Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Production of Car Upholstery

Zawin is a hardworking person who strive for his family; his wife and two sons.

Zawin has been working in the production and upholstery of cars since 2005 and has added through his experience in the production of Arab Majlis seating. Zawin had to make a lot of sacrifices in his work, 5 years ago the place where he works was exposed to a fire that resulted in the loss of all existing equipment and goods. 

Living a decent life and supporting...

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Music-Recording Studio

“Where words fail, music speaks.” That’s how George replied when we asked him about the reason behind his love for music. 

Since he was an 8-year-old, George was fascinated by music and the industry in general.

His parents decided to enroll him in a music institute where he chose to learn Cello, his love for music didn’t stop there, he used to go to his uncle’s studio to watch him produce music for many artists. After a short time, he started helping...

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Carpentry Machines

George is married and has worked in the carpentry profession since childhood with more than 40 years of experience, he had a full workshop with a kit, but because of the war he lost the workshop with the entire equipment, unfortunately, he cannot return to his former work area because its still under control of armed groups.

During war his home was exposed to a shell explosion, which led to great damage to the house, as a result, the family was...

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Sewing Machine

Hilda is a lovely married woman who works in the church and her husband works as a driver for the church as well, because of the difficult life that Syrian families are going through, Hilda's family went through harsh conditions, which led to financial burdens, the earthquak made things worse because their house was greatly damaged.

when we are exposed to immense loss, we try to look for any small light in order to start a new chapter in life even...

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Elias is an example of the patient and strong father who faces life’s challenges for his family, Elias is married and has two sons, one of whom is serving in military, life challenged Elias differently at each stage, in the period of war he was displaced from his home, and his son was exposed to a war injury during his mandatory service time. 

Corona came to be one of the most difficult periods he went through; it kept him away from...

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Aluminium Workshop

The years of war were not easy for Fadi's family, however, it didn't stop them from pursuing their dreams of living in peace and stability. Fadi’s family suffered a lot during the war, especially in the first years as Fadi is a resident of the village of Al-Jadeeda in the Idlib countryside, which is one of the Christian villages in the city of Idlib. He was displaced with his family from the village after they were besieged by armed groups.


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Elias is a strong man who defied the difficulties of life for the sake of his family’s happiness despite all the harsh circumstances he went through. 

Elias is married and has three children, he suffered a lot during the war; he had a taxi in 2014, but unfortunately it was destroyed by a shell in 2016, despite the difficulty of the situation he was able to overcome this incident for the sake of his children and started working as a driver...

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Plumber Equipmentَ

Naeem is an example of strong personality who will face crises with positive adaptation without suppression or confusion, married and has two sons, he works in the field of sanitary installations, solar energy installation and electricity extension.

Naeem tried to develop himself in his domain of work despite all the difficulties and challenges he faced, he is a creative person who added with his experience of more than 15 years working in the field of central heating, he rented a shop...

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Nutrition Consultant Clinic

Samar is a mother of three children and a clinical nutritionist, she obtained her degree in food technical engineering from the city of Aleppo, and works in the field of food engineering in several clinics affiliated with the churches. 

Samar is a persistent woman; despite all the difficulties and challenges, she completed her studies during war, and did not give up her childhood dream. She had a strong desire to open her own center, specializing in following up the conditions of...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Ghassan have been working in the clinic for more than 30 years, he has extensive experience in the field of dentistry, his work was greatly affected during the war because his place was exposed to a lot of shells, and when the area became safe, he decided to develop his clinic's devices because the equipment was worn-out that it became dilapidated.

The earthquake destroyed all Ghassan’s dreams for the enhancement of his clinic and his house from which he and...

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Hairdressing Salon

Since childhood, Masses has been ambitious snd creative, he works in the field of women's hairdressing, his profession depends on good taste in order to satisfy customers, he has practiced this profession since childhood with at least 30 years of experience, Masses wants to develop his long-standing project, however, the equipment that he has is old and worn out due to daily use but he cannot afford a new set. 

“in our days the generator fees is consuming our inccome but...

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Cars Spraying

Shant is a passionate person, aspiring to be proficient in his work, self-reliant, in order to secure a decent life for his family; Shant is married and a father of two, he works day and night for the wellness of his family.

Shant works in the profession of car spraying, and has extensive experience in this field, he currently works in a workshop but the equipment is not his, and the wage he receives is not commensurate with his experience and...

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Plastering Equipment

For over 25 years, Amer dedicated himself to his profession, wall plastering. Married to Mirvat, with a daughter and a son, he supported not only his immediate family but also his mother and brother, his partner in work. 

Disaster struck two years ago when a construction site fire destroyed Amer's equipment. Things worsened when his essential electric bike was stolen. Unable to afford replacements, he had to rely on friends' equipment for work. 

The Micro Projects Program became a glimmer of hope,...

