Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Sewing Workshop

“I’m a father of two children now, I had to sell my house after the shells damaged it, I took my family and fled to our village in search of safety,” Dani said.

Because there were no job opportunities in Mashta Helou, he decided to go back to Aleppo and leave his family there to be able to send some money to them and this situation went on for 5 years.

Dani's previous work experience was when he opened his own sewing...

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Medical Clinic

“Being a doctor does not mean being rich, it wasn’t my ambition to become rich and famous, all I wanted was to help the poor people to get well”

Dr.Youssef also known as the poor’s doctor, opened his clinic in 1976 in Al-Houllouk; the poor neighborhood in the east of Aleppo, since then he gained a lot of popularity in the area and became one of the key people there, he treated many families from elderlies to children.

In 2012 when the...

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Dental Clinic

Khachig is an enthusiastic young dentist full of hope and humanity, who dedicated most of his time to working with charitable infirmaries to help the poor people despite his own needs.

the 24 years old recently graduated with a high degree but he suffered a lot during the last decade, his family had to flee from Palmyra city in 2015, his father was also kidnapped and his car was stolen near the city and he was released after a while, they lost...

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Silver Crafting Tools

Habib is a silversmith with more than 22 years of experience in this field. Going through war and being responsible for his mother, forced him to mature early in life.

During his twenty-two years of working in this domain, Habib worked on his skills and started building his own name in 2000, and now he is well known. Before the war, he was exporting his products abroad, but unfortunately, with the beginning of the war, the conditions became difficult, and he...

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Cutter Machine

“Trying to support my family is my main priority, but doing it while job searching can be difficult”. Samir said.

Young people, like Samir, are finding it more difficult to find permanent jobs, especially under these harsh conditions. Nowadays, it is very important and necessary for them to manage their own money. That is why Samir decided to work and study at the same time, the 22 years old studies at a sports institute in addition to working on the cutter...

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Nursing Clinic

Many women have achieved great success in various fields, although reaching their goals was difficult. Fyrial, 56 years old, is a nurse responsible for her sister who lives with her after the death of their parents.

“Nursing is not just a job, but a way of life; it is a true passion that never goes away.” This is how she described her job. Nursing is a humanitarian profession that requires high skills to help others. Fyrial, has worked in this profession...

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Hairdressing Kit

Malake and her family have always been so grateful for their home in Raqqa city, but unfortunately, the war forced them to leave all their possessions there as well as their belongings and memories after it was burned and look for a safer area to save their lives.

After they fled to Lebanon and stayed there for eight years, the spread of corona, along with the bad economic situation and the struggle to pay rent had them decide to come to...

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Sewing Workshop

When a loved one passes away, we are never prepared for the changes that will come into our lives from this tragic loss. Because of the war, George lost his brother due to a heart attack, and the family suffered several losses, especially the loss of their workshop, which prompted them to sell their car, house, and all the machines they owned.

George was a young man, a talented tailor. He had a sewing workshop and sewing machines. He worked very...

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Hair Dressing

Since he was a kid, Elias didn’t like going to school, but instead, he loved hairdressing, one day he decided to quit school and chase his childhood dream and his parents respected his decision and supported him because of the huge need of providing a better livelihood for the family.

In 2011, he took courses at well-known hairdressers and gained excellent experience, he started working in many salons and gained a good reputation day after day. Afterwhile he had many customers...

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Car Inspection Device

Haroutiun Sarkissian has been working as a car electrician for more than 30 years, with his uncle Hagop who is the business owner, and his cousin Kevork.

Repairing car electricity has been the family's profession for more than 50 years, when Hagoup started working in the family workshop, later Haroutiun joined him along with Kevork, who was working as a laborer for another workshop in the field of metal lathes.

Uncle Hagop has become aged and is no longer able to work...

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Beauty Center

“losing my only brother due to a heart attack almost two years ago still aches me, we went through everything together, when he passed, it was a nightmare.” This is how Koharik described the loss of her brother that she lived with and now, she lives alone in her sister’s home.

The year 2012 was hard on them, her brother’s home was destroyed by war, so they had to move to her sister’s house which is empty after her travel abroad.


