Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







Rubber Mold Workshop

Mikhaiel served in military for 10 years and now he thrives to start his life from scratch; despite all the difficulties that he has been facing, decided to focus on the opportunities and not the obstacles.

He had started working in the rubber molding domain with his father since he was young, gained experience and even worked during the vacations of his military service.

Moreover, they've lost all of their equipment during the war due to the fact that their workshop’s region...

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Stationery shop

"I love my country Syria and I'll keep up working at my shop no matter what" 

Salem who is 66 years old, lives in one of the parish's houses with his wife and three children, during the war they were forced to leave their home for a short period of time and sadly his daughter got injured by a stray bullet and she is still carrying a piece of it in her hand, moreover his stationery shop was damaged by the...

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Sewing workshop

Salim is a hardworking and strong-willed man, who lives with his three siblings along with being the main breadwinner in his family. 

Salim laid the foundation of his sewing experience back when he was young by helping his father in his free time and during his summer vacations.

In 1986, he opened his own workshop and everything was great, the business was profitable, which made him enlarge the project and specialize in sewing uniforms.

The story of his big success was torn apart...

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Rubber Molding

Everyone appreciates his valuable possessions and it is difficult to sell a property in order to face the difficulty of life and the difficult living conditions.

Ohaness faced this problem when he had to sell their house because of the lack of work at that time after he was discharged from the military.

He is 31 years old, served the military for more than nine years, now he lives with his brother, who serves in the military, and his mother in their...

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Nidal’s military service lasted nearly nine years, then after being discharged from military, he faced the harshness of life as well as the vague future.

Immediately after his service, he worked in his brother’s sewing workshop, but being new in this domain made his journey harder.

All of Nidal’s family members work in their own specialization, which motivates him to have his own business and to care of his family’s livelihood expenses.

The opportunity of having his own taxi planted a seed of...

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Metal lathing machine

Melkon started working when he was in his early twenties with plans in his head to create a secure future for him and his mother.

From a young age he worked in two different domains to learn more skills and gain experience; his first job was in a mechanic workshop and in a short notice he started working on a lathing machine to increase his income, by time he became gifted in both jobs.

When the war hit the city of Aleppo,...

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Fredy served in the army for two years and after his discharge he was recalled for reserve military service, which lasted nearly seven years.

After that he thought of working in the aluminum manufacturing domain, but the lack of experience and costumers together with his financial circumstances weren’t encouraging for him.

Fredy is a newly married man and they are blessed with a daughter, but due to the economic crises they are living with his wife’s family. He is currently spending from...

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Homemade food supplies

Archelous lives with her husband and son in their modest house located in Al-Midan area; they were able to buy it many years before the war through the help of her family and a small loan from the bank that was repaid, in addition to selling the gold that she owned.

She used to work as a teacher in the Faculty of Science at the University of Aleppo, in addition to working as a nurse in hospitals and between houses, but...

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Car Painting

"Holding a great responsibility at a young age is a huge challenge” .

in 2014 Hovsep’s family fled to Lebanon after selling their house and all their possessions to escape the harshness of the war and search for a better life.

When Hovsep was young, he loved all professions related to car repairing, especially since his father was a famous mechanic, so he benefited from this passion in Lebanon and learned a new profession, which is car spraying.

He worked there for 6...

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Car Body Repairing

Hagob lived with his mother and his sister until the war came and took everything from him; their lives turned upside down like many Syrian families.

“We had tools and equipment in our workshop in Bustan Al Basha that were stolen during war. The workshop was also damaged and has recently been restored.”

Rehabilitating the workshop consumed all of their savings, and they were left with no source of income. Although their workplace is renovated, they still needed to buy the essential...

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Mini pick-up truck

Like many other professions, sellers are going through some changes nowadays. Karahkin is the father of two kids Carine and Hagob,41 years old, and lives with his family. His wife works but with a low salary.

He said: “I’ve been in the selling business for 14 years. I'm driving my friend's pickup truck. I've always dreamed of having my own pickup truck, it’s so much easier when I drive to the shops and load goods”.

Karahkin and his family were safe throughout...

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Mobile software

One of the most difficult decisions taken by the Rezkallah's family was when they decided to sell their house to face the difficult living and economic conditions.

Although all family members work, all their salaries combined are no longer enough to cover the rising livelihood costs.

His father works as an employee in a mall, his mother is a clothing saleswoman, and his little sister is still studying. This young man is trying to help his family with expenses, and his work...

