Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.








Without hard work, there is no success in life.

Finding and getting a job can be a challenging process. It is something very important to everyone and, unfortunately, most young men do not have jobs these days.

After spending several years exploring the job market; Youssef worked in several fields (cleaning dishes in a restaurant, sanitary installations, a sewing workshop, etc...) trying to find his career path.

the 21 years old, lives with his parents and his sister, with modest means of life...

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Chairs' decorative covers & washing machine

Being old does not mean being unwilling to work, the 76-year-old Anissa does not know the meaning of giving up, laziness, and sitting at home without work, she does all her hard work by herself and supervises people who work with her personally and follows up on the smallest details continuously.

Anisa has been working in the field of wedding decorations for more than 22 years, today she is considered the best and almost the only one in the city. She...

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Nail care kit

Having a supportive partner can truly change your life.

The ambitious young Suzi, 34 years old, is a mother of a little girl called Elsa, she works hard to support her husband to buy a house.

Her husband works in selling and maintaining watches in his rented shop, it was no longer sufficient to secure his family's expenses, so he decided to work as an accountant to increase his earnings.
Before marriage, Suzi worked as a teacher in a kindergarten and after it...

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Car Mechanics

“Fathers are pivotal in children's lives. My father has always supported me in chasing my dreams and pursuing what interests me. He has always taught me to be independent and brave.” Jean said.

Jean,40 years old, the father of Antoni, works as a car mechanic in his father’s workshop, he gained from his father all the experience needed and has been working on cars for 22 years now.

During the war, the shells were fallen and their workshop was destroyed. He traveled...

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It all started when Youssef was wounded in a part of his lungs in the army; he was taken to the hospital and placed in a mortuary while he was in a coma for several hours after it was believed that he was dead.

luckily his friend who took him to the hospital assured the doctors that he was still alive when he rescued him, and he wanted them to make sure after placing him with the dead. He was able...

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Blacksmith tools and Rehabilitation

George is 51 years old, lives with his family and his mother, he used to work as a blacksmith for a long time in his own workshop with his father who taught him this skill until he passed away and they had to sell the workshop. shortly after that he got a chronic pain in his back and he no longer could work after suffering from spinal disc.

In 1992, he worked as a car parts seller for 19 years, but...

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Many soldiers have returned from service with injuries, missing limbs, and mental trauma after fighting in the war. Riad, 41 years old, was one of them. 

After his treatment ended, he hoped that life will soon return to normal. Over time, he challenged himself to go back to work; as a result of a shell, the upper part of his body was injured, in addition to some damage to his stomach, he underwent many operations without being discharged from service until...

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Clinical equipment

Dr. Hazem, 50 years old, has been working as a general internist for more than 22 years in Aleppo city.

He is well known for his kindness, high morals, and his passion for humanitarian work, in addition, he is a loving father to three children.

During the war, many Christian families relied on him for their treatment costs, as he was fully dedicated to helping all the people in need, especially the elderly whose children traveled and left them alone, he didn’t...

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Clothes printing workshop

Elias 31 years old, lives with his wife and two sons in a small house, which his family bought long before the war, during the war he married and settled there. Unfortunately, since the house is on the sixth floor it was exposed to several mortar shells and explosive fragments and was partially damaged.

Elias works in the field of clothes prints; he learned this profession in 2010 and he worked in several workshops. But the bad economic situations that he...

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Wooden frames manufacturing

Aboud is a talented man who works in manufacturing wooden frames and lives with his wife and their three young children. Two of them study engineering, and the third is still in school.

After 4 years of training and learning the art of manufacturing wooden frames in addition to his work, Aboud and his brothers opened their workshop in 2010 to work in it after their work.

This workshop is currently a source of income for three families, especially after Aboud decided...

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George, 29 years old lives with his parents in a rented house because the family lost their home in Sheikh Maqsoud area after it was controlled by the armed groups during the war.

George didn't complete his studies and left school at a young age to work in workshops and help with the family’s income in addition to his mother’s work, but during the war he was called for the military service, and during that service he was shot in the leg...

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"10 years away from home, everything has changed, and I don't know what to do anymore, all I need is a fresh start”,

Michael, 28 years old, married with two children and like many young men, he suffers a lot from the lack of job opportunities especially after being away for many years during the military service.