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Packaging Materials Shop

Lina and Ghassan, parents of two in Qattinah village, faced adversity when Ghassan who is an officer, was shot in the back during the war, left unable to work, forcing Lina to sell their toys' shop to cover medical expenses and support the family. 

When Ghassan recovered, driving a taxi wasn't enough, so the selfless mother envisioned a way to utilize their old shop within their home to start a Packaging Materials Shop. Financial constraints appeared until Lina discovered the Micro Projects Program. 

Fueled by hope, she applied for the shop, aiming to provide nylon, carton, and plastic products. The program became their lifeline, offering a chance for the family to rebuild and secure a sustainable future. 

Sewing Workshop

Jihad, a skilled tailor, faced adversity when war stole his workshop in 2011. Despite losing everything, he continued his craft by working for other tailors. 

Living in a rented house in Al-Hamidiah with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law, the dream of reopening his workshop seemed mere impossible due to limited resources. 

However, a ray of hope appeared when a friend mentioned the Micro Projects Program. Jihad, determined to revive his small business, applied for assistance. With the program's support, he reclaimed his independence and reestablished his workshop, providing for his family and inspiring others. 

Hair Salon

In the village of Qattinah, Sonia, a devoted wife and mother of three, embarked on her hairstyling journey in 2000. After a decade honing her skills, she transitioned to working independently from home in 2011, supporting her growing family. 

In 2023, with her savings in hand, she made a bold decision to reopen a salon. Her husband, the sole provider for his parents and disabled sister, inspired her to contribute to their livelihood.

Seeking assistance from the Micro Projects Program, she applied for support with basic tools, materials, and an electric generator. With this helping hand, Sonia's salon flourished, bringing stability. The Micro Projects Program played a pivotal role in transforming Sonia's dreams into a thriving reality. 

Dental Clinic

Joud, the only son in a small family, took a leap towards his dreams through the Micro Projects Program. His family lives in a rented house, with his father who works as an employee, his mother managing the home, and his sister, a student in the 11th grade.

Armed with a dentistry degree in 2022, he dove into the workforce immediately, joining a dental care center due to financial constraints preventing the family from opening a private clinic. The Micro Projects...

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Delivery Services

Mounzer, a devoted husband and father of three, faced adversity when war destroyed their home and forced them to live in a rented house. Determined to secure a better life for his family, he left his modest job and searched for new opportunities. Despite lacking experience, Mounzer ventured into fixing simple plumbing issues at homes and delivering goods on his bicycle for a local mini-market in Al-Hamidia. 

He sought assistance from the Micro Projects Program, applying for an electric bicycle. The...

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In the village of Qattinah, Mouna's life took an unexpected turn in 2020 when her husband, a retired employee, suffered a sudden debilitating stroke. Overnight, Mouna found herself shouldering the responsibility of their well-being. 

She has been running a small mini-market since 2005. However, the last three years were challenging, with inflation and economic crises damaging her micro-project. Determined to persevere, she sought assistance from the Micro Projects Program to safeguard her only means of providing for her family. The program became a lifeline, offering hope and support in the face of adversity, enabling Mouna to continue her journey and secure a dignified life for her and her husband. 

Sewing Workshop

Najah's husband passed away 9 years ago leaving her and his sister as providers and supporters for his three children. her eldest son had to leave his studies and work due to their hard financial situation, while her daughter works at a hair salon and at the same time studying at university, and her youngest son traveled to Erbil. 

Back to the war period in 2011, Najah and her family were displaced from their house in Homs to Rabah village, in...

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Women's Clothes Shop

Refhaa, a resilient wife and mother of four in Qattinah village, faced unforeseen challenges when her husband battled disc disease, undergoing three surgeries that strained their finances. Since 2008, she has operated a small women's clothes shop, becoming their family's lifeline. 

The post-war inflation hit hard, threatening her shop's survival. Recognizing the need for intervention, she turned to the Micro Projects Program, seeking support to revive her struggling small business.

With determination and the program's assistance, Refhaa revitalized her shop, ensuring a stable income for her family amid the economic crisis. 

Carpentry Workshop

Elie, a carpenter from Fairouza village, embarked on a challenging journey since his displacement from Homs city in 2012 due to the war. The challenges didn't stop there. Elie and his son experienced the trauma of kidnapping, a calamity that lasted a day but felt like years. 

Elie persisted in his craft since 1982, equipped with the necessary tools and machinery. However, the recurring issue of poor electricity posed a significant hindrance to his work.

The turning point in Elie's life came...

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Dental Laboratory

Antoine, a dentistry graduate from the Middle Institute of Dentistry of Aleppo in 1994, had seen his life take a difficult turn due to the war in Syria. With a loving wife and a 16-year-old son, he faced the challenge of providing for his small family in a rented house.

Before the war, he had his own dental laboratory in Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood of Homs. However, the conflict ravaged his laboratory, leaving him without the essential equipment needed for his profession....

