Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Design Equipment

It’s never easy to leave everything we have ever known for so long. However, sometimes, moving on is necessary to survive. When Fares left his home in 2014 because of the war, he left everything; their furniture, belongings and the family’s memories and fled abruptly carrying only the clothes they were wearing to settled in a friend’s home for some time.

Fares used to work in publishing and design since 2002. First, he practiced in a local printing house and as...

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Sewing machines

Choosing a career is an extremely important decision that impacts an individual’s entire future. The father of George served as a major influence on his children’s career development and career decision-making.

George used to learn and work with his father in tailoring. He learned it at a young age and gained lots of experience in it to become his main job. Starting in 1994 and until 2001.

Later on, when he gained his experience, he opened his own workshop in several locations...

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Auto body repair workshop

Bedros was living a comfortable life with his wife and 3 children until the war came, took everything from him, and Turned their lives upside down like any Syrian family. His life changed when they traveled to Armenia. he wanted to stay there for only a month. But unfortunately, his relatives in Aleppo asked him not to return because his workshop was destroyed while his away and the whole city was not safe, and indeed Bedros's on month stay in...

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Sweets and Pastries at home

No matter when it happens, Losing a parent is never easy. the loss and grief could hit one's life hard and for other's like jack, it could made him face new responsibilities in life including taking care of his sisters, specially than was going through her own battle against cancer, the battle that ended tragically after long fatal struggle.

Jack, the  now 38 years old man, has always been close to his family not only supporting them in difficult times but also sharing...

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Coffee Shop

Being forced to flee your home is a life-changing event like Hanna who escaped with his family into another area to live in a rented house. Hanna said: "When we fled from our house, which was located in the Sheikh Maqsoud area, we lost all the furniture and all our house belongings, in addition to the damage to the house structure as a result of the shelling”.

The 31-year-old young man got in charge of his family earlier, took care of...

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Car body repair workshop

Nerses’s journey of agony and turmoil started in 2011 when he and his family, fled their homes and lives in Al-Raqqa, carrying only the clothes they were wearing. The city of Latakia became their refuge, it was safer than their hometown which had been bombed and targeted with every kind of bombshells. Due to those bombshells Nerses heard the devastating news, his house and workshop in Al-Raqqa were demolished completely leaving no hope for nerses to go back to his...

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Pressor for grommets and cloth accessories

What makes Nabil’s story unique is his innovation, resourcefulness, eco-friendly approach to what may seem a normal and typical process. 

Nabil has been producing cloth’s, bags and shoes related metal accessories for so long now, that he mastered the profession and if it wasn’t for the war, his business was expanding quickly, but good things wouldn’t last in the shadows of the crucial war. In a blink of an eye Nabil’s workshop was confiscated and his tools were stolen and Nabil...

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Car suspension workshop

After their house was destroyed by the shells, all Boghos' efforts to migrate with his family to a safer place failed. His only choice was to separate from his family which stayed in Aleppo and move to Lebanon and work in a car suspension workshop, a domain he is well experienced in. 

The Lebanese regulations for Syrian residents made it hard for Boghos to stay, he was obliged to come back to Syria with nothing but his 25 years worth experience...

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Makeup and Nail Kit

“Although you are in your own country, you feel like a displaced person, when you have to leave your house and city”.

With these words the 35 years old Lucy described her family’s struggle, when she, her husband, and her three lovely kids found themselves forced to leave their city of Al-Raqqa and seek refuge in Aleppo, leaving behind their home, work, school, and their memories.

Since they arrived, They have been living at a friend’s house, and Lucy’s husband has been working at...

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Rubber Molding

Pain is part of life, Suffering is an option. When suffering happens, it forces us to confront life in a different way. We have to learn how to adapt to difficulties so the most stressful parts of our lives are no longer the most significant parts of our lives.

this are wise words Jirayr lives by every day. He is an ambitious young man, who adapted to all the circumstances he faced and turned them into opportunities.

Living on the verge of...

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Forklift truck

in His life and career, Salem always saw a remodel in his father. and that reflected on his life from an early age as he Starting his career at young age, he helped his father who used to drive a forklift truck and learned from him how the machine worked to later become an employee for the same business owner for many years.

Salem started officially working in 1993, earning 25% for each transportation payment, and during the war and the...

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Mobile Maintenance

In timers of crisis, families bond together, support each other to overcome the darkest times. When the war began, most families were displaced from their homes, many stayed at their relative’s homes escaping from shells, just like  Enad who took his pregnant wife and daughter Mira and moved from their rented apartment into their relatives'.

To be able to support his family, Enad deviated a little from his university major in Commercial Institute, and headed towards mobile retail and maintenance in...

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Baby's Clothes Shop

Hania works as an employee; she lives with her twin sons Jude and Jad (6 years old) in a rented apartment after she split up with her husband. Lately, providing an additional source of income became a necessity during the hard economic crisis, especially that her salary became barely enough for her family’s increasing needs. 

