Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Sewing Workshop

“Every time you start sewing, it is like a new adventure" This is how Alice described her profession.

What started as a hobby for Alice turned into a profession with a good return for the whole family.

Alice started learning how to work on machines in a sewing workshop back in 2000, with practice she developed her skills and after ten years of experience the war came along; most people lost their jobs in that period and, unfortunately, Alice was one of...

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Silver Crafting

Vartan started working in silver crafting in 1970 when he was only 18 years old. He worked hard to establish a workshop and became a freelancer in 1983. Four years later, he had to sell all the equipment he purchased to travel abroad. But regrettably, when he couldn't make it there, he had to start over from scratch. He has lived alone his whole life since his parents passed away, because of all the hardships that he faced in his...

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Cold Cuts Shop

The Idea behind Angel's project started by participating in many food exhibitions with her sister, making cold cuts sandwiches, and receiving people's admiration for the amazing taste, so she decided to take a step forward and started thinking about opening her own food place due to the large number of requests.

At the beginning of the war, Angel escaped with her family to Tartous in search of safety; they had to sell their house in Aleppo. Now she lives with her...

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Displacement remains a painful experience that most Syrian families went through during the war, searching for the safest places, Riad carried some belongings before their journey; his family fled to Damascus because of the shelling, especially after their house was damaged. With the help of his friends, they managed to rehabilitate their home after returning to Aleppo.

To secure a better income for the family, the young children decided to help their father by working with their uncle in the field...

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Lathing Workshop

Habib is a very hardworking man who had a prosperous life before the unjust war started in Syria. He has always worked in the industrial sector, specifically in the lathing craft where he gained great experience and became the workmaster at his workshop.

Unfortunately, in 2011 when the war began, the Syrian economy collapsed, Habib had to close the workshop and live on the savings, in addition to securing his father's treatment who sadly passed away, leaving the family heartbroken.

Habib moved...

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Sewing Workshop

Losing a house and being forced to leave it was one of the most difficult challenges that Dalal's family had to face. After leaving everything behind escaping from the war in Raqqa city, they have been displaced since 2014 to Hama, then Homs, and finally to Aleppo.

Dalal,50 years old, is the mother of four young children who are still studying. Her husband had a grocery store in Raqqa, but he lost it when they left and later couldn't work because...

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Adel is a 33-year-old man, who spent almost the third of his life serving in the military; ten years of war in the front lines of battles were enough to exhaust this young man who survived by a miracle and returned to his beloved family.

Before the crisis started, Adel used to work in a clothes shop, Later, he tried to help his mother who is a hairdresser, trying to gain some experience in this profession. He thought that in two...

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Sewing Machines

The war had many calamities; death, poverty, immigration, but the hardest was the vague destiny of the kidnapped people. Hasmik had to deal with the most painful loss when her eldest son Levon was kidnapped in 2012.

"I will never forget that day, it changed our lives forever", she said.

This terrible experience was enough to make any person give up, but her motherly heart always tells her that one day she will meet her beloved son again.

Levon's wife took Hasmik's two...

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"Each time I try to establish my life, something bad happens," Fadi said. He lost his mother when he was still a kid, and his father passed away two years ago, he had to borrow some money because he couldn't afford the funeral expenses.

Fadi worked hard to manage his financials but unfortunately, he had an accident that caused him two skull fractures, thus he spent much money on the treatment costs. He was serving in the army when his father...

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Low-income families struggle from the negative effects attached to the stigma of being poor, this doesn’t solely affect the family as a whole, but it affects every single member as well. 

Antonio is a 32-years-old man, who lives in his mother’s house, since he was young he worked hard to face the financial burdens of his family and secure a decent living for his wife who is still studying at the University of Fine Arts, and his elderly mother. He had...

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Many people struggled with the remnants of the harsh war that the country witnessed, Fadi was one of those who were directly affected by those battles. He lost ten years of his life serving in the military, in addition to many physical injuries.

Before the war started, he worked as a blacksmith for two years, gained modest experience in that craft, before he had to serve in the military until he was discharged with injuries in his back that prevented him...

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Fabric Prints Workshop

There is no doubt that war left many hard stories to read, no one ever wants to lose their home and be displaced to another city, but sadly, many were forced to since 2012.