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Beauty and Tattoo

Samaher workes as a school teacher since 2018, her husband Nidal is a government employee and they have two children; Shahd (13 years old) and Jude (10 years old). When the parents were no longer able to bear the increasing burdens of life, she took upon her herself the responsibility to support her family through utilizing her skills in makeup, which she first started as a hobby. 

Insisting on improving her family's living conditions, Samaher attended courses in the field of...

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Car Inspection Machine & Fuel Injectors

Ammar and his sister Samia were forced to leave their home village "Al Qusayr" after they witnessed the horrors of the vicious war. The small family's experience wasn't easy at all; Ammar was kidnapped for three days by an armed group and when he was thankfully freed, the two siblings left everything behind and fled to Damascus city seeking safety. 

Ammar and Samia stayed in Damascus for 18 months then moved to Fairouza village where they settled down in a rented...

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Beauty Salon

When Diana was asked about her project, she said: "This is the profession that I love, I have been practicing it for four years now and I became professional in it." 

She is a beauty specialist and trainer, her start was at her parents' house in Safita town, then she moved to Homs city after her marriage in 2021, her husband Amjad works as a government employee while she continued providing her services in nail care, makeup, skincare, tattoo, and other...

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Hair Salon

Nadine's started in the field of hair styling in 2011, when she used to work in a hair salon owned by a known hairdresser called Hassan, who became later her husband. He taught Nadine all she needs to know in order to practice this profession and in 2013, they got married and shared together the work in the salon, and after one year, the couple had their first child Christian. 

Over time, Hassan began to suffer from health problems due to...

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Plumbing Equipment

During the hard journey of life, George had only one thing in mind that kept him strong, it was the love of the family who count on him. He works as a plumber since 1973, and throughout the years, he faced many challenges that he patiently overcame. 

Back to 2010, George decided to expand his business by opening a plumbing requirement shop beside his main profession but unfortunately, the war began and he lost everything; two houses of the family's property,...

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Elias has been working as a plumber since 1997, he is a married man and a father of three beautiful girls; Celine (9 years old), Patricia (12 years old), and Marita, the youngest, (2 years old). He lives with his wife Victoria, who's a school teacher, and their daughters in addition to his mother-in-law, Hayat (56 years old) who fled from the terrors of war in her home city, "Deir Al-Zor" and moved to stay with them. 

The skilled plumber has...

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DJ Equipment

The cruel war in Syria has left behind many negative effects that people are still suffering from today. While the hardest thing they had to cope with is the severe economic crisis, family providers started to search for more than a source of livelihood to afford the growing living burdens.

Abdul-Massih lives with his family of six; his wife and their two-year-old son, in addition to his elderly parents in Fairouza village. He got married to his wife Suzan back in...

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Ice Making Machine

"With the increasing costs of living, the head of the family must search for an independent micro project to improve his income and make it sufficient to ensure covering all their needs." Nader described his situation, as the sole breadwinner for his wife and their two children, they live together in a rented apartment, and he works in goods distribution.

When his income became barely enough compared to his financial obligations, he thought about another solution to enhance his circumstances. 

Nader found that...

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Syrian Folkloric Band

Al-Fadi band was established in 2006 by Maher Al-Akhras, aiming to restore the Syrian folkloric wedding, the band consists of 40 young people, who perform folkloric music and dance professionally during wedding parties and other religious festivals.

Maher is a married man and a father of 2 daughters, he works as a maintenance technician in the university, besides being the responsible for Al-Fadi band. He came up with this idea and with very simple abilities, he bought the required tools, musical...

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Washing Machines and Engines Maintenance

Waleed is a married man and a father of three, two girls and a son. 

In 1982, he opened his own maintenance workshop, where he repaired washing machines and different types of engines. 

The hard-working man has always given his family love and support and ensured them a dignified life. Although the cruel war forced him to close his workshop, which was damaged by the falling shells, Waleed kept practicing his profession at home, and provided his services for the clients, using...

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Cooking Equipment

When the burdens of life were getting heavier, Kinda, like many Syrian ladies, chose to help her husband Andre and alleviate a part of the heavyweight.

Kinda is a mother of lovely twin girls; Thouraya who studies computer technology and Mary who was born with cerebral palsy and needs special care. Her husband Andre is a retired school teacher, the striving mother spent 12 years working in the field of clothes-making and this allowed her to guarantee an additional source of...