Hania had a former work experience of two years in a cosmetics shop, and gained good experience in marketing and sales which encouraged her to open...

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Sewing Machines

Wafaa is a skilled seamstress, she is a married woman and a mother of two; Peter (14 years old) and Helen (13 years old). Her story with this profession began 20 years ago when she started working at home, and over time, what was only a job turned into a passion in her life. 

She used the same machines for 13 years until they became completely worn out, and during the economic crisis, purchasing new machinery was very hard, but thankfully,...

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Hair Salon

Since he was young, Zaki loved working in the field of beauty and hairstyling and worked in many salons around Homs until he became skilled enough, he lives with his retired parents in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia where he started his first steps in this career.

At the age of eighteen, he had a job opportunity in one of the famous salons in Lebanon, which was a very useful experience, and he learned a lot from it. In 2009, Zaki...

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Dental Clinic

Sana studied dentistry and graduated from the University of Homs in 2020, she lives with her father Nazih, a retired engineer, her mother Ahlam, a doctor and her sister Ghazal who studies medicine. 

Her family had a big role in motivating her to continue her studying; especially her mother who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and lost her clinic during the war, which affected her health badly, these difficult circumstances encouraged Sana to study harder and do her best just to...

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Wall Painting Equipment

Firas worked as a wall painter since 1992, he is the sole breadwinner for his family of four; his wife Rasha, his daughter Yara (11 years old) and his son Mokhles (10 years old). 

During the war, Firas lost his only source of livelihood after all of his equipment was stolen, and his only way to support his family was to work in Lebanon. What made him even more determined was his daughter’s health condition, and her need for constant medical...

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Dental Clinic

Manal is an ambitious young lady, graduated recently as a dentist from the university of Homs, her father who is the only provider for the family is a retired employee and his pension is barely enough for the family’s daily needs. All these circumstances encouraged her brothers to travel abroad seeking better job opportunities in order to help their father, her family’s limited financial resources were a huge obstacle, which prevented her from starting her life project. Manal had always...

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Carpentry Accessories Shop

Bassem is a retired engineer; he lives with his wife Josephine who used to work as a teacher, their son Yamen and their daughter Sarah and they are both university students. This family returned home after years of displacement and decided to start a new chapter, their house was damaged but they repaired it together and settled down in the city of Homs. 

During the post-war period, the severe inflation affected all aspects of life, and a family of four was...

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Cosmetics and Accessories Shop

After working in the UAE for 13 years as a salesman, Wassim had to go back home after the devastating news of his brother death, to stay with his parents and his sister Hanan who works in a cotton clothes shop to help in providing for the family.

Since he returned home, Wassim worked as an employee with a modest salary and that was not enough to secure a well living during the severe inflation. He aspired to utilize his previous...

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When the economic crisis started to get harder, the income Ghada’s husband used to provide from his business as a wall painter became barely enough to cover their essential needs especially that they live in a rented apartment, all these circumstances encouraged her to open a mini-market and support her family. 

Ghada who is a mother of two started her own project in 2020 with simple capabilities; her beginning was very good as her mini-market was the only one in the...

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In 2017, Issam was no longer able to continue in his main profession as a floor tiler due to his health condition. With some money he had, he rented a simple shop and opened a mini-market near his house. He took advantage of being in a well populated neighborhood surrounded by schools, which made his shop known in the area. Issam is the only provider for his family of six; his wife, his three daughters and son in addition to...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Hussam worked in goods distribution for more than 15 years on many vehicles, but he never had one of his own. He is the only responsible for his family of six; his wife and their three daughters in addition to his elderly parents. 

He started working in this field in 2004, between Homs and the suburbs as an employee for a cleaning materials company, his business was going very well; he managed to build wide relations with many shops and traders,...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Johnny is a married man and a father of three beautiful daughters; Nathalie (8 years old), Tala (4 years old) and Joy (3 years old), he lives with his family in a rented apartment and he is the sole provider for them. 

Before the war, Johnny used to work in his father’s spices shop, which was later severely damaged and closed in 2012. Unfortunately, he lost his only source of livelihood and had to work in many different professions to support...

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Hairdressing and Make-up salon

Rania Sekareih, who is 48 year- old woman, married with three children, is the true example of women’s power in Syria.

Rania plays many roles in her kids’ life, the mother, the father, the tutor, and sometimes the friend. Her son, George is in the third year of architecture engineering college. Although he works after his college time to afford the high expenses of his study, yet his mother Rania is his biggest supporter of him. Her daughters Rozet and Jessica...

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Mini market

When we want to talk about strong will in life, Tamim Qablan is the perfect living example for that. Tamim is 35 years old, he is single and living with his parents in a modest apartment in Altabaleh. He suffered from polio since his childhood, which led to paralysis of the lower extremities but that didn't band him from working hard day and night in order to support himself and his family at the same time. More over, God gave...

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