Sevag and his family were from those people; They lived in Qamishli city before the war began, but the loss of their home during the crisis was heartbreaking, their lives turned upside down when they were obliged to leave everything behind and move to Aleppo.

Despite all the...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Tarek's future was changed forever when he was called to serve in the army for 10 years of his life. He lives with his wife Nour, who works as an employee, and their 3-year-old daughter Catalia in a rented apartment and he is also the sole provider for his widowed mother. 

After his long service finished, his journey to find a source of livelihood began; having no former experience in any profession was a huge barrier in his way, he thought...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

In 2012, Ali lost all he had and was displaced from his home village Al-Qusayr to start a whole different chapter of his life. He is a married man and a father of a beautiful girl, his wife works as an employee, and the small family lives in a rented apartment.

His first destination was Damascus, where he worked in a printing workshop for a full year, then moved to the city of Homs in hopes to find better opportunities, he...

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Interior Design

Shadi's ambition has no limits and when his work as an employee was no longer enough to cover his family's needs, he decided to follow a new path. In 2007, he studied interior design online and started working as a freelancer by connecting and dealing with engineering firms.

The single man lives with his mother and two sisters in their house in Al-Hamidia neighborhood. In 2012 the family escaped their city when it became very dangerous; they traveled to a village...

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Sewing Workshop

"With the absence of electricity, the productivity of my workshop had been reduced to half and I had to stay in the workshop for 24 hours a day, in an effort to finish my work," Remon said, describing his work situation. 

This single man lives with his nephew in a rented apartment and works as a tailor for a living. 

Remon opened his first workshop in 2011, and always did his best to guarantee a successful business. He works with his friend...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

Ziad has been working in the field of wall painting and wood spraying since he was 20 years old. He is the only provider for his wife Rana and their 3 children; Catherina (16 years old), Toulay (13 years old), and Tarek (1 year old).

He worked in many different construction sites around Homs; in 2011, he was working in a village called "Kafr Aya" when armed groups attacked the area, Ziad and the workers who were with him thankfully managed...

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Handmade Accessories

Miro learned about crafts from her husband Fadi, who has been working in this domain since 1990, they continued working together despite all the tough circumstances they've gone through. 

The couple used to make accessories together, then Fadi started selling them in his shop, in addition to distributing their handmade products between Homs and Hama cities. 

When her husband started to suffer from heart problems and went through surgery, Miro became the one responsible for their two children; the family sold their...

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Building Maintenance

George is a skilled craftsman from Homs who never stopped working no matter how hard were the circumstances, this industrious man is well-known around the city for more than 40 years of hard work and unlimited giving.

His long career started back in 1973 after he excelled in construction work, he supervised the repairing process of many buildings and churches around Homs proving his great skills among the other craftsmen. 

The father of four now lives with his wife, his youngest daughter,...

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Hair Salon

Everyone has a dream! It's what motivates us to work and Bassel knew from the beginning that in order to achieve his goal, he must work hard. 

In 2002, Bassel went to a local hair salon and started learning about this profession, then when he gained the needed experience the skilled hairstylist opened his first salon in 2006 and maintained a successful business. 

Unfortunately, 5 years later the brutal war started and he was displaced with his parents to a village near...

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Wall Painting Equipment

George is a single man who lives with his parents and two brothers, he worked as a wall painter since 2005 and he gained great experience in this profession.

Lacking most of the essential equipment was a barrier that prevented him from accepting many offers, lest not being able to finish the needed work on time. 

George continued working with the available tools and he used to rent the needed equipment, especially the electrical generator and air compressor, because buying all the...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

The hardest thing George had to experience during the war was losing his father who was shot and killed while he was trying to buy some food. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only loss he had to bear; he was forced to flee his house in Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood after it was destroyed by a shell and George with his small family were displaced to a village near Homs for 7 years until they were able to return back.

George worked as...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

Shadi worked as a wall painter since 1995, throughout his long career he worked between Syria and Lebanon, which helped him gain a great experience in this profession. 

Being the only supporter for his wife and two children in addition to his parents, when his father was diagnosed with cancer, Shadi's family moved to stay with him to provide the needed care. 

In 2011, the war started in Syria and all of Shadi's tools were stolen, the only option left for him...

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Electrical and Plumbing Installation

Khalil is a craftsman from Homs, his career started in 1984 with great skills in electrical and plumbing installation. 

