koussa, a young dentist who recently graduated, embarked on his dental journey after years of dedication and hard work. Each year at the university presented Thomas with new challenges. The cost of tuition was more than Thomas could bear, so he took on various part-time jobs, including working at a mini market, to finance his education. 

The Koussa family had faced numerous hardships during the Syrian civil war. Thomas's father lost his job, and their home was damaged by shelling....

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Rimon found himself trapped in a low-paid job for 10 years, working at a gas station where he earns a mere $20 a month. This meager income makes it incredibly challenging for him and his wife to provide for their family. His wife, on the other hand, works as a teacher at a school, but her salary is not enough to cover their expenses. To make ends meet, they have to rely on financial aid from the church.  

During the...

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Tailoring Workshop

George, a 36 year-old passionate tailor, found himself facing numerous challenges in his pursuit of his craft. Initially, his former boss lent him sewing machines for a short period of time, allowing him to continue his work. However, despite his relentless efforts to secure financial assistance, he was unable to achieve independence.

George's friend offered to provide him with the money needed to purchase his own sewing machines. Grateful for the opportunity, George worked tirelessly for four years, hoping to repay...

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Olive Oil Bottling

Somar's journey unfolded as he embarked on the challenging path of military service, leaving his parents' hearts filled with worry for his well-being. However, after 3 years of dedicated service, he finally returned home safely, bringing a sense of relief and joy to his family. The severance payment he received was the first step for his Olive Oil supplier business.

Through market research and a deep understanding of the industry, Somar's business started flourishing and he achieved remarkable progress. However, to...

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Homemade Sweets and Pastries

Lilian Katerji began her career early, studying prosthodontics in university, but soon realized it wasn't her passion.

 Feeling trapped in a job that didn't align with her interests, she longed for a shift in her career. Lilian had always had a sweet tooth and discovered her talent for baking sweets, a skill she had learned from her aunt in Latakia. 

Finding joy in making sweets and bringing happiness to others, she decided to turn her talent into a source of income by...

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After 4 years as a goldsmith, George's career was interrupted when he was called to serve in the military during the Syrian War. His service extended for eight years, and upon his return, George found himself unemployed and unable to resume his career due to the struggling state of the goldsmith business. 

To make matters worse, his wife encountered complications during childbirth, which forced her to leave her job. Determined to rebuild their lives, George set his sights on starting his...

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Cars Repairing Workshop

Elias, a determined young man, dreams of a future filled with love and family. Despite the challenges he's faced, including the loss of his brother during military service, he remained resilient. 

Working tirelessly in the workshop since 2006 alongside his father, Elias has experienced many hardships. The workshop, a symbol of their family's perseverance, weathered the storms of war and theft, turning their lives upside down. Engaged and eager to start a family of his own, he's devoted to rebuilding his...

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Perfume and Gifts Shop

As the sole provider for her widowed mother, and with her brothers forging their paths elsewhere, Ranim embraced the role of caretaker and provider.

In the face of daunting circumstances due to the country's challenges, she started her own business: "Smile Events," her humble shop offering gifts and event arrangement services. With modest beginnings in 2018, she encountered hurdles familiar to many small business owners in Syria sourcing reliable suppliers, navigating unsettled exchange rates, and covering local needs, especially amidst the...

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Laser Cutting Machine

In Qattinah village, amidst the challenges of raising two children, Nadia and her husband Iyad dared to dream of a better future. Her years of dedication to various associations in Homs city came to a halt due to rising costs and the strain on family time, but challenges only fueled their ambition.

In 2017, they embarked on a wooden souvenirs project, renting a humble shop. Disaster struck when a fire ravaged their cherished space, but they refused to surrender. Armed with...

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Printing Shop

Wissam, a second-year marketing student, thrived in her humble village of Qattinah alongside her hardworking family. With economic struggles, Wissam and her brother Wassim embarked on a journey to alleviate their parents' burdens; Drawing on their individual talents, her skills in electronic marketing and Wassim's design skills, they envisioned a microproject that filled a void in their village.

Their dream came to reality as they delved into the world of printing, realizing the absence of such services in Qattinah, which was...