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Nursing Clinic

Dealing with people’s lives and health is one of the most rewarding and critical jobs, especially during wartime.

Alek was only 20 years old, and still ungraduated when he was left in front of his father’s injuries because of a shell that left some shrapnel in his body.

This young, ambitious man studied at a nurse institute, and right after he started working in the hospitals, helping people recuperate their health, as he was excellent, a private hospital asked him to join...

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Since he was young, Akram used to help his grandfather in the family’s shoe-store, the shop that has been in the family for generations. After his grandfather, Akram's father used to run the place and Akram was helping with the finances and accounting but when the father was no longer able to work the handed the business over to Akram in 2015 and since then, Akram managed to maintain a successful family business, which actually was one of the famous...

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In 2017, Issam was no longer able to continue in his main profession as a floor tiler due to his health condition. With some money he had, he rented a simple shop and opened a mini-market near his house. He took advantage of being in a well populated neighborhood surrounded by schools, which made his shop known in the area. Issam is the only provider for his family of six; his wife, his three daughters and son in addition to...

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When the economic crisis started to get harder, the income Ghada’s husband used to provide from his business as a wall painter became barely enough to cover their essential needs especially that they live in a rented apartment, all these circumstances encouraged her to open a mini-market and support her family. 

Ghada who is a mother of two started her own project in 2020 with simple capabilities; her beginning was very good as her mini-market was the only one in the...

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Hair Salon

Since he was young, Zaki loved working in the field of beauty and hairstyling and worked in many salons around Homs until he became skilled enough, he lives with his retired parents in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia where he started his first steps in this career.

At the age of eighteen, he had a job opportunity in one of the famous salons in Lebanon, which was a very useful experience, and he learned a lot from it. In 2009, Zaki...

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Sewing Machines

Wafaa is a skilled seamstress, she is a married woman and a mother of two; Peter (14 years old) and Helen (13 years old). Her story with this profession began 20 years ago when she started working at home, and over time, what was only a job turned into a passion in her life. 

She used the same machines for 13 years until they became completely worn out, and during the economic crisis, purchasing new machinery was very hard, but thankfully,...

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Plumbing Equipment

Shehadeh works as a plumber since 1978, he is the sole breadwinner for his wife and three sons. The family’s only house in Al-Hamidia was damaged in the war and they were displaced to Al-Arman neighborhood where they stayed in a rented apartment. 

During the post-war period, his business was affected by the frequent power outages, which stopped him from working for long hours and decreased his income, also the old equipment he has been using for years had a huge...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Johnny is a married man and a father of three beautiful daughters; Nathalie (8 years old), Tala (4 years old) and Joy (3 years old), he lives with his family in a rented apartment and he is the sole provider for them. 

Before the war, Johnny used to work in his father’s spices shop, which was later severely damaged and closed in 2012. Unfortunately, he lost his only source of livelihood and had to work in many different professions to support...

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Carpentry Accessories Shop

Bassem is a retired engineer; he lives with his wife Josephine who used to work as a teacher, their son Yamen and their daughter Sarah and they are both university students. This family returned home after years of displacement and decided to start a new chapter, their house was damaged but they repaired it together and settled down in the city of Homs. 

During the post-war period, the severe inflation affected all aspects of life, and a family of four was...

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Photography has always been Gabby’s passion since 2004; he worked with many professional photographers and learned a lot throughout his career until he became well known in this field. In 2009, he started his own studio by himself and his business was very well.

Unfortunately, Gabby lost his life project when the war began; his studio had been completely burnt with all the equipment and he had to start from scratch. His insistence to start all over again was stronger than...

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Mobile Phone Accessories Shop

Being the eldest son, Faek became the only responsible for the family after the death of his father. He lives with his mother Wafaa who is a retired teacher, and his younger brother Fadi who newly graduated from the faculty of law and started looking for a job opportunity. 

Faek used to work in a mobile phone accessories shop for four years, when his father passed away; he decided to open his own shop where he could support his family by...

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Hair Salon

Before the war, Attallah used to work in his hair salon, he was living a simple life with his wife and their three daughters and everything was going very well until the brutal war came and changed their life. 

