Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Lathe Machine

Leon, like many Syrians, experienced drastic changes in his life due to the war. It took a toll on him when he found himself in a difficult situation, having to sell his lathing machine in 2014 to protect it from being stolen. This machine held immense value for Leon, as it represented 23 years of experience and dedication to his craft.

To provide for his family, Leon resorted to renting a lathing machine. Unfortunately, as time went on, the cost of...

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Elias, a dedicated father with strong work ethics, has always worked hard in physically-demanding jobs to provide for his son and daughter. However, tragedies seemed to persist for Elias; after losing his house in Sheikh Maksoud during the war, along with all furniture and belongings, Elias was devastated. 

Adding to his struggles, Elias also suffered a decline in his health due to working multiple tiresome jobs such as car washing and gardening, just to put food on the table. His wife...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Dagad Krikorian has dedicated 23 years of his life to dentistry and caring for his patients. He's not just a skilled dentist, he's a compassionate soul who looks after his mother. 

In the year 2000, Dr. Dagad established his own dental clinic in the modest neighborhood of Al Midan. He has always had a sense of helpfulness and often worked free of charge for people in need. However, over time, the equipment in his clinic seemed to wear out, and...

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Sandwich Shop

Silvy is well known for her positive attitude and her famous sandwiches. Greeting her customers with a smile, Silvy works at her fast food shop and as a part-time school teacher. 

After a while, she retired from her teaching job to focus solely on her fast-food business. With 11 years of experience, Silvy gained recognition in the Aziziye neighborhood. However, despite her hard work, Silvy and her two co-workers felt devastated upon seeing their effort result in low income, especially as...

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Mobile Maintenance

Shadi, a hardworking and devoted 28-year-old, found himself facing daily struggles after his father's heart disease. He became the sole caregiver for his parents, Shadi had to make sacrifices, eventually dropping out of university to provide for his family. His sister had moved abroad to Germany, leaving him as the only child to tend to their parents' needs.

Despite the challenges, Shadi always had a passion for fixing things. He honed his skills and managed to rent a small shop for...

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Sweets and Pastry

From a young age Soubhi has been passionate about making sweets and pastries. He pursued culinary and hotel studies at university, but financial strains forced him to drop out and enter the workforce.

As the sole provider for his family, he took on various jobs to make ends meet, especially after his mother was diagnosed with osteoporosis, requiring costly medication and care. Despite these challenges, Soubhi remained determined to achieve independence and open his own sweet shop to improve his family's...

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Malek's life purpose has always been to help people and aid the patients in their recovering journey. Born in al-Hasaka,where he spent his early years, surrounded by his loved ones and lovely days filled with warmth and laughter. Unfortunately, when the war broke out in 2011, Malek and his family had to leave immediately and settle in Aleppo, as there was no option to return. 

Despite facing numerous challenges in his new life in Aleppo, Malek managed to graduate as a...

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Naim is a hardworking individual who is deeply dedicated to serving his church. He lives with his wife Sonia. In their quest to provide for their daily needs and livelihood they face various challenges. As Naim grows older, concerns about losing his job as a private driver begin to weigh heavily on his mind. Naim genuinely loves his job, but before becoming a driver, he used to work as a car upholsterer. Unfortunately, a fire incident resulted in an injury...

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Dental Clinic

Dr. Antoin experienced his share of war calamities, just like every other Syrian, After a decade of dedicated work as a dentist, in 2012 his clinic was looted, leaving him without a job for two years. To add to the hardship, his wife, a pharmacist, also lost her job at an insurance company. The challenges seemed never-ending for Antoin and his family.

In 2014, Antoin teamed up with a colleague to rent a dental clinic, working hard to purchase all the...

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Ironsmith Workshop

Wael comes from the small village of Kfarbo, where life was easy and peaceful until the dark days descended upon Syria and Wael was called to serve in the military. He fought through a complete nightmare of injuries, sieges, and frontline battles for nine years. Thankfully, the year 2019 marked the end of Wael's suffering. Miraculously, Wael returned home safe and sound, only to find himself needing to rebuild his life from scratch as he moved from the village to...

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Pickup Truck

The 28-year-old Tony, known for his strong work ethic, has always been doing hardcore job. In 2014, Tony was called for military service, which lasted eight years. 

Upon returning home, Tony found limited opportunities, all of which offered very low income, making the transition to normal life difficult. After eight years in the military, Tony found himself without a clear profession to pursue or a specific goal to follow. He took on various jobs, working in mechanic shops and supermarkets, but struggled...

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Solar Power Installation Workshop

Elias is a hardworking father and the sole breadwinner for his family of three. While serving in the military, Elias faced a long battle with hepatitis, which led to him being exempted from his service. He began the treatment, which cost a lot, forcing him to sell everything he had to cover the expenses. The price of a single medication was a staggering 350 USD. Fortunately, after completing the treatment, he made a full recovery and regained his health.

Elias took...

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Retired from his government job, Sayel refused to let limited pension funds dictate the quality of life for his wife, Manal, their son George, and his elderly mother.

