Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Production of Car Upholstery

Zawin is a hardworking person who strive for his family; his wife and two sons.

Zawin has been working in the production and upholstery of cars since 2005 and has added through his experience in the production of Arab Majlis seating. Zawin had to make a lot of sacrifices in his work, 5 years ago the place where he works was exposed to a fire that resulted in the loss of all existing equipment and goods. 

Living a decent life and supporting...

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Music-Recording Studio

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That’s how George replied when we asked him about the reason behind his love for music. 

Since he was an 8-year-old, George was fascinated by music and the industry in general.

His parents decided to enroll him in a music institute where he chose to learn Cello, his love for music didn’t stop there, he used to go to his uncle’s studio to watch him produce music for many artists. After a short time, he started helping...

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Carpentry Machines

George is married and has worked in the carpentry profession since childhood with more than 40 years of experience, he had a full workshop with a kit, but because of the war he lost the workshop with the entire equipment, unfortunately, he cannot return to his former work area because its still under control of armed groups.

During war his home was exposed to a shell explosion, which led to great damage to the house, as a result, the family was...

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Sewing Machine

Hilda is a lovely married woman who works in the church and her husband works as a driver for the church as well, because of the difficult life that Syrian families are going through, Hilda's family went through harsh conditions, which led to financial burdens, the earthquak made things worse because their house was greatly damaged.

when we are exposed to immense loss, we try to look for any small light in order to start a new chapter in life even...

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Elias is an example of the patient and strong father who faces life’s challenges for his family, Elias is married and has two sons, one of whom is serving in military, life challenged Elias differently at each stage, in the period of war he was displaced from his home, and his son was exposed to a war injury during his mandatory service time. 

Corona came to be one of the most difficult periods he went through; it kept him away from...

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Aluminium Workshop

The years of war were not easy for Fadi's family, however, it didn't stop them from pursuing their dreams of living in peace and stability. Fadi’s family suffered a lot during the war, especially in the first years as Fadi is a resident of the village of Al-Jadeeda in the Idlib countryside, which is one of the Christian villages in the city of Idlib. He was displaced with his family from the village after they were besieged by armed groups.


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Elias is a strong man who defied the difficulties of life for the sake of his family’s happiness despite all the harsh circumstances he went through. 

Elias is married and has three children, he suffered a lot during the war; he had a taxi in 2014, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a shell in 2016, despite the difficulty of the situation he was able to overcome this incident for the sake of his children and started working as a driver...

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Plumber Equipmentَ

Naeem is an example of strong personality who will face crises with positive adaptation without suppression or confusion, married and has two sons, he works in the field of sanitary installations, solar energy installation and electricity extension.

Naeem tried to develop himself in his domain of work despite all the difficulties and challenges he faced, he is a creative person who added with his experience of more than 15 years working in the field of central heating, he rented a shop...

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Nutrition Consultant Clinic

Samar is a mother of three children and a clinical nutritionist, she obtained her degree in food technical engineering from the city of Aleppo, and works in the field of food engineering in several clinics affiliated with the churches. 

Samar is a persistent woman; despite all the difficulties and challenges, she completed her studies during war, and did not give up her childhood dream. She had a strong desire to open her own center, specializing in following up the conditions of...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Ghassan have been working in the clinic for more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, his work was greatly affected during the war because his place was exposed to a lot of shells, and when the area became safe, he decided to develop his clinic's devices because the equipment was worn-out that it became dilapidated.

The earthquake destroyed all Ghassan’s dreams for the enhancement of his clinic and his house from which he and...

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Hairdressing Salon

Since childhood, Masses has been ambitious snd creative, he works in the field of women's hairdressing, his profession depends on good taste in order to satisfy customers, he has practiced this profession since childhood with at least 30 years of experience, Masses wants to develop his long-standing project, however, the equipment that he has is old and worn out due to daily use but he cannot afford a new set. 

“in our days the generator fees is consuming our inccome but...

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Cars Spraying

Shant is a passionate person, aspiring to be proficient in his work, self-reliant, in order to secure a decent life for his family; Shant is married and a father of two, he works day and night for the wellness of his family.

Shant works in the profession of car spraying, and has extensive experience in this field, he currently works in a workshop but the equipment is not his, and the wage he receives is not commensurate with his experience and...

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Sewing Workshop

Fariza, from Qattinah village, has been stitching her dreams since 1995. Married with two children, she toiled tirelessly in her humble workshop. But the outdated machines hindered her business flow and strained her income. 

Renewal was a luxury she couldn't afford through her and her husband's modest earnings, However, the Micro Projects Program was there, supporting her with new tools. 

With the modern machines, her productivity raised anew. Now, she stitches a better future for her family. 

Grains and Spices Shop

Maria, along with her husband Bassel and their two children, reside in the village of Qattinah, where they run a small Grains and Spices Shop. 

Through thick and thin, their shop stood resilient amidst the economic hardships in the country. However, recently, soaring inflation made restocking their shelves a difficult challenge.