Michael did not complete his studies because he had to work at an early age to support his family; he worked in a pharmaceutical supplies...

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Sewing Workshop

Mounira is a seamstress and a fashion designer from Homs, her career started in 2011 when she decided to make her first step in turning her passion into a business. 

Mounira, a married woman with three children; a son and two daughters, this resilient mother had enough courage to launch her own project and support her family, when her husband, the only provider of their home, lost his job in a phosphate mine. 

With some simple machines at home, Mounira designed and...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

The hardest thing George had to experience during the war was losing his father who was shot and killed while he was trying to buy some food. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only loss he had to bear; he was forced to flee his house in Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood after it was destroyed by a shell and George with his small family were displaced to a village near Homs for 7 years until they were able to return back.

George worked as...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

A destroyed house and an abandoned land in the village were all that Abdo's family was left with after the vicious war; the family of four fled their home village Al-Dwair without realizing they won't come back again. 

After finishing his nine-year military service, Abdo worked on a rented taxi to help his father who works in floor grinding and polishing to provide a decent life for their family (the parents, sister, and himself). But while the economic crisis was getting...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Rakan's career started in 2010 with great skills in driving different vehicles. He lived with his wife Hiba in a rented apartment after they were displaced from their home village Al-Dwair; It wasn't easy to leave the village where they first met and started their own family, but they had to take the hard decision and escape the cruel war, which destroyed everything they built together. 

In 2019, Rakan started working as a bus driver with a simple salary, while the...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

The brutal war denied Subaih of living his childhood like all other children of his age. In August 2011, when he was just 15-year-old, Subaih witnessed his father's kidnapping, he was taken away with his mini pick-up truck and since that day, no one heard from him and Subaih became the only provider for his mother and younger sister Hana (18 years old).

He started to work and study at the same time for three years; he used to finish school...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Samer is the eldest son of a big family, consisting of his parents and 6 children, when he graduated from high school he volunteered in the military service to help his father in supporting their family, since the volunteering soldiers got a monthly salary. 

His father passed away at a young age and Samer became the only provider for his mother and younger siblings. Unfortunately, his mother passed away only four years later, leaving her 7 children behind. Samer had to...

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Agricultural Vehicle-Agricultural Project

Being away from the horrors of the war didn't spare many Syrians from its disastrous effects and calamities. 

Saad is a farmer from Ozeir village, he is a married man with five children. In addition to his work in farming, he is a government employee.

Saad owns a tractor that he uses for most of the important agricultural activities like plowing, watering, and even transporting the equipment. But lately, he started to suffer from the results of the economic crisis in the...

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Agricultural Vehicle-Agricultural Project

George was one of many Syrians, who were affected by the economic crisis in Lebanon; after losing his work, he returned home and decided to revive the family's land with the help of his brother.

George is a single man, he lives with his mother and his brother's family of three; besides his main profession as a blacksmith, he works in farming and has a good experience in growing olive trees, wheat, and barley. 

The two brothers own a tractor, which they...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Adnan is a hardworking man who chose his profession as a floor tiler 25 years ago, the well-reputed man has dedicated his life to ensure a dignified life for his small family; being the sole supporter of his mother Soaad (76 years old) and his sister Hyam (45 years old) who is an employee.

The cruel war forced this family to leave their home in Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood for a period of time and when they had the chance to return,...

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Nail Care and Tattoo

Playing the role of both parents can be very challenging, and Nahla who is a single mother, not only did her best to provide a dignified life for her only son Marios (14 years old), she also wanted to make sure that their home was always a safe and healthy environment. 

the mother and son live with her sister at their parents’ house after Nahla split up with her husband, she works as an employee and also runs her newly initiated...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Firas's journey of searching for a career started in June 2020 when he finally finished his nine-year military service, he felt like he lost his best years when he was supposed to be establishing for his future. 

Firas is a single man living with his parents and two brothers, during his military service, he used to work on a rented mini pick-up truck whenever he had the opportunity just to cover his own daily expenses. However, the renting costs began to...

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Irrigation System (Water Pump) - Agricultural Project

In 2008, Nabil's production of almonds was the highest in Homs; the available conditions in his rich land were suitable for this cultivation and it was equipped with a watering well, a water pump, and a drip irrigation system, which allowed him to guarantee the best crops.

