Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Dental Lab

Art can take many forms, you can find it in paintings, sculptures, movies and even in songs, whereas Sarkis found art in dental prostheses making.

Sarkis Bertizian is a dental prosthesis fabricator who lives in the city of Aleppo. His love for art and dentistry was united in his profession. During the war years, Sarkis’s father died after battling with cancer. The loss of his father was very hard on him, he found himself responsible of his family and although he...

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Nursing Kit

Rizk-Allah Rawik is an ambitious 24-year-old, since he was a little boy, he always dreamt of treating the ill and helping those in need. Thus, when he grew up, he decided to become a nurse, he studied for two years in a healthcare institution, and currently, he works night shifts in a hospital, but still; working for 3 days a week isn’t enough to make him a decent income. 

After the economy of the country collapsed, providing a decent life for...

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Barbershop Equipment

Antranig is a kind and talented barber who has a small salon in the city of Aleppo, he started his career in 2003, and his good reputation in the neighborhood played a huge role in the launch of his career. The war didn’t stop Antranig from doing his job but at the same time working in a dangerous city had many tragic consequences, someone like Antranig could leave his house in the morning without knowing if he would ever be...

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Winding Engines and Motors

George Armenag is a 48-year-old man living with his sister in their parents' house. He used to work in his own shop in Aleppo fixing engines and selling electrical supplies.

When the war started George’s shop was destroyed and robbed, therefore he had to sell his shop at a very low value. With this small amount of money, George and his sister managed to maintain a decent living and keep the household running.

With no income, George knew he had to do...

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Potato Cutting Machine

Enad Dahdal is a 36 years, from Aleppo, he finished his military service in 2018 after serving for 8 years. During this time Enad was located in a dangerous area very close to fire lines, one night while he was up protecting the civilians an attack occurred where Enad got injured in his knee. He underwent 3 operations to recover the injury, and luckily with many physiotherapy sessions, he was able to walk again.

Going through such hard times, Enad faced...

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Homemade Sweets

Nihad Ghazal is a 65-year-old with a passion for baking and making pastry since her childhood; she used to make all different types of pastries and give them to her friends at school to try.

As she grew older her love for pastry grew bigger, she used to help her mother with cooking and doing kitchen chores, that’s how she learned her mother’s baking recipes, her secrets and tricks for a perfect bake.

The Ghazal sisters suffered from the war, but unlike...

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Beauty Center

Alina is a young woman who lives with her parents; her father works as a car mechanic in a rental shop. Alina’s family traveled to Armenia from 2015 to 2017. Her brother stayed there. After her return, she completed her studies and obtained a baccalaureate degree. In 2021, she took courses related to the field of cosmetics. it all started as a hobby then she started working in a beauty center where she practiced and gained experience.

Aina wants to be the boss of her own project, but she was hesitant to open a salon because of her financial situation and the coordination between her job at the beauty center and her own business.

Thanks to Hope Center Alina became hopeful again, it helped her gain independence for owning a business and now she is ready to thrive.

Recording Studio Equipment

During the war in Syria, Antoine and his family faced many life-threatening moments;“One day, me and my family was coming back home, after parking our car, we heard a loud explosion so we immediately ran to safety, after checking that everyone was okay, we were shocked that a shell had hit our car and it was entirely destroyed.” Surviving such a traumatizing event left the family in a terrible state, they also had to evacuate their house and move to...

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Dental Clinic

Carla Ishak is an ambitious dentist who recently graduated from Aleppo university, being a dentist was her long-lasting dream. When she was a little girl, she used to go to her father’s clinic to watch him at his job while pretending to be his assistant.

Going through the war in Syria was harsh for Carla and her family, as they had to evacuate their home due to several bombings. The prolonged fights and the damage it caused forced the family to...

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Charcoal Workshop

After a devastating ten years of war and an awful earthquake, Fares Jesri found himself and his pregnant wife lost in a chaotic situation full of challenges. 

Fares used to earn his living working as a waiter in a café in Aleppo when out of nowhere the devastating earthquake that caused massive destruction and disrupted the livelihoods of many has cost Fares his source of income.

His strong will to provide for his family that was about to grow with the baby...

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Tailoring Workshop

In 1989, out of many professions “young Bedros” decided to follow his passion for making suits and designing men's clothing.

Life was peaceful and prosperous for Bedros and his family, his business was growing and he was making a good name for himself, especially when he moved from Idleb to Aleppo to work with larger tailoring workshops that were located in the city. 

When the war started Bedros lost everything in his hometown; his house, his small shop and all that he...

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Sweets and Pastries

In the early days of the war, Dolly's family was among the first to leave Aleppo. Faced with loss, fear, and danger, they made the bold decision to move to Beirut. Living there for six years was not easy for a family of four. Both Dolly and her husband worked tirelessly to provide for their family. Dolly had the opportunity to work in a bakery in Beirut, where she gained valuable experience. However, when the crisis started, the family had...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Danny, a devoted father and husband, resides with his family in a rented home within Al-Arman neighborhood. In the years preceding the war, he toiled as a restaurant employee until 2009, when his duties shifted to mandatory military service, spanning long nine years. 