In 2011, staying in the city was no longer safe; Attallah became unable to reach his salon, which was in an interface area, and later all of his equipment was stolen, this family fled from their house in Al-Hamidia to their home...

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Car Calibration Workshop

Although they tried so hard to stay and survive in their home city, Arotin’s family was forced by the armed groups to leave their life and memories behind, after long suffering in Al-Raqqa city. When they fled to the city of Homs, Arotin spent all his savings to help his children to travel for the sake of their safety. 

Arotin has been working as a car calibration technician for 45 years, after displacement, he moved with his wife to a rented...

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Ehab Al-Bitar is one of the self-made men who are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their families.

The 30-year-old man is married to Nour Alqablan, living in a small flat near his mom and siblings in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood.

within the severe years of war, Ehab was able to finish his university study and in 2016 he graduated from the faculty of trade and economics, he wanted to start working but the situation in that period was precarious and his...

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For the last 30 years, Nabil Alhosh, 52, has never hesitated to work day and night from behind his steering wheel to provide his family with the best living; Nabil worked as a microbus driver, doing many shifts during the day because his main priority in life was securing a decent life for his family and good education for his four kids: Linda, Kinda, Mirna, and Yousef.

Yet, this endeavor was not easy during the years of war as the drivers...

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“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”

Despite all calamities, Youssef Al-Samara has never stopped fighting and was full of hope that the coming days are going to be better.

He worked as a hairdresser since 2002 and his income was good to afford his living expenses, but after the outbreak of the Syrian war, he was called to join the military service as he served in fierce war zones which put him under dangerous accidents.

He was living in...

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Plumbing Workshop

Often, we are born to encounter many life obstacles, but the defining point is either giving up or challenging and accepting these obstacles and continuing our lives while we are full of hope and optimism, which was the choice of thirty-two-year-old Johnny Mardini.

Johnny was born into a humble family consisting of a hardworking father who worked day and night for the sake of his family and a loving mother who did everything she could to give love and care, especially...

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Nuts Shop

losing her husband at the age of 26, and being responsible for a newborn baby at the same time is tough for any woman to handle, but Nancy Alshoufi decided to direct her love and care to her baby who will grow up without his father's support.

Her in-laws were also in great shock as they lost their son at a very young age, Nancy decided to keep living with them trying her best to look after them after their huge...

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Hairdressing Salon

“The human’s will is what defines a person and how far he is going in his life journey”

Iskandar was raised by loving and supporting parents, his father used to work as a tiler and handled his tough work to afford his family a decent living.

As soon as he grew up, Iskandar realized he wanted to be a hairdresser, so he started learning about this profession and worked hard to gain field experience dreaming to have his own Salon in the...

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"A hero is someone who gives without thought of himself, and Shadi was that hero in his son’s eyes”

Shady Maqsoud 48, never hesitated to give all for the sake of his family and kids.

He is married to Jumana Qazi and they have two sons Johnathan born in 2003, and Julian born in 2007 

Shady started working as a painter at the age of nineteen to support his parents with the living expenses, and for many years he worked as hard as...

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Behind the great amount of sadness and calamities that Fahed has been through in his life, there is a loving, confident heart and a solid will to improve himself and save his family from their tragic situation.

Fahed Farah, 34, is a caring husband and father of two sons; Farah, born in 2017, and Charbel born in 2019. He lives along with his family in a dilapidated flat in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood.

At the beginning of his twenties, Fahed was called to the...

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Mini Market

George is a married man and the father of three daughters Dina, Rita, and Rima.

George suffers from speech disorder but that didn’t prevent him from working or having a normal lifestyle as for the last 30 years, he has been working at the Ministry of Health as a physical therapist.

He handled his tough work schedule for many years to ensure a dignified life for his family, because all he cared about was raising his daughters to become successful individuals in...

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Detergents and Plastics Store

Wadie Abou Assaleh, a 60-year-old man, is married to Claire and they have two sons George who since his born in 1994 suffers from a mental disability, and Elias born in 1991. 

From 1985 to 2011 Wadie worked as a goldsmith along with his brother at their workshop but after the outbreak of the war, their profession was affected badly. Hence, his brother traveled abroad and Wadie was forced to close the workshop and work as a private driver for an...

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