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Stationery Store

Iftikar finished her years of service as a school teacher and retired in 2019, but being a working woman, she couldn't just stay without a job, so she started giving private English language lessons at home. Her husband Marwan is a lawyer who lost his office during the vicious war and couldn't compensate for that loss.

Iftikar and Marwan are parents of three children; two girls and a boy, under the current economic circumstances in the country, the family of five...

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Mini pickup

Milad Dawood is a 36-year-old man, married to Laura Toma, and has a son named Eliea, born in 2011, the family lives in a small two-rooms flat in Kashkoul, Damascus countryside.

He was born into a modest family and since he became an adult he had to work and support his parents with the living expenses. The hardworking man was able to handle the house obligations and save some money to get married and start his own project in selling eggs...

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Anton tried to overcome all obstacles to provide his wife and kids with his care and love and worked hard to secure them a decent living. 

the 43-years-old man is married to Diana Shamoun and they have two kids Elias born in 2005, and Polin born in 2009, the family live in a rented small flat in Jaramana, Damascus suburbs, under very bad circumstances.

Many years ago, Anton started to work as a valet parking at a hotel until the start of...

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George Shamma is 30 years old, living with his mother in a modest rented flat in Al-Dwalaa area but before the war, he used to live with his parents and seven siblings in Daria town in the countryside of Damascus in peace and security. 

When he was seventeen, he started working with his father at his carpentry workshop in order to support him and learn the profession. George was full of hope and energy, trying to establish a career for his...

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Hair Dressing Salon

life is based on the fight for survival, especially in a country that witnessed ten years of a brutal war that drained every opportunity of decent living. Fadi Albadeen is one of those fighters who went through many hardships in his life and kept his strong faith.

He is 29 years old and lives with his parents and his brother’s family in Kashkoul area in Damascus.

In 2008, Fadi started working at a hairdressing salon at a very young age in order...

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Pick-up Truck

Like most young men of his age, Murshid did not have the opportunity to complete his education or learn a profession as he was called up for military service in 2012 and stayed there for nine years, after which he was discharged to face the difficult conditions of life without any profession or career, which formed a heavy burden on him, especially since he had to find a proper job with good income quickly because he became the only responsible...

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Recording Studio

During his life journey, Pier Haddad 42, has proven that "Service is what life is all about and great acts could be made from small deeds."

Pier spent his childhood between catechism activities and church service dreaming to grow up and become a part of this great message, which he achieved during the past years as he became a piano teacher and he invested his talent to give free lessons to the children in the neighborhood.

After that, he started cooperating with...

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Hair Dressing Salon

At the age of 17 Elie Hannoun decided to leave school and start working at a hairdressing salon in his hometown Saydnaya to support his family and handle his own expenses.

soon he became very skilled and well-known in the town but he couldn't expand his work because after the war outbreak, the devastating impact spread to Saydnaya region, and all its residents became living under danger and threat, which led to the cessation of work in most professions, including Elie’s...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Being a child in a large family was never easy for Nahi, he was a brother of eight siblings and a child of loving and caring parents who did their best to secure a proper livelihood for their kids which wasn't available for them especially since they were living in a small village that didn't have enough resources or work opportunities so most of its villagers were forced to move to secure their future.

Nahi and his siblings left the village...

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Aluminum manufacturing workshop

Raymon Al-Badawi, 30 years old, is married to Yara Haddad, and they have adorable twins, George and Charbel who were born in 2021.

Raymon, his family, and his old parents live in a small rented flat on Al-Qurayyat Street, Jaramana city. his father works as a tailor and his mother is retired so basically Raymon is also the responsible for their expenses.

At the beginning of his twenties, he started working at an aluminum workshop and soon after he was able to...

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For the last 15 years, without missing a day, Munir was touring streets from behind his steering wheels, disciplined and determined to secure a decent living for his family.

He is married to Reem Al-labed and they have three adorable daughters Caroleen, Valentina, and Mary rose. Munir worked as a taxi driver, and during the crisis in Syria, he struggled a lot to afford the living obligations and his family's livelihood without needing anyone's help.

Unfortunately, that situation changed in 2019, as...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

For most of his life, Jerious's main concerns were his family's comfort and safety; he never minded working hard for long hours for the past twenty years for this aim.

Jerious is 55, married to Taghreed Alabdoun, and has two sons Fady born in 1997, and Rami born in 2000.

They were living close to Al-dkhanieh area in the countryside of Damascus where he was also working at his carpentry workshop.

This all changed after 2011 as the armed conflict that took place...

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Events Decoration