Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Production of Car Upholstery

Zawin is a hardworking person who strive for his family; his wife and two sons.

Zawin has been working in the production and upholstery of cars since 2005 and has added through his experience in the production of Arab Majlis seating. Zawin had to make a lot of sacrifices in his work, 5 years ago the place where he works was exposed to a fire that resulted in the loss of all existing equipment and goods. 

Living a decent life and supporting...

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Music-Recording Studio

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That’s how George replied when we asked him about the reason behind his love for music. 

Since he was an 8-year-old, George was fascinated by music and the industry in general.

His parents decided to enroll him in a music institute where he chose to learn Cello, his love for music didn’t stop there, he used to go to his uncle’s studio to watch him produce music for many artists. After a short time, he started helping...

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Carpentry Machines

George is married and has worked in the carpentry profession since childhood with more than 40 years of experience, he had a full workshop with a kit, but because of the war he lost the workshop with the entire equipment, unfortunately, he cannot return to his former work area because its still under control of armed groups.

During war his home was exposed to a shell explosion, which led to great damage to the house, as a result, the family was...

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Sewing Machine

Hilda is a lovely married woman who works in the church and her husband works as a driver for the church as well, because of the difficult life that Syrian families are going through, Hilda's family went through harsh conditions, which led to financial burdens, the earthquak made things worse because their house was greatly damaged.

when we are exposed to immense loss, we try to look for any small light in order to start a new chapter in life even...

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Elias is an example of the patient and strong father who faces life’s challenges for his family, Elias is married and has two sons, one of whom is serving in military, life challenged Elias differently at each stage, in the period of war he was displaced from his home, and his son was exposed to a war injury during his mandatory service time. 

Corona came to be one of the most difficult periods he went through; it kept him away from...

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Aluminium Workshop

The years of war were not easy for Fadi's family, however, it didn't stop them from pursuing their dreams of living in peace and stability. Fadi’s family suffered a lot during the war, especially in the first years as Fadi is a resident of the village of Al-Jadeeda in the Idlib countryside, which is one of the Christian villages in the city of Idlib. He was displaced with his family from the village after they were besieged by armed groups.


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Elias is a strong man who defied the difficulties of life for the sake of his family’s happiness despite all the harsh circumstances he went through. 

Elias is married and has three children, he suffered a lot during the war; he had a taxi in 2014, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a shell in 2016, despite the difficulty of the situation he was able to overcome this incident for the sake of his children and started working as a driver...

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Plumber Equipmentَ

Naeem is an example of strong personality who will face crises with positive adaptation without suppression or confusion, married and has two sons, he works in the field of sanitary installations, solar energy installation and electricity extension.

Naeem tried to develop himself in his domain of work despite all the difficulties and challenges he faced, he is a creative person who added with his experience of more than 15 years working in the field of central heating, he rented a shop...

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Nutrition Consultant Clinic

Samar is a mother of three children and a clinical nutritionist, she obtained her degree in food technical engineering from the city of Aleppo, and works in the field of food engineering in several clinics affiliated with the churches. 

Samar is a persistent woman; despite all the difficulties and challenges, she completed her studies during war, and did not give up her childhood dream. She had a strong desire to open her own center, specializing in following up the conditions of...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Ghassan have been working in the clinic for more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, his work was greatly affected during the war because his place was exposed to a lot of shells, and when the area became safe, he decided to develop his clinic's devices because the equipment was worn-out that it became dilapidated.

The earthquake destroyed all Ghassan’s dreams for the enhancement of his clinic and his house from which he and...

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Hairdressing Salon

Since childhood, Masses has been ambitious snd creative, he works in the field of women's hairdressing, his profession depends on good taste in order to satisfy customers, he has practiced this profession since childhood with at least 30 years of experience, Masses wants to develop his long-standing project, however, the equipment that he has is old and worn out due to daily use but he cannot afford a new set. 

“in our days the generator fees is consuming our inccome but...

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Cars Spraying

Shant is a passionate person, aspiring to be proficient in his work, self-reliant, in order to secure a decent life for his family; Shant is married and a father of two, he works day and night for the wellness of his family.

Shant works in the profession of car spraying, and has extensive experience in this field, he currently works in a workshop but the equipment is not his, and the wage he receives is not commensurate with his experience and...

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Sewing Workshop

Siham lives in Qattinah village with her husband Adib, a retired Arabic teacher battling heart problems. She has been working as a seamstress since 1990. 

With worn-out tools hindering her craft, she yearned for a chance to renovate and upgrade her workspace that used to be their small home. Determined to improve her family's income, she envisioned her own workshop.

Thanks to the Micro Projects Program, Siham's dreams came to reality through providing her with all the necessary machines, materials, and a reliable power source. 

Now, in her renovated workshop, she stitches threads of hope and sustenance. 

Wheat, Potato, and Olive Land

Bassam, a devoted farmer from Qattinah village, shoulders the weight of his large family. With his wife and three children, along with his paralyzed mother and disabled brother, every season is a battle for survival. 