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Growing up amidst the struggles of inflation in his country, Rustom became the hope for his family. As the only son among his parents and two sisters, he felt the weight of responsibility early on in life.

While his father, a retired journalist, and his mother, a retired teacher, relied on their meager pensions, his sisters, university educators, contributed as much possible, but it was clear that it wasn't enough, thus Rustom took matters into his own hands.

From a young age,...

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Hair Salon

Alimar, a diligent young lady from Qattinah village, found herself at a crossroads after graduating from the commercial institute. With limited job prospects, she turned her passion for beauty into a source of income, offering services to clients in their homes. Despite the challenges, she remained steadfast in her dream of owning a beauty salon.

Her journey wasn't without hardships; her father's health setback forced him to leave his hairstyling job, but Alimar inherited his skills and determination. She seized every...

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Nail Care Kit

After her father's passing, Rasha became the pillar of strength for her family, at just 15, she set aside her dreams of education to support her mother and younger brother. For eight years, she toiled tirelessly in a nail polish factory, the weight of responsibility heavy on her shoulders. The wages barely sustained them and the displacement from Homs to Fairouza village only deepened their struggles.

Trusting someone to handle their financial affairs led to devastating consequences. The scam drained their...

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In the heart of Qattinah village, Dima stood like a fragile flower against the harsh winds of fate. Alone, with two children, she dared to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Her husband's mysterious absence cast a shadow over their house, leaving behind unanswered questions after his travel to Lebanon two years ago.

With the support of her family, she resolved to carve her own path and shoulder the weight of dependence. Yet, she always wanted to have her own project and provide...

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Handmade Candles

Micheline's life took a turn when her husband had to leave for mandatory military service, moving back in with her parents, she felt the weight of their financial struggles. With her economic institute background and previous work at a candle manufacturing workshop, she hoped to contribute to her family's income. However, without proper tools and equipment, her ambitions were hindered. 

Determined to make a difference, she applied to the Micro Projects Program, with the assistance, she could finally set up a...

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Children’s Recreation Center

Manar, armed with a PHD in children's education, embarked on a mission to address a pressing need in her community, a haven where parents could entrust their children for specific durations. In October 2022, she unveiled her micro-project in a modest rented space, with enthusiasm. Despite its compact size, the center offered enriching toys and games, from sand games to mental challenges, catering to every child's interests.

Juggling her role as a mother of two daughters and her husband's absence due...

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Nail Care Kit

Maya, a diligent young woman from Qattinah village, faced challenges in pursuing her passion for nail care. With determination, she juggled her studies in chemistry at Al-Baath University while honing her skills through training courses. Five years ago, she embarked on a journey, initially working from home until the borrowed tools were reclaimed, leaving her jobless. Undeterred, she sought employment at a salon to help in sustaining her family of five.

For two years, she worked tirelessly, accumulating experience. Yet, Maya...

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Shoe and Bag Store

Maryanne, a determined young woman from Fairouza village, took an essential role in her family's well-being. With her father's plumbing income and her mother who is a housewife, their life was modest. 

In November 2022, aided by her sister and father, she opened a shoe and bag store in a rented shop balancing her studies with managing the store was challenging, but Maryanne persisted. However, as economic strains tightened, restocking the shop became hard. 

Hope surged when she received assistance from the...

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Barber Shop

Bassam Zaitoun 38, a man of humble beginnings, is married to Sulaf Taweel and has a 4-year-old cute girl called Tatiana who was the source of hope and happiness in their lives despite the challenges they faced.

Bassam was a skilled barber, a craft he had learned in his village where he established his own barbershop and worked tirelessly for 23 years. However, the crisis has weighed heavily on the overall situation especially in Bassam's village as many have moved to...

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Mini Van

Elias's journey was marked by hard work and perseverance as he started from an early age to provide for himself and support his family.  He is married to Wedian Janoura and they live in a modest home in Al-Dwalaa where they had their two sons; Loran born in 2010, and Sairj in 2013.

From his early days, Elias worked as a farmer in his hometown of Hamra village then moved between various jobs such as in an engineering office and later...