In an effort to revive their struggling livelihood, Maria turned to the Micro Projects Program for assistance. With the provision of essential goods and food commodities, Maria and Bassel's shop blossomed once again, becoming the stream of hope for their family and village.

Blacksmithing Workshop

Ibrahim, a dedicated blacksmith in Al-Arman neighborhood, has toiled at his craft for seven years. Despite his skill, his workshop lacked crucial tools; a saw and an electric generator. These deficiencies strained his productivity and income, impacting his family of five. However, his perseverance never wavered. With determination, he applied to the Micro Projects Program, his application was approved. 

With the newfound equipment his workshop flourished. His creations became better, his production increased, and his income stabilized. Now, with this support, Ibrahim not only sustains his family but also dreams of expanding his small business, ensuring a brighter future for his wife and three children.

Olive, Wheat, and Peas Land

Adnan, a retired employee and dedicated farmer in Qattinah, faced profound hardship when war disrupted his peaceful life. Forced to flee with his beloved wife, Amal, and their two sons, they endured six hard months of displacement. Upon their return, devastation greeted them, their home ravaged, their livelihood stolen.

Determined to rebuild, he borrowed what he could to revive his farm, but these solutions fell short. Hope flickered when the Micro Projects Program emerged in Qattinah, he swiftly submitted the necessary...

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Dairy Shop

Manal and Ehssan's peaceful life in Qattinah village took a sudden turn when their two cows, the lifeline of their small business, were stolen, Left without their main source of income, they struggled to make ends meet for their family of five, including their three kids.

Manal refused to give up to despair, she began buying milk from traders to continue her dairy products business, but soon realized the limitations of their household refrigerator. Desperate to revive their livelihood, she applied...

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Vegetables and Potato Land

Talaat, a hardworking farmer from Qattinah village, faced adversity when thieves stole his irrigation network. This setback left his water pond and well, equipped with a pump, useless, limiting him to planting only wheat on his land. As a husband and father of two university students, he felt the weight of providing for his family. With the stolen irrigation system, he struggled to cultivate a variety of crops to improve their livelihood.

However, with the support of a new irrigation network,...

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Potato and Vegetables Land

Ammar, a devoted husband and father of three from Qattinah village, balances his roles as both a farmer and a modestly paid employee. His land, rich with vegetables, potatoes, and olive trees, sustains his family's livelihood.

However, the costly task of plowing and spraying his fields burdened him. Renting a tractor drained his finances until a turning point arrived with the acquisition of a mini-cultivator. 

This simple tool improved his farming routine, saving him the high expenses. Now, Ammar tends to his farming tasks with ease, knowing he can plow his land whenever necessary without financial strain. 

Vegetables Land

In Qattinah village, With Talal's dual role as an employee and farmer, and Laila's dedication as a teacher, they raised their two children while also caring for Talal's elderly parents, all under one roof.

As Talal approached retirement, his farm became his lifeline. But when the ravages of war stole his spray irrigation system, his livelihood was in danger; with a water well and pump, and a pond, the land was ready, but the loss threatened their sustenance. Each day became a struggle as he resorted to watering his crops with a spade, a laborious task that couldn't match the efficiency of the lost system.

Yet, hope flickered when the Micro Projects Program supported him with the needed irrigation system, offering a stability to his family's life.  

Olive and Vegetables Land

Alaa, a devoted family man from the village of Qattinah, faced the trials of sustaining his family through farming and seasonal fishing. 

He works in his father-in-law's land, entrusted with its care while his father-in-law traveled abroad. In this land there was a partnership between his father-in-law and someone else and this partnership had once thrived, when they equipped the land with essential irrigation tools.

In 2022, Alaa's world shattered as his father-in-law's partner sold their shared assets, leaving him deprived of...

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Wrapping Materials

Hala faced unforeseen challenges when her husband's health forced him to quit his carpentry profession after the couple's life took a tragic turn in 2013 when the car leasing office, where he had invested, was eaten up by flames. The devastating loss led to a heart attack, rendering him incapable of work.

Undeterred, Hala transformed a room in their home into a Wrapping Materials Shop, determined to secure a stable income. As the sole provider and a modest pension on the horizon, Hala's shop ensures a dignified living and financial stability after being through many hardships. 

Housewares Shop

Karima, a devoted wife and mother of two boys in Qattinah village, faced some challenges when she had to close her housewares shop in 2022 due to insufficient stock. Her husband, Yamen, works diligently at the phosphate plant, but their family needed additional support to thrive. 

With determination, she sought assistance from the Micro Projects Program to strengthen her shop and enhance their living conditions. As her sons pursue their education, she aims to provide them with a nurturing environment while supporting her husband's efforts. 

Through the program's aid, Karima's hard work shines as she strives to build a better future for her family, overcoming all the obstacles together. 

Wheat and Vegetables Land

In the village of Qattinah, Ghazwan and Sabah, hardworking parents of 2 sons, strive to provide for their family. With modest incomes, Ghazwan, hailing from a lineage of farmers, inherited his father's land. Yet, the lack of a water pump rendered the well useless, and the soaring costs of plowing drained their earnings.