In 2019, he embarked on a new chapter by opening a modest mini-market. However, the unforgiving effects of economic crisis and inflation hindered his ability to stock the store adequately.

Yet, hope emerged in the form of the Micro Projects Program. Sayel recognized it as a transformative opportunity, a chance to revive his micro-business.

Now, the mini-market shelves once devoid of abundance stand as an example of change and renewed hope for a better tomorrow.


Fadi, a dedicated single man, shares his home in Fairouza village with his elder mother. After losing his father and seeing his siblings establish their own families, he faced life's challenges head-on. He explored various professions until 2019 when he established a small mini-market.

The rising prices and fierce competition tested his resilience, making it difficult to keep his store stocked adequately. 

In search of a solution, he turned to the Micro Projects program. Drawing from his prior experience attending a dairy preparation training, he aspires to diversify his mini-market by introducing dairy products. 

With the program's support, Fadi is determined to revive his micro-project and secure a stable future for both himself and his beloved mother.

Potatoes and Wheat Land

Mttanos, a resilient farmer from Qattinah village, who despite all the responsibilities, he carried on, determined to provide for his beloved family. Though separated by distance, his sons ventured to Lebanon, driven by the hope of finding better opportunities.Left behind in the village were Mttanos, his wife Samar, and their lovely daughter Maya. The responsibility of providing for them rested solely on Mttanos' aging shoulders when he retired at the dawn of 2023. 

His younger son Yazan battled a debilitating health...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Olive Land

Ibrahim, a devoted father and husband, hails from the village of Qattinah. Responsible for a family of seven, his days were filled with caring for his four young daughters, his wife Roula, and his elderly mother. Life has been harsh on him, but he persevered as a farmer, relying on his land as their sole source of sustenance.

Tragedy struck during the ravages of war when his precious olive trees, along with his small house, were mercilessly consumed by flames. Over...

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Ranim, a young lady from Qattinah, lives with her parents, brother, aunt, and grandfather. After graduating from the faculty of pharmacy in 2022, she diligently practiced for two years to gain valuable experience. Her lifelong dream was to own her pharmacy.

Then, she learned about the Micro Projects Program, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to turn her dream into reality. Fueled by determination, she applied for the program. A few months later, she was accepted and received the necessary support.


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Potatoes, Wheat, and Vegetables Land

Anwar, a devoted father and husband in Qattinah village, tends to farming his land alongside his two sons, both university students. 

With vast farming experience, he nurtures thriving trees and vegetables, aided by a vital water well for irrigation. As economic circumstances got worse, plowing cost became a heavy financial burden, particularly for Anwar, who relied on a rented tractor, straining his finances.

Anwar sought aid from the Micro Projects Program. This program offered a mini-cultivator and spraying pump, alleviating plowing and spraying costs. Now, he efficiently secures his family's livelihood and preserves their tranquil life in Qattinah.


Stationery Store

Norma, a devoted wife and mother of two, embarked on a journey of resilience and hope. In 2021, alongside her husband and son, she established a small stationery store. 

This endeavor aimed to secure their livelihood. Despite facing adversity, they had experienced the theft of a previous store during their displacement from Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood due to war.

Their new store, strategically positioned near a school, garnered a steady stream of customers. her determination led her to seek growth opportunities. She applied to the Micro Projects Program, aspiring to expand their venture. With the program's support, she acquired a scanner, a printer, and additional stationery. This assistance breathed new life into their micro-project, enabling it to flourish.

Laser Cutting Machine

Georgette's journey through the world of handmade crafts and candle making began in 1993, within the cozy corners of her home in Bustan Al-Diwan neighborhood. With dedication, she honed her skills, nurturing her small business with tools, molds, and boundless creativity. However, the onset of a brutal war brought devastation, robbing her of her tools and her ability to work. Adding to her trials, Georgette faced health setbacks, enduring two strokes that impaired her hearing and drained the family's resources.


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Olive and Walnut Land

Nahed, a retired employee living in Qattinah village, relies on his small olive and walnut land to support his family; his wife, two sons, and ailing father. 

His modest pension barely covers their needs, so the land income is essential. Equipped with a water well and pump, he dreamed of owning a mini-cultivator, trailer, tank, pesticide, and fertilizer sprayer to reduce plowing and spraying costs. However, the economic challenges made this dream very distant. 

Seeking a solution, Nahed turned to the Micro...

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Beans & Grains Shop

Nouhad, a devoted wife and mother of three, resides in Fairouza village. While her third son pursues a brighter future abroad, she cares for her husband and two remaining sons. Her husband's health struggles, including diabetes, have rendered him unable to work, forcing her to take charge. 

With a simple shop, she embarked on a journey selling grains, spices, and her homemade traditional dishes. Her shop provides various spices, frozen meats, cheese, and snacks.

Yet, Nouhad's ambition sought more. Recognizing an opportunity,...

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Aluminum Workshop

Akram, a dedicated family man in Homs, owns an aluminum workshop since 1987. 