He is a married man and a father of three sons, his family lived peacefully in a simple neighborhood called Bab Al-Sebaa until the Syrian war came along; the family decided to leave their home for a while in hopes that the situation stabilizes, they stayed for six months in a village near Homs with his parents-in-law.

Khalil's job was in the city,...

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Pick-up Truck

The cruel war forced many people to live far away from their families and children, seeking better income to afford decent living conditions.

Dekran Kendmian worked in maintenance and his salary was good enough to meet his daily expenses, but with the beginning of the war, his profession was affected badly and he became unable to afford the basic needs.

Dekran couldn’t stand watching his children deprived of having a good life or proper education, so he decided to travel to Lebanon...

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Shoemaking Workshop

For more than 27 years of experience as a shoemaker, Elias Alhelo has devoted all his life to the sake of his family and his three daughters Maha, Ayda, and Hanin.

They lived in Aldekhanyeh area in peace where Elias had his workshop and the profit was sufficient to secure a decent life for them.

Unfortunately, after the beginning of the crisis, things started to worsen gradually until the year 2014, when armed groups entered Aldekhanieh and started to shoot at the houses...

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Coffee and Nuts Shop

"Being responsible for a lovely family with two little girls under current circumstances in Syria is something very difficult, it breaks your heart not to be able to secure the simplest needs of life and see your daughters growing in deprivation."

All that George was seeking for, is to secure a decent living for his family. Unfortunately, within the economic crisis in the country, no matter how hard he worked he couldn’t afford even the daily food.

In the previous years of...

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Sewing Workshop

“Either you challenge life or let it defeat you”

The words of a woman who was hit by life’s hardships many times and came out stronger and wiser.

Clemance Akhras is 46, a widowed mother of two, Mouna 23, and Naser 22. She used to live happily with her family in Aleppo, working as a seamstress to help her husband with the living expenses.

With the start of war in 2011, her husband passed away from a heart attack, leaving Clemance heartbroken and...

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Stationery Shop

For 23 years, Nawal worked as a teacher to many generations who learned from this wise woman, she didn’t just teach them the typical curriculum but also planted true values of life in their mind and you can see that from her sons whom, despite the difficult financial and living condition of the country, were supported by their mother to become successful in their education. Hani is now in the third year of Agriculture Engineering, Fady is in the first...

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Nail Beauty Salon

Jana and her family had a quiet, peaceful life in their home in the city of Sednaya.

Unfortunately, this situation changed completely two years ago as Jana's father passed away from a heart attack, after that the family began a journey of pain and misery.

Before their tears dried, they were asked to leave their home because it was given to the father as a work benefit, so they were left without shelter or support. They moved to the city of Damascus,...

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Foodstuff Kiosk

Whenever you go to Al-Dwalaa neighborhood, you see Mousa Barhoum smiling, full of determination, standing beside a small kiosk next to the sidewalk from early morning hours until late evening, selling goods, on one leg after losing the other due to a health problem.

Mousa was working as a maintenance and procurement worker in Al-Mashrabiya restaurant in Bab Touma, his income was good enough to meet his family's expenses and his daughters’ education. But In 2015, Mousa suffered from vascular ischemia...

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Hairdressing Salon

In 2010, Tony left his village and headed to the city of Damascus with hope and determination to make a change in the life of his family. He settled in Al-Dwalaa neighborhood and started to work in any available job and send most of his wages to his mother and brother who suffers from sight disability. 

Unfortunately in the first years of the war the security situation in Damascus deteriorated badly, and soon after, he was asked to serve in Hama.


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Wissam Wakim is married to Rasha Mousa, together they have a cute little kid called Marcus.

Wissam has worked as a goldsmith since 1996, but after the beginning of the war in Syria this profession became unprofitable so he traveled to Lebanon in 2011 and started to work as a private driver for a Lebanese family. 

Unfortunately, after about four years, the family traveled abroad and Wissam became jobless, so he returned to Syria where he got employed as a driver between...

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Teaching Class

Life is about moving on, accepting changes, and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.

That’s what could be concluded from the life journey of Wassim Nanaa, a 37-year-old man who was struggling for the last decade to survive. Wassim was living along with his mother and two brothers in Al-Dwalaa area, working as a hairstylist with his brother and their work was good enough to secure them a decent life.

Wassim was like any young man of his...

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Distributing Foodstuffs