Rejoining civilian life in 2015, he returned to the service industry, his lack of formal education and specialized skills limited his pursuit of entrepreneurship. Facing mounting financial constraints, Danny's optimism was revived when he heard about the Micro...

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Ranim, a devoted wife and mother, shares a modest rented home with her husband Wassim, their young son, and her father-in-law. 

To support her husband's earnings, she took a bold step by leasing a small shop early in 2023, creating a charming mini-market. Recognizing its potential, she turned to the Micro Projects Program for aid in strengthening her small project. With a vision to cater to the community's needs, she diligently stocked the store with various goods.

Ranim's determination shone as she nurtured the new business, seeking to uplift her family's financial stability. Through perseverance and the program's support, her mini-market now flourishes, augmenting their income and fostering hope in their shared future.

Wall Painting Equipment

At only 13 years old, Samer shouldered the responsibility of supporting his mother and siblings after his father's passing. Despite the limited resources, he honed his craft for 20 years. However, adversity struck when his equipment was stolen during the war in Sadad.

For a decade, he sought opportunities in Lebanon to secure a better life for his family. But, when circumstances grew challenging, he had to return home. Undeterred, he collaborated with other craftsmen due to his lack of tools.


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Samira, a dedicated mother of two, has been managing her mini-market alongside her husband for over a decade. Their small shop offers food commodities, where the fridges are filled with dairy products, ice cream, and juices. However, their thriving business faced a significant setback as frequent blackouts had their negative impact on their perishable goods, resulting in substantial losses.

Determined to find a sustainable solution, Samira and her husband thought, and decided that installing a solar power system was the way...

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Wheat, Olive, and Vegetables Land

Ehssan is a farmer whose determination runs as deep as his planted olive trees and golden wheat in Qattinah village. His family of five, including his wife and three aspiring students, mirrors the vitality of his land. Amidst an irrigation network and water well, a missing motor hindered the progress.

Unfortunately, few months ago, the family lost an important source of income when their livestock was stolen. 

Then emerges the Micro Projects Program, a beacon of change. A mini-cultivator was a great...

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Chicken Shop

Diaa, a resilient family man, moved to Fairouza village after his parents' demise, seeking solace alongside his two daughters and supportive wife. Leaving Damascus behind, he embarked on a fresh start among his sisters in Fairouza. In November 2022, a small shop became his last resort, where he sold frozen chicken and fish. This modest project, which his wife played a crucial role in, provided their livelihood.

Realizing the significance of a stable power supply, Diaa sought aid from the Micro...

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Retired from his government job, Sayel refused to let limited pension funds dictate the quality of life for his wife, Manal, their son George, and his elderly mother.

In 2019, he embarked on a new chapter by opening a modest mini-market. However, the unforgiving effects of economic crisis and inflation hindered his ability to stock the store adequately.

Yet, hope emerged in the form of the Micro Projects Program. Sayel recognized it as a transformative opportunity, a chance to revive his micro-business.

Now, the mini-market shelves once devoid of abundance stand as an example of change and renewed hope for a better tomorrow.


Fadi, a dedicated single man, shares his home in Fairouza village with his elder mother. After losing his father and seeing his siblings establish their own families, he faced life's challenges head-on. He explored various professions until 2019 when he established a small mini-market.

The rising prices and fierce competition tested his resilience, making it difficult to keep his store stocked adequately. 

In search of a solution, he turned to the Micro Projects program. Drawing from his prior experience attending a dairy preparation training, he aspires to diversify his mini-market by introducing dairy products. 

With the program's support, Fadi is determined to revive his micro-project and secure a stable future for both himself and his beloved mother.

Potatoes and Wheat Land

Mttanos, a resilient farmer from Qattinah village, who despite all the responsibilities, he carried on, determined to provide for his beloved family. Though separated by distance, his sons ventured to Lebanon, driven by the hope of finding better opportunities.Left behind in the village were Mttanos, his wife Samar, and their lovely daughter Maya. The responsibility of providing for them rested solely on Mttanos' aging shoulders when he retired at the dawn of 2023. 

His younger son Yazan battled a debilitating health...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Olive Land

Ibrahim, a devoted father and husband, hails from the village of Qattinah. Responsible for a family of seven, his days were filled with caring for his four young daughters, his wife Roula, and his elderly mother. Life has been harsh on him, but he persevered as a farmer, relying on his land as their sole source of sustenance.

Tragedy struck during the ravages of war when his precious olive trees, along with his small house, were mercilessly consumed by flames. Over...

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Ranim, a young lady from Qattinah, lives with her parents, brother, aunt, and grandfather. After graduating from the faculty of pharmacy in 2022, she diligently practiced for two years to gain valuable experience. Her lifelong dream was to own her pharmacy.