Nabil and his wife Mariam are both retired school teachers, living with their two children Elias (newly graduated from the faculty of pharmacy), and Mais (a university student) in their home village Al-Hamra.

With the...

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Mini Market

It is a great blessing to reach your sixties and still have the determination of youth to work with great confidence and belief that the Lord supports you in all your life circumstances.

This is what you feel after meeting with Alice Khoury, with her deep wrinkles and crutch that never leaves her. She always was full of strength to work and rely on herself to support her family.

In 2000, Alice and her husband Antoun started a small grocery shop from...

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Sewing workshop

Christine Fanouneh is 39 years old, she lives with her mother and brother in Jaramana, Damascus suburbs.

During her childhood, Christine lived in a very harmful environment as her father used to abuse her mother on daily basis in front of her and her sister, her brother was born with Down’s syndrome in addition to many health problems which made him in a continuous of medication and lots of love, care, and attention that the family was missing.

When Christine and her...

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Elie Istanboly, 30 years old, is like many young men of his age who had to spend years of the war facing dangers and horrors during their military service, and in Elie's case, it took nine difficult years of his youth.

Before the war began, Elie worked as a taxi driver and after he was discharged in 2019, he wanted to learn a profession so he could have a career for the future and make up for the previous years.

Elie started...

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Barber Shop

Rami Yacoub, his mother, and three sisters accumulated courage by surviving difficult times and challenging conditions.

When he was only thirteen, Rami’s father passed away, which didn’t just affect the family and made them live in sorrow and grief, but also forced Rami to leave his school, abandon his childhood, and start working to afford the daily living demands.

He took a job as a worker in a medical shoe workshop to support his mother who was also working long hours at...

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Shafy Bashour is 38 years old, married to Nadine Maqsoud and they have two adorable kids, George born in 2012, and Rimon in 2016.

Before the war in Syria, Shafy was working as a tiling worker in Qatar and he returned to Syria in 2011 to get married and start his own family but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned; his marriage coincided with the start of the crisis in Syria which prevented him from returning to Qatar and he found...

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Hassan Jolan, 33, didn’t have the chance to work or learn any profession after turning into his twenties because he was called for military service. He thought it would be a short period and pass in peace, but he did not know that a fierce war would strike his country to steal nine years from his life in which he had to be far from his family and friends under very difficult circumstances until his discharge in 2019.

He went home...

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Nail Care Kit

Out of poverty, desperation, and sickness, a strong girl came out to defy all the circumstances of life and prove to everyone that no obstacle can dissuade her from working and earning her livelihood.

Mirai Al-Sahwi is 23 years old and since her childhood, was suffering from Myocardial insufficiency that prevented her from doing any extra effort. She was living in the confines of a loving family that supported one another until death stole her father who was the most important...

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Sanitary kit

At the age of 15, Khalil Khoury started working to help his parents, as their financial condition wasn't good, and he had to work to secure his expenses and help his parents with household obligations.

He began working as an assistant to a Plumbing & Sanitary Maintenance Supervisor and soon became skilled in that profession and began to take his own workshops as customers began to ask him to do their work because of his skills and his low wages.

Khalil wanted...

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Mini market

sometimes, all a person needs to regain his balance in life is to turn the page of the past and start over.

This is what Rashid Al-Abdoun, 55 years old, has been trying to do for the past nine years, but unfortunately, life obstacles and the difficult conditions he was going through, have always blocked his way.

Rashid is married and has three children, Lina, Musa, and Issa. His main concern is to give his children the best possible care and get...

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Perfume and gifts shop

For most of his life, Mousa Fares was struggling to support his family and keep them from need and poverty.

He is 38 years old and lives with his old parents and his brother in a 40-meter flat in Jaramana, yet he is always thankful to God for all the blessings in his life.

Before the crisis, Mousa was working at a beverages store in Jaramana and his income was enough to meet his household costs but during the war, two explosions...

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Make-up and nail beauty

Tolay Kashy is a 27-year-old woman, she is single and lives with her mother in an old and small flat in Kashkoul.

when she was only twelve, her father passed away after suffering from lung poisoning from an injury in the army, leaving her and her mother alone and without a supporter.

she saw her mother struggling for many years to provide the basic living needs and all she wanted was to help her, so as soon she became 18, she started...

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