However, with the economic crisis affecting the country, he struggled to afford an electric generator and necessary equipment for his business. Living with his wife, daughter, and granddaughter, he turned to the Micro Projects Program for help.

 He was supported to upgrade his workshop, ensuring a stable electricity supply and providing essential equipment. Akram's business flourished, securing a better future for his family.

Vegetables and Wheat Land

Amer, a hardworking man in Qattinah, has a loving wife, three children, and a job at a factory. 

He inherited a fertile land for farming from his father many years ago and with his brother they planted wheat and vegetables, but lack of irrigation limits their success. Hope arose when he applied to the Micro Projects Program, receiving a water pump, seeds, and fertilizers. 

The farm thrived, and with increased productivity, they will lead a prosperous project, ensuring a better future for their children. 


Raising children and taking care of them has always been Ruba’s passion and to fulfill this passion she studied at the faculty of education and then enrolled in several educational courses to help her specialize more in this field and started working as a teacher in Yabrud area in the countryside of Damascus. However, after the start of the war in Syria, the area of Yabrud became under threat, forcing Ruba and her family to move to the city of...

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Ayham Almhanna is from Daraa governorate in south Syria, he used to live there with his parents and siblings and was raised to be a self-dependent and hardworking man who started supporting himself and his family from a young age.

Like many of his age, Ayham had to serve in the military service for more than nine years during the Syrian crisis where he had to encounter several dangers in Aleppo and Damascus in addition to experiencing great fear when his...

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Success isn’t always about greatness, most of the time, it is about strong will and hard work.

Like the case of Fares Al-Sbeih who is 29, single, and lives with his family at his uncle’s house in Damascus.

Fares was one of many who became adults during a critical time in Syria, a time of war, destruction, and fear but he didn’t accept to let despair sneak into his heart.

On the contrary, he started working at a young age to handle his...

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For most of his life, Simon had to count on himself to encounter the great responsibilities he was holding as his parents’ health was unwell and he was the breadwinner of the house and the supporter for his four sisters.

As a result, he traveled to Libya at a young age and worked as a goldsmith for about four years, then he had to return to Syria because his father had to undergo Heart surgery and he had to look after...

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Sewing Workshop

“It's really unfortunate when you have everything you dream about to wake up the next day and find it's all gone.

We were living in Alzabadani town in prosperity as we owned land planted with walnut trees, a villa with a swimming pool, a carpentry workshop, and a wood warehouse.

My husband was a carpenter and our financial situation was very good, but all of that disappeared overnight and we found ourselves fleeing under bombing and sniping, with only our clothes on,...

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Pick-up Car

"I feel like I am living as an extra number in this cruel world", it was with great sadness and despair that Hassan said these words.

He is a 31-year-old single man who lives with his mother and brother in an old house in Jaramana. Hassan worked any available job to afford the daily food for his family as his father had passed away leaving him to be responsible for his mother and younger brother.

During the first years of the war,...

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Makeup Kit

Caroline Akkawi is a self-made girl who chose to rely on herself rather than being dependent on others. She is 27 and lives with her parents and her brother Antoun at their grandfather’s house in the Al-Dwalaa neighborhood while her second brother, Basil, is still at the military service in Qatana area, Damascus countryside.

Since her childhood, the financial situation of her family was critical, but she never complained and always thanked God for the blessings in her life, especially since...

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Rock Carving

Ibrahim could never have imagined the way his life turned out. From being a rock carver for four years, he transitioned into a soldier after he received the call to go into military service for five years.

Serving in the army had been a particularly challenging period of his life, but he had persevered through it.

During his service, he received the sad news that the war had hit their town of Maalola, his family had to move to Damascus till the...

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War calamities were tough on everyone, especially those who are still suffering from its impact till now like the case of Mikhael Kousa who was exposed to a shell explosion during his service in Jobar, his entire body was penetrated by the shell’s shrapnel which put him in critical condition as he had to undergo several medical surgeries to survive, but he didn't recover completely which prevented him from living normally or working.

However, when Mikhael was discharged from the service,...

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Pickup Car

Bassem Al-Mousa is 31 unmarried young man who used to live with his family in their small village. His father was blind and unable to work due to his condition, while his two siblings suffered from Joint Erosion and needed a lot of treatment, which forced Bassem at a young age to start working. At first, he worked at a prosthodontic laboratory then began working as a farmer cultivating the land and selling the crops trying to support his family...

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For a thalassemia patient, Najeeb was full of energy and determination to live like any normal person.

He is 30 years old and lives in an old house in Al-Tabala neighborhood. After he graduated from the agricultural institute in 2013, he volunteered at the SSSD association as a part-time job, then in 2016, he volunteered with the Al-Safina Association for People with Special Needs at the paper recycling center, he also worked as a painting worker at the weekends trying his...

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George Bershan was one of the people who lost a lot during the war in Syria; not only his home and his job, but he also lost members of his family, which left him broken-hearted and sad.

George is 31, he used to live in a small village in the countryside of Aleppo and worked as an assistant bus driver on the international road. After the start of the war, their village was besieged by armed groups who started to spread...

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