Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Production of Car Upholstery

Zawin is a hardworking person who strive for his family; his wife and two sons.

Zawin has been working in the production and upholstery of cars since 2005 and has added through his experience in the production of Arab Majlis seating. Zawin had to make a lot of sacrifices in his work, 5 years ago the place where he works was exposed to a fire that resulted in the loss of all existing equipment and goods. 

Living a decent life and supporting...

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Music-Recording Studio

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That’s how George replied when we asked him about the reason behind his love for music. 

Since he was an 8-year-old, George was fascinated by music and the industry in general.

His parents decided to enroll him in a music institute where he chose to learn Cello, his love for music didn’t stop there, he used to go to his uncle’s studio to watch him produce music for many artists. After a short time, he started helping...

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Carpentry Machines

George is married and has worked in the carpentry profession since childhood with more than 40 years of experience, he had a full workshop with a kit, but because of the war he lost the workshop with the entire equipment, unfortunately, he cannot return to his former work area because its still under control of armed groups.

During war his home was exposed to a shell explosion, which led to great damage to the house, as a result, the family was...

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Sewing Machine

Hilda is a lovely married woman who works in the church and her husband works as a driver for the church as well, because of the difficult life that Syrian families are going through, Hilda's family went through harsh conditions, which led to financial burdens, the earthquak made things worse because their house was greatly damaged.

when we are exposed to immense loss, we try to look for any small light in order to start a new chapter in life even...

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Elias is an example of the patient and strong father who faces life’s challenges for his family, Elias is married and has two sons, one of whom is serving in military, life challenged Elias differently at each stage, in the period of war he was displaced from his home, and his son was exposed to a war injury during his mandatory service time. 

Corona came to be one of the most difficult periods he went through; it kept him away from...

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Aluminium Workshop

The years of war were not easy for Fadi's family, however, it didn't stop them from pursuing their dreams of living in peace and stability. Fadi’s family suffered a lot during the war, especially in the first years as Fadi is a resident of the village of Al-Jadeeda in the Idlib countryside, which is one of the Christian villages in the city of Idlib. He was displaced with his family from the village after they were besieged by armed groups.


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Elias is a strong man who defied the difficulties of life for the sake of his family’s happiness despite all the harsh circumstances he went through. 

Elias is married and has three children, he suffered a lot during the war; he had a taxi in 2014, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a shell in 2016, despite the difficulty of the situation he was able to overcome this incident for the sake of his children and started working as a driver...

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Plumber Equipmentَ

Naeem is an example of strong personality who will face crises with positive adaptation without suppression or confusion, married and has two sons, he works in the field of sanitary installations, solar energy installation and electricity extension.

Naeem tried to develop himself in his domain of work despite all the difficulties and challenges he faced, he is a creative person who added with his experience of more than 15 years working in the field of central heating, he rented a shop...

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Nutrition Consultant Clinic

Samar is a mother of three children and a clinical nutritionist, she obtained her degree in food technical engineering from the city of Aleppo, and works in the field of food engineering in several clinics affiliated with the churches. 

Samar is a persistent woman; despite all the difficulties and challenges, she completed her studies during war, and did not give up her childhood dream. She had a strong desire to open her own center, specializing in following up the conditions of...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Ghassan have been working in the clinic for more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, his work was greatly affected during the war because his place was exposed to a lot of shells, and when the area became safe, he decided to develop his clinic's devices because the equipment was worn-out that it became dilapidated.

The earthquake destroyed all Ghassan’s dreams for the enhancement of his clinic and his house from which he and...

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Hairdressing Salon

Since childhood, Masses has been ambitious snd creative, he works in the field of women's hairdressing, his profession depends on good taste in order to satisfy customers, he has practiced this profession since childhood with at least 30 years of experience, Masses wants to develop his long-standing project, however, the equipment that he has is old and worn out due to daily use but he cannot afford a new set. 

“in our days the generator fees is consuming our inccome but...

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Cars Spraying

Shant is a passionate person, aspiring to be proficient in his work, self-reliant, in order to secure a decent life for his family; Shant is married and a father of two, he works day and night for the wellness of his family.

Shant works in the profession of car spraying, and has extensive experience in this field, he currently works in a workshop but the equipment is not his, and the wage he receives is not commensurate with his experience and...

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Samira, a dedicated mother of two, has been managing her mini-market alongside her husband for over a decade. Their small shop offers food commodities, where the fridges are filled with dairy products, ice cream, and juices. However, their thriving business faced a significant setback as frequent blackouts had their negative impact on their perishable goods, resulting in substantial losses.

Determined to find a sustainable solution, Samira and her husband thought, and decided that installing a solar power system was the way...

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Wheat, Olive, and Vegetables Land

Ehssan is a farmer whose determination runs as deep as his planted olive trees and golden wheat in Qattinah village. His family of five, including his wife and three aspiring students, mirrors the vitality of his land. Amidst an irrigation network and water well, a missing motor hindered the progress.

Unfortunately, few months ago, the family lost an important source of income when their livestock was stolen. 