Then, she learned about the Micro Projects Program, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to turn her dream into reality. Fueled by determination, she applied for the program. A few months later, she was accepted and received the necessary support.


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Potatoes, Wheat, and Vegetables Land

Anwar, a devoted father and husband in Qattinah village, tends to farming his land alongside his two sons, both university students. 

With vast farming experience, he nurtures thriving trees and vegetables, aided by a vital water well for irrigation. As economic circumstances got worse, plowing cost became a heavy financial burden, particularly for Anwar, who relied on a rented tractor, straining his finances.

Anwar sought aid from the Micro Projects Program. This program offered a mini-cultivator and spraying pump, alleviating plowing and spraying costs. Now, he efficiently secures his family's livelihood and preserves their tranquil life in Qattinah.


Pick-up Truck

Elie lives with his wife and two sons, while the third left the country looking for a better life. It is bittersweet for Elie, proud of his sons for pursuing their education but worried about how he would be able to afford it all.

The family house is still unpainted, a project that Elie had hoped to tackle for years but never had the money to do. He had been a successful barber, owning his own salon since 1990, but when...

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Samir is a husband and a father of 2 young kids that he devoted his life to providing them with what they need for a good life, especially for his son, who suffers from asthma and needs to visit the hospital every now and then to recover. 

Samir works two shifts every day as a valet at a hotel and even though he works for long hours he still barely makes enough to survive

Back in 2010, Samir used to own an optical...

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Law Office

Nidal always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. He studied hard and graduated from law university in 2001. However, his family's financial situation prevented him from finishing his degree, and he had to work as a government employee after graduation. He also had to help his father in their small grocery shop next to their house.

Years went by, and in 2019, Nidal finally finished his studies and became a lawyer. He started working under the supervision of a professional attorney, and...

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Youssef had always been a hardworking man. He spent most of his life as a government employee, dedicating himself to his job with diligence and determination. However, as the years went on, his age began to catch up with him, and he found himself suffering from a series of health issues that made it increasingly difficult for him to work as he used to. he had already undergone a hernia surgery and a digestive system operation in recent years, and...

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Wasef  was content with his work until the war broke out, forcing him to serve in the most dangerous areas. Despite the risks, he remained determined to survive. 
Years went by, and Wasef witnessed countless heart-wrenching moments that often left him with a heavy heart. However, in 2018, something even more devastating happened. While on duty, he got injured by being exposed to poisonous gas, causing him to lose one of his lungs.
Wasef's injuries limited his work options, and he found...

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life had not been easy for Riad. He has two young children and a wife who works as a babysitter to help make ends meet, to add to his troubles, his two sisters were married to men that had been diagnosed with deadly diseases, and Riad took on the responsibility of supporting them as well.

Riad had always been a hard worker. For over 20 years he had worked with gold, crafting delicate and intricate pieces that were traded all around...

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Pick-up Truck

Rawad was just a boy when he lost both his parents, he had to start working hard from a young age to make a living. He worked on farms in his hometown and various jobs here and there to make a living, but life was tough.

When the time came for Rawad to serve in the army in 2011, he was sent to one of the most dangerous area in Syria - Daraa where he spent 10 years on the frontlines,...

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Randa was born and raised in the small village of Khabab, where her parents had settled after retiring. She lived with her family, which included her brother who serve in the army, and her sister who work as a teacher.

After completing her high school education, Randa was lucky to receive a scholarship to study in Damascus, along with her sister and brother; Randa worked hard to earn her degree and was overjoyed when she graduated.

Afterward, Randa started her career as...

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Pick-up Truck

Samer is a hardworking husband and loving father of two young children including a newborn baby. The four of them rent a small house in the countryside. He used to work in automotive electronics but had to stop due to a debilitating condition called Sciatica; this condition has not only prevented him from continuing to work in his field but has also limited his ability to work in any job because he is in immense constant physical pain.  

Samer needs surgery that...

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Pick-up Truck

Nidal's life has been full of struggles and hardships that would have broken the resolve of the strongest men; Nidal has faced numerous challenges that have threatened his family's survival. He is a husband, a father, and a grandfather that had to endure the weight of responsibility for his loved ones' well-being.

With a small two-room house, Nidal's living conditions have never been the best. Still, he has managed to provide his family a roof over their heads. His eldest son...

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Youssef woke up to the sound of his mother's sewing machine that she used to earn some extra money. in the small rented house where they lived with his older brother. They had been struggling to make ends meet since his father passed away years ago. 

Youssef had studied in college, but the war situation forced him to leave and serve in the army from 2018 to 2021. It was a difficult time, but he managed to pull through with the...

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Danny always knew that life wasn't going to be easy. He grew up in a small village near Swaidaa, in the countryside of Syria. Danny's father was their sole provider, working as a farmer to feed his family. Danny helped him since he was old enough to pick vegetables and deliver them to the local market.
When Danny was only 18 years old, his father passed away from cancer. It was a huge shock to the family. Danny had to take...

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