Despite his tireless efforts, his land lacked proper irrigation, threatening his livelihood source. But hope blossomed when he was supported with a vital irrigation system by the Micro Projects Program. 

Now, as the wheat, potatoes, and olives thrive under its care, so does his optimism for the future. With each successful harvest, Bassam's heart swells with gratitude, knowing that he can continue to provide for his cherished family. 

Cotton Clothes Shop

Eman and Fahd along with their three children weathered storms that tested their resilience in Fairouza village. Fahd's health deteriorated under the weight of his consuming plumbing job, forcing Eman to brave entrepreneurship. 

Yet, their dreams were stolen by dishonest hands, losing precious savings to scams. Trying to compensate, she launched a cotton clothes shop in 2023, leveraging borrowed goods from a departing friend. Despite facing financial setbacks due to being scammed and defrauded, she persevered. 

Eman's spirit sustained, driven by love...

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Cotton Clothes Shop

Lodia's life in Qattinha was once anchored by her family's cherished land, a symbol of stability and security. But the ravages of war took away their home soil, leaving only ashes and memories. Forced to sell what remained, they clung to hope amidst the chaos.

As an Arabic teacher, she imparted knowledge while counting down the days to retirement, her husband's pension and her modest salary barely enough to sustain them. Determined to secure a better future, she took a leap of faith, opening a cotton clothes shop with her husband by her side.

Through perseverance and hard work, they built together a new life and as they tend to their shop in hope of securing better living for their beloved daughter. 

Cleaning Supplies Shop

Amira, a young woman from Qattinha village, found herself facing the harsh reality of her husband's seasonal fishing job barely sustaining their growing family. Determined to change their fate, she seized an opportunity; with a room in her home, she envisioned a small shop, a source of hope amidst financial difficulties.

She submitted her documents and a simple project proposal to the Micro Projects Program. The once-empty room now filled with shelves stocked with essentials, an example of dreams realized.

Today, Amira and Samer stand proudly in their small shop, which not only sustains them but offers a lifeline for their beloved ones.

Nail Care Kit

Antoinette, a dedicated teacher in Qattinha village, dreamed beyond her classroom. With her husband, Mario's support and a young son to raise, while living with her in laws, she ventured into the world of beauty. Starting with a nail care course, she decided to work on her skills while balancing family responsibilities.

Her home became her first salon, but ambition soared beyond its humble walls. She applied for aid from the Micro Projects Program, envisioning a fully-equipped space to serve her growing clientele. With gratitude, she received the support, transforming her dream into reality.

Now, armed with professional tools and equipment, from teaching by day to taking care of clients by evening, Antoinette's home salon flourishes. 

Beauty Tools

Evette, a devoted mother of two, stood by her husband Nabil, a diligent blacksmith, in the endeavor to support their small family. While Nabil toiled over the flames, Evette nurtured their livelihood by providing nail care services from home. 

For over two years, her hands garnered a loyal clientele. Driven by ambition, she ventured into tattoo artistry, attending a training course. However, amidst economic hardship, acquiring the necessary tools seemed impossible.

Hope came in the shape of the Micro Projects Program; now,...

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Electrical Installation Equipment

Amer, the head of a family of five, faced the horrors of war in his hometown village, Al-Qaryatayn. His life, once anchored in electrical installation work for over two decades, and an employee in the phosphate mines of Khneifis village, took a drastic turn in 2015. Kidnapped by armed groups for two days, he realized the safety of Khneifis and Al-Qaryatayn was lost. Fleeing with his wife and three sons, he left behind his home and work.

He found himself starting...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Trees Land

Majed, a dedicated farmer from Qattinah village, faced the constant struggle of providing for his wife, son, sister, and disabled brother. His expansive land, planted with wheat, barley, potato, beans, walnut, and olive trees, was his family's lifeline. 

However, plowing the land proved to be a main and costly challenge. As the sole provider, he sought help from the Micro Projects Program, applying for a Mini-cultivator. Thankfully, his application was approved. 

Now, with the assistance of the Mini-cultivator, Majed can overcome the financial burden of plowing, ensuring a better income for his family. This support allows him to continue cultivating his land and nurturing a brighter future for his loved ones.

Vegetables Land

Imad and Jamileh, residents of Qattinah village, rely on Imad's dual role as a mechanic technician and farmer to support their family. With Jamileh battling heart problems and their two sons to care for, Imad shoulders the responsibility alone. 

Their land, cultivated with vegetables and wheat, benefits from a water well, pump, and pond. However, the high costs of plowing threatened their livelihood. His solution came in the form of a mini-cultivator, a small but vital equipment that significantly reduced expenses. Now, their farm thrives, ensuring a stable future for their family despite the challenges they face. 

Solar Energy Technician

Despite the hardships of displacement and financial strain, Danny and Waad persevered for their family's sake. With Danny's dedication to providing, he delved into various jobs to make ends meet. From his job as a government employee to installing satellite dishes, he never gave up. Yet, it wasn't enough.

Recognizing the potential in solar energy, he embarked on a journey to become a technician, drawing from his engineering background and attending specialized courses. But with limited resources, progress was slow. 