Then emerges the Micro Projects Program, a beacon of change. A mini-cultivator was a great...

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Chicken Shop

Diaa, a resilient family man, moved to Fairouza village after his parents' demise, seeking solace alongside his two daughters and supportive wife. Leaving Damascus behind, he embarked on a fresh start among his sisters in Fairouza. In November 2022, a small shop became his last resort, where he sold frozen chicken and fish. This modest project, which his wife played a crucial role in, provided their livelihood.

Realizing the significance of a stable power supply, Diaa sought aid from the Micro...

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Retired from his government job, Sayel refused to let limited pension funds dictate the quality of life for his wife, Manal, their son George, and his elderly mother.

In 2019, he embarked on a new chapter by opening a modest mini-market. However, the unforgiving effects of economic crisis and inflation hindered his ability to stock the store adequately.

Yet, hope emerged in the form of the Micro Projects Program. Sayel recognized it as a transformative opportunity, a chance to revive his micro-business.

Now, the mini-market shelves once devoid of abundance stand as an example of change and renewed hope for a better tomorrow.


Fadi, a dedicated single man, shares his home in Fairouza village with his elder mother. After losing his father and seeing his siblings establish their own families, he faced life's challenges head-on. He explored various professions until 2019 when he established a small mini-market.

The rising prices and fierce competition tested his resilience, making it difficult to keep his store stocked adequately. 

In search of a solution, he turned to the Micro Projects program. Drawing from his prior experience attending a dairy preparation training, he aspires to diversify his mini-market by introducing dairy products. 

With the program's support, Fadi is determined to revive his micro-project and secure a stable future for both himself and his beloved mother.

Potatoes and Wheat Land

Mttanos, a resilient farmer from Qattinah village, who despite all the responsibilities, he carried on, determined to provide for his beloved family. Though separated by distance, his sons ventured to Lebanon, driven by the hope of finding better opportunities.Left behind in the village were Mttanos, his wife Samar, and their lovely daughter Maya. The responsibility of providing for them rested solely on Mttanos' aging shoulders when he retired at the dawn of 2023. 

His younger son Yazan battled a debilitating health...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Olive Land

Ibrahim, a devoted father and husband, hails from the village of Qattinah. Responsible for a family of seven, his days were filled with caring for his four young daughters, his wife Roula, and his elderly mother. Life has been harsh on him, but he persevered as a farmer, relying on his land as their sole source of sustenance.

Tragedy struck during the ravages of war when his precious olive trees, along with his small house, were mercilessly consumed by flames. Over...

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Ranim, a young lady from Qattinah, lives with her parents, brother, aunt, and grandfather. After graduating from the faculty of pharmacy in 2022, she diligently practiced for two years to gain valuable experience. Her lifelong dream was to own her pharmacy.

Then, she learned about the Micro Projects Program, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to turn her dream into reality. Fueled by determination, she applied for the program. A few months later, she was accepted and received the necessary support.


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Potatoes, Wheat, and Vegetables Land

Anwar, a devoted father and husband in Qattinah village, tends to farming his land alongside his two sons, both university students. 

With vast farming experience, he nurtures thriving trees and vegetables, aided by a vital water well for irrigation. As economic circumstances got worse, plowing cost became a heavy financial burden, particularly for Anwar, who relied on a rented tractor, straining his finances.

Anwar sought aid from the Micro Projects Program. This program offered a mini-cultivator and spraying pump, alleviating plowing and spraying costs. Now, he efficiently secures his family's livelihood and preserves their tranquil life in Qattinah.


Stationery Store

Norma, a devoted wife and mother of two, embarked on a journey of resilience and hope. In 2021, alongside her husband and son, she established a small stationery store. 

This endeavor aimed to secure their livelihood. Despite facing adversity, they had experienced the theft of a previous store during their displacement from Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood due to war.

Their new store, strategically positioned near a school, garnered a steady stream of customers. her determination led her to seek growth opportunities. She applied to the Micro Projects Program, aspiring to expand their venture. With the program's support, she acquired a scanner, a printer, and additional stationery. This assistance breathed new life into their micro-project, enabling it to flourish.

Laser Cutting Machine

Georgette's journey through the world of handmade crafts and candle making began in 1993, within the cozy corners of her home in Bustan Al-Diwan neighborhood. With dedication, she honed her skills, nurturing her small business with tools, molds, and boundless creativity. However, the onset of a brutal war brought devastation, robbing her of her tools and her ability to work. Adding to her trials, Georgette faced health setbacks, enduring two strokes that impaired her hearing and drained the family's resources.


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Olive and Walnut Land

Nahed, a retired employee living in Qattinah village, relies on his small olive and walnut land to support his family; his wife, two sons, and ailing father. 

His modest pension barely covers their needs, so the land income is essential. Equipped with a water well and pump, he dreamed of owning a mini-cultivator, trailer, tank, pesticide, and fertilizer sprayer to reduce plowing and spraying costs. However, the economic challenges made this dream very distant. 

Seeking a solution, Nahed turned to the Micro...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

Samaan Ashkar, a blacksmith whose life tells the tale of resilience against all odds.