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Homemade Meals & Sweets

Cozet Al-Ashhab is 40 years old and married to Louay Alomar, a loving and supportive husband. Her love for confectionery started at an early age, a passion nurtured over the years as her journey began in 2005 when she found her peace and joy in her kitchen creations, and despite hurdles, her resolve remained unyielding.

However, life was not easy for Cozet and through the years of war she had to work and provide for herself and her family so she...

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Sewing Workshop

Margaret is still in her twenties, yet she carries burdens far beyond her years. She grew up in a modest family with poor financial conditions, which forced her to take on responsibilities at a young age; she started working as a saleswoman in a clothing store to cover her expenses and help her parents as much as she could. She later got married and moved to her husband's village, where she worked in a sewing workshop, hoping that her marriage...

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Nail care Kit

With great determination and faith, Odet Ibrahim 34, insisted on continuing her life and moving forward, challenging the failed marriage experience that ended in separation without allowing despair and sadness to creep into her heart. She became responsible for her daughter Joelle and wanted to provide her with the best means of life, so she returned to live in her parent's house trying to secure a safe environment for her daughter.

Odet began her professional life in 2008 when she and...

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Electricity Generator

Abeer, the affectionate wife, and devoted mother, always placed her family first, even before herself, and although her life was filled with challenges and hardships, she never lost hope.

She is 51, married, and was living with her husband in Aleppo where she commenced her professional life as an employee in a private company in 2000, but left her job ten years later to dedicate herself to raising her two sons Marcel and Daniel.

In 2012, her husband's silver workshop was hit...

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Homemade Meals

Samar Haddad, 49, is married with two sons, Amer born in 1995, balanced freelance work with studies at the Trade and Economic University,  and Wadei, born in 1999, juggled employment with his education at Damascus University's media faculty.

Samar started her working life in 2008, as a home-based cook until 2018 when she decided to go further in this career and gained a chef certification in both Eastern and Western cuisines determined to enhance her work.

However, as a result of their...

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Photography Equipment

With a passion for capturing sweet moments and telling stories through his lens, Majd Deeb 34, had always dreamed of turning his love for photography and videography into a full-fledged career. 

He is newly married to Rita Aleid, who is a dedicated doctor specializing in hematology and oncology, and supported Majd's ambitions wholeheartedly.

Majd's journey in the world of visual arts began after graduating from the College of Applied Arts as he started his professional career at Sama TV in 2014, working...

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Solar Power Installations

During the past decade, Attallah had a tumultuous journey marked by displacement, loss, and insecurity. He is 39, married, and has a five-year-old son called Hanna.

As a result of the war in Syria, his life was turned upside down especially since he was living in Al-Zababdani area which witnessed severe conflicts at the beginning of the crisis causing losses and displacement to many of its residents including Attallah whose house was destroyed completely and all his furniture and work equipment...

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Since his youth, Mouab's life was full of challenges and difficulties, but he never lost hope, and by continuing to work hard, he was able to overcome all obstacles and reach his goals. 

Mouab began his work during his university education as he took jobs in various fields, from working in a packaging factory to working as a guard trying his best to support himself and his family. In 2013 Mouab was kidnapped for 10 days, tortured and beaten, and had...

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Yaser Al-Jaber, 49, is a caring father and husband who lives along with his wife and kids on the ground floor at his parents' house in Al-Dwallaa, while his elderly parents and his two sisters Suhaila and Rihab reside upstairs.

Yaser had worked for years in elevators' installation, dealing with heavy loads and demanding effort. However, an accident in 2011 changed everything as he fell from the fourth floor and was left with multiple fractures, shattered bones in his left arm,...

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Pick-up Car

Wael Qarra, 33, faced significant challenges since his parents' separation. He moved in with his mother and sister to a rented house in the Al-Dwallaa neighborhood and had to work tirelessly to make ends meet. Wael started his career in 2016 distributing cosmetics, while his sister, Mirna, worked in a copper engraving workshop, all in pursuit of a modest livelihood.

As the primary provider for his family following his parents' split, Wael has shouldered this responsibility since his youth. With the...

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