Determined to...

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Dairy Shop

Asma's family were forced to flee their home in Al-Raqqa city, and found safety in their home village, Qattinah, though they arrived with nothing but the scars of war.

As a mother of four, with two daughters married and two sons navigating their own paths, she faced the harsh reality of making ends meet with limited resources. Despite her role as a school teacher, the family's income fell short of their needs.

Drawing on her skills in dairy product preparation, she saw...

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Mini Van

Raghed Farah, 37 years old, is a self-made man who took responsibility for his family at a young age, and even through the nine years of military service, he kept working and covering the house expenses.

He used to live with his family in Al-zablatani area but during wartime, the area was targeted by daily shells in addition to the security incidents so they moved to Jaramana.

In 2011, he was called for military service until 2020 but his service was administrative...

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Makeup and Nail Care

Although she is still 22, Valentina was overloaded with life calamities and had to hold the responsibility of her family and her younger sisters in addition to taking care of her sick and heartbroken mother.

Valentina was living in safety and security with her family while her mother and father were doing their best to provide the best living circumstances for their girls. 

In 2013, this reality changed into a nightmare as their father was a victim of snipping while he was...

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Sewing Workshop

With more than 40 years of experience, Riadh Al-zawahra, a loving husband and father of two daughters Nour and Niveen, was still working as a tailor at a sewing workshop in Jaramana.

He started to learn the career at the age of ten, the same age he started to work and support his family then when he became experienced enough, he implemented all the steps of sewing and many workshops dealt with him.

During his life, Riahd was able to establish a...

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Sewing Workshop

Being a mother of three young kids never prevented Raheel from working and supporting her family to pass through the years of war, while still trying hard to support her husband during the deteriorating conditions.

Raheel is a determined lady who started working as a seamstress at a young age and even after she got married she kept working at her sewing workshop in Damascus, until 2014 when the security situation became critical so she moved with her family to live...

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Women Clothes Shop

The 37-year-old Mirna Al-Shehadeh is a talented saleswoman who has been in this field since 2015. She is married to Joseph Al-Essa and has three kids Patricia born in 2007, Nabil in 2010 and Angelina in 2015.

Her husband used to work in electricity maintenance, but during the years of war, his income declined making the family suffer financial hardships so Mirna decided to work and support her husband through these difficult circumstances.

After a while, Mirna found out that she was...

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Handicraft Workshop

A creative, hardworking, and determined woman is the least that can be said to describe Ramia Rezeq. This 41-year-old lady sacrificed most of her life years working to support her family.

Ramia started working in 2007 in a stationary store in Jaramana, because she always believed in being independent and responsible for her living, but when her family started to face financial hardships during the years of war she didn’t mind working harder to support them and together with her sisters...

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Pick-up Truck

Basil Kasoha is a young man in his thirties, who has been burdened with the worries and responsibilities of a harsh life for years.

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis, he was called for military service, in which he spent 9 years of his life, and was full of pain and difficulties, especially in 2012, when his father was martyred, leaving the family heartbroken and sad.

In the year 2020, Basil was discharged from military service and returned to his home...

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Make-up and Tattoo

Ibtisam Haddad began her career in the cosmetic field in 2010, after attending several make-up and tattoo courses, she started to work at beauty salons but in 2017 she had her son Milad who was born with Down syndrome which made it difficult for her to continue working, so she stayed in the house to take care of her son who needed a lot of care and love.

During that period, her marriage deteriorated and she and her husband got divorced...

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Pick-up Truck

From a very modest but close-knit family who works to live, Beshara Al-mhanna was raised to become a hardworking man who started working at a young age to support his family.

He used to work in delivering vegetables on the village-city road but during wartime, the road became insecure and he decided to move to Damascus to study and work there. Beshara was a big-sized young man and as a result, he was exempted from military service so he kept working...

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Maher Aljamal is 41, married, and has three daughters Samira, Sham, and Naya. He lives with his family and elderly mother in a two-rooms old Arabic house in Bab Toma.

Before the crisis, Maher worked as a salesman in a company but during wartime, the company was closed so he started to work in a kiosk selling cigarettes until 2019 when he was called for the military service in Idlib where he was exposed to sectarian disturbances that affected his psychological...

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Epoxy Art Crafts

“It all started with a video on YouTube”, this is how Samar Alzawahra explained her passion for her work. She is an English teacher who was living with her mother and siblings in Daraa governorate until 2016 when violent incidents increased in the city and they faced daily threats, so they decided to move to Damascus and rented a small flat in ALdwalaa.

She was transferred to a school in Damascus and continued her work as a teacher and was trying...

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Pick-up Car

With great faith and a smile, Rabei Marta faced all the misfortunes in his life, trusting that God wouldn’t let him down.

The 32-year-old man lives with his mother and brother in a small modest flat in Jaramana, his father passed away when he was still a child and he had to share the responsibilities with his brothers from a very young age.

At the beginning of the war in 2011, Rabei was called for military service where he spent nine hard...

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