From his humble beginnings in Kashkoul, Samaan started working as a blacksmith where he faced numerous challenges, including financial constraints and the loss of his beloved family members, but Samaan's spirit remained unbroken.

In 2003, he decided to relocate to Dubai and try his luck there, he worked in various capacities and experienced both triumphs and tribulations. However, with all the setbacks and financial strains that he went...

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Manufacturing Thermal Ovens

Elias Al-Ghabra is one of the minorities who are still interested in preserving the family profession as he began working in the field of manufacturing convection ovens with his father at a young age in a rental workshop in Jaramana and continued in the filed alongside his study.

The main field of work is manufacturing thermal ovens based on gas after the electric ovens stopped being demanded due to the terrible electricity situation in the country, their work increased and they...

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Hanna Al-Ajoury 31, resides with his parents and brother Jack, their father, who was employed at the Gas station for 13 years but is currently without work. His brother works as an employee while their other brother, Marhaf, has relocated to Germany.

Before the war, he had worked at his cousin's beverage shop in Zabadani for two years until 2011 when he was called for military service for the next nine years. however, during his military service, he also worked alongside...

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Make-up Kit

Anastasia Haddad born in 1998, was working diligently as a makeup artist and nail technician, living with her sister Taj in a rented flat in Jaramana after the divorce of her parents as they found solace in each other's company, forming a bond of strength amidst adversity.

Anastasia and Taj's childhood was marked by tumultuous family complications leaving scars that only time could heal. Yet, their determination to carve a brighter future fueled their aspirations and their talents blossomed despite all...

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Pick-up car

George Eskeif, 33 is living alone in a sparsely furnished house in Jaramana while his heart remains tied to his family in Lebanon.

His family's relocation from Idlib to Damascus due to his father's health issues marked a turning point in their lives. George, then a student, saw himself shouldering the responsibility of their household while his father pursued medical treatment in Lebanon.

After completing his military service in 2019, George found himself with no education or experience, so he started working...

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Murhaf Al-Maher 62, is married to Nada Sankari, and the father of two daughters and son. Despite his age and recent health issues, including lung inflammation, Murhaf remained determined to work. His dedication stemmed not just from financial necessity but from a sense of pride in providing for his family and with no hesitation he also supported his daughters; Souryana, while she was pursuing a medical degree, and Rima, who became a music teacher.

In recent years, with his wife's medical...

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Hairdressing Salon

Despite life's challenges, Elein Zghaib 28, remained steadfast in her pursuit of a better future. She lives with her family in Jaramana, her father is employed at the Ministry of Education, her mother tends to the household, and her sister, born in 2002, is skilled in nail care and beauty care. Their familial bond was a source of strength as they faced life's adversities together.

Before the crisis, Elein and her family were living in their ancestral home in Dweileh, but...

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Mufeed Hejazy, 28, lives with his family in a rented house in Dwallaa. His household consisted of his parents, his elder brother, who works at a goldsmith workshop, and his unemployed sister. Mufeed himself had volunteered for a charitable project in 2020 then he worked at a cosmetic company for two years until it closed. 

Mufeed and his family faced numerous hardships during the crisis in Syria, including his father suffering with chronic bronchitis which was very costly so they sought...

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Photography Equipment

Alaa is a talented young man in his twenties, he lives with his parents and sister in Jaramana after being displaced from their home in Harasta due to the armed conflict in the area at the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Alaa was always passionate about photography so he trained at a young age at a Clacket studio to learn more about this career, then he got employed at the communication department at SSSD as a photographer until 2018 trying to...

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Pick-up Truck

In the heart of a bustling area nestled a home where dreams brewed and aspirations soared. Dhyaa Al-Btros, his wife, and his family members lived within its walls, each floor holds a part of his close-knit family.

Since 2004, he delved into the field of confectionery, honing his skills by working at various pastry shops. In 2008 he was called for military service until 2010. Upon discharge, he returned to his roots in Khabab, opening a pastry shop until 2014 when...

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Nail Care & Beauty Salon

Karin Jbeil, a woman of remarkable courage and determination, born in 1989, lived a journey of strength and self-discovery that shaped her life forever.

Married to Wissam Al Ramahin, a dedicated hospital employee, Karin’s life revolved around her family. With two precious children, Sharbel born in 2010, and Christelle in 2013, her days were filled with love and purpose.

Karin's entrepreneurial spirit ignited in 2008 when she enrolled in a nail and waxing course at the European Institute. From 2012 onwards, she...

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Blacksmith Workshop

Reineh Al-Hosh was born in 1997 into a family of craftsmen, Reineh's destiny seemed to unfold within the sparks of a blacksmith's workshop as his father, a seasoned blacksmith, toiled tirelessly at the forge.

From 2017, Reineh honed his craft across various workshops, absorbing every flicker of knowledge passed down by his father's skilled hands. Yet, amidst the clanging of metal, shadows loomed over his family as many health issues burdened his parents, casting shadows over his aspirations.

Reineh was yearning to...

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