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Sewing Workshop

Jacqueline, a retired employee and a seamstress, embarked on a mission to support her children alongside her husband and parents-in-law. With only one outfashioned sewing machine in her workshop, she faced limitations in working with various fabrics. 

Recognizing the need to expand, she applied to the Micro Projects Program for assistance. Her husband is also a retired employee, but their combined pensions barely sustained the household, pushing her to seek additional income. The program approved her request, providing a new sewing machine and the needed battery. 

Now equipped with the tools, Jacqueline's small sewing workshop flourished, ensuring a brighter future for her two children and securing the well-being of her family. 

Make-up and Tattoo

Ibtisam Haddad began her career in the cosmetic field in 2010, after attending several make-up and tattoo courses, she started to work at beauty salons but in 2017 she had her son Milad who was born with Down syndrome which made it difficult for her to continue working, so she stayed in the house to take care of her son who needed a lot of care and love.

During that period, her marriage deteriorated and she and her husband got divorced...

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Pick-up Truck

From a very modest but close-knit family who works to live, Beshara Al-mhanna was raised to become a hardworking man who started working at a young age to support his family.

He used to work in delivering vegetables on the village-city road but during wartime, the road became insecure and he decided to move to Damascus to study and work there. Beshara was a big-sized young man and as a result, he was exempted from military service so he kept working...

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Maher Aljamal is 41, married, and has three daughters Samira, Sham, and Naya. He lives with his family and elderly mother in a two-rooms old Arabic house in Bab Toma.

Before the crisis, Maher worked as a salesman in a company but during wartime, the company was closed so he started to work in a kiosk selling cigarettes until 2019 when he was called for the military service in Idlib where he was exposed to sectarian disturbances that affected his psychological...

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Epoxy Art Crafts

“It all started with a video on YouTube”, this is how Samar Alzawahra explained her passion for her work. She is an English teacher who was living with her mother and siblings in Daraa governorate until 2016 when violent incidents increased in the city and they faced daily threats, so they decided to move to Damascus and rented a small flat in ALdwalaa.

She was transferred to a school in Damascus and continued her work as a teacher and was trying...

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Pick-up Car

With great faith and a smile, Rabei Marta faced all the misfortunes in his life, trusting that God wouldn’t let him down.

The 32-year-old man lives with his mother and brother in a small modest flat in Jaramana, his father passed away when he was still a child and he had to share the responsibilities with his brothers from a very young age.

At the beginning of the war in 2011, Rabei was called for military service where he spent nine hard...

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Mobile Maintenance Shop

At a young age, Farhan Maher had to face great responsibilities as his father was exposed to a bus accident that left him paralyzed so he became the man of the house and responsible for his sisters, his mother, and his disabled father.

As a result, he had to work after school to afford the living expenses and after he graduated from the Financial and Banking Institute, he started to work as a mobile phone maintenance worker. Soon after he was...

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In a small humid basement, Yazan, his mother, sister, and his brother’s family were living and working together, struggling to afford their daily food under very difficult circumstances. 

Yazan started to work from a young age at a Barbershop trying to learn a career and secure his living at the same time, but in 2012 he was called for military service which lasted for nine hard years far from his family and unable to support them during the severe years of...

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Sewing Workshop

Kinda was living with her family and her mother in Harasta town in the countryside of Damascus where she worked as a teacher and in the afternoons at a sewing workshop with her mother while her husband was working as a goldsmith. Kinda and her family were living in comfort and security until the beginning of the Syrian war which turned their life upside down.

At the very beginning of the war, Harasta town was surrounded by armed forces and soon...

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Plumbing Equipment

From a close-knit family, Bassel Alkholy was raised to become a determined young man who started working at a young age to support himself and his family.

He used to live with his family in Al-Zabadani area in the countryside of Damascus and after turning 18, he started to work with his brothers as a plumber in the same area and at the same time enrolled at the faculty of law dreaming of becoming a lawyer in the future.

However, during wartime,...

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Pick-up Car

The ten years of military service that Yazan spent, made his life empty of any experiences or certificates, yet, he didn’t hesitate after his discharge in 2021 to start working as a delivery boy at a restaurant to afford his living and support his sick mother.

Yazan Basha is a 31-year-old man, single, lives with his mother in a small flat in Jaramana, his parents are separated and his older siblings are married which made Yazan hold the responsibility from a...

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Sleiman Alzeidan is 36 and lives alone in a rented room in Jaramana, his parents were divorced when he was a child and he lived for a long period of his life as a lonely boy with no support.

Sleiman learned how to work and depend on himself to handle his living expenses so he started working at a goldsmith workshop at a young age. However, during wartime, this career became unprofitable like before so he worked as a private driver...

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For a man who spent more than ten years of his life in the military service, living a normal life was all that Azeez Wassouf was seeking.

He is 31, originally from a small coastal village called Al-Khrab, where he spent his childhood and started his career as a barber until the Syrian war began and he was called for military service spending the next decade in the service dreaming of going back to his old life and having the chance...

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