But hope sprouted when assistance arrived. A newfound water pump revitalized their land, ensuring efficient irrigation. Additionally, the mini-cultivator promised enhanced productivity, paving the path for bountiful seasons ahead. With these tools in hand, he can nurture his land, securing a brighter future for his family.

Pick-up Car

In a narrow alley in Bab Sharqi, lives Elias, a 37-year-old young man, with his retired parents and his wife Linda, who is currently studying human resources to secure future employment and assist her husband. Elias started working at a young age to support his family and faced many challenges in securing the livelihood demands, as he shoulders the responsibility of providing for his own family as well as his in-laws, being their sole provider.

Elias works as a sales representative...

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Nail care Kit

Souzan Bashour is a woman in her forties who carries with her many events that formed a life filled with challenges and struggles. She lives with her mother and brother in a small flat in Al-Dwallaa, her father is deceased while her mother is an old lady. 

Souzan began her professional career as a school teacher, continuing in this field until 2016. She then moved to work at the Faculty of Theology as an administrative employee, but due to the relocation...

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Photography Equipment

The nine years of being in military service in the most severe battle zones didn’t prevent Adel from being optimistic and ambitious seeking to have his own career and be independent

He is 33 and lives with his elderly father and three siblings in an old house in Aldwalla neighborhood. Adel started his work life as a wall painter with his brother to afford his expenses but after the war outbreak, he was called for military service in Daraa facing daily...

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Pick-up Car

Together with his wife, Eisa faced life's adversities head-on, within their humble house in Al-Tabbaleh, holding their strong faith in God's mercy. Their son Elie who was living with them, faced the complexities of life as a recent graduate with a lingering eye condition.

Eisa had dedicated decades of his life as a driver at the Ministry of Agriculture, until his retirement in 2021. However, retirement didn't signify a life of leisure; with financial constraints above his shoulders, he found himself...

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Samer Al-Shammas is married to Mouna Derany, and they have two sons Louay and Maher. Samer's life has always revolved around his family. Despite facing health challenges after retiring from his job in 2013 due to pancreatic issues, he never let adversity deter his spirit. Even when his medication costs became more than he could handle, he decided to sell his cherished home in Jaramana to pay for his treatment and spent the rest on his sons' weddings, proving that...

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Pick-up Car

Fady Qassis 46, started his career as an employee at Bimo Bank until 2015 when his life took a drastic turn as he was called for reserved military service and as a result, he was forced to vacate his rented home and leave his job.

Despite setbacks, Fady insisted on maintaining a decent standard of living for his family so he started working in distributing medicines using any means of transportation available and working long hours daily for this endeavor but...

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Pick-up Car

Khalaf Al-Bshara, 51, is married to Shireen Qabalan and lives in a humble house with his parents in Al-Tabbaleh neighborhood.

Despite being a skilled painter since 2003, life had not been kind to Khalaf.

At the beginning of the crisis, his painting work decreased so he started working on transferring vegetables and fruits between his village in Daraa and Damascus until the security conflicts reached the area and it was no longer safe, but he decided to challenge the situation and keep...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

Samaan Ashkar, a blacksmith whose life tells the tale of resilience against all odds.

From his humble beginnings in Kashkoul, Samaan started working as a blacksmith where he faced numerous challenges, including financial constraints and the loss of his beloved family members, but Samaan's spirit remained unbroken.

In 2003, he decided to relocate to Dubai and try his luck there, he worked in various capacities and experienced both triumphs and tribulations. However, with all the setbacks and financial strains that he went...

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Manufacturing Thermal Ovens

Elias Al-Ghabra is one of the minorities who are still interested in preserving the family profession as he began working in the field of manufacturing convection ovens with his father at a young age in a rental workshop in Jaramana and continued in the filed alongside his study.

The main field of work is manufacturing thermal ovens based on gas after the electric ovens stopped being demanded due to the terrible electricity situation in the country, their work increased and they...

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Hanna Al-Ajoury 31, resides with his parents and brother Jack, their father, who was employed at the Gas station for 13 years but is currently without work. His brother works as an employee while their other brother, Marhaf, has relocated to Germany.

Before the war, he had worked at his cousin's beverage shop in Zabadani for two years until 2011 when he was called for military service for the next nine years. however, during his military service, he also worked alongside...

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Make-up Kit

Anastasia Haddad born in 1998, was working diligently as a makeup artist and nail technician, living with her sister Taj in a rented flat in Jaramana after the divorce of her parents as they found solace in each other's company, forming a bond of strength amidst adversity.

Anastasia and Taj's childhood was marked by tumultuous family complications leaving scars that only time could heal. Yet, their determination to carve a brighter future fueled their aspirations and their talents blossomed despite all...

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Pick-up car

George Eskeif, 33 is living alone in a sparsely furnished house in Jaramana while his heart remains tied to his family in Lebanon.

His family's relocation from Idlib to Damascus due to his father's health issues marked a turning point in their lives. George, then a student, saw himself shouldering the responsibility of their household while his father pursued medical treatment in Lebanon.

After completing his military service in 2019, George found himself with no education or experience, so he started working...

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