Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.








Jan found himself serving in the midst of chaos as Idlib, his area of service, turned into a battlefield; he was attacked by militants but thankfully unharmed, sadly, three of his friends were killed before his eyes. His house was also hit by several mortar shells. He and his family experienced terrifying horror. 

When he was discharged from the army, he found himself without any work skills. His father passed away two months ago due to a stroke, and his mother...

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George was visited at his sister's house, where he lives with his family of four. They have been living with his sister's family for three years, sharing living expenses and rent.

George is married with two sons. He is originally from the Al-Jadida area in Idlib countryside, where he was settled with his family and owned a blacksmith shop equipped with full tools. However, the war forced them to leave their town in 2013 due to the unstable conditions and lack...

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Areej, a pharmacist, is married with two children. She has worked tirelessly and diligently to achieve her goals in life.

Pharmacists encounter many people daily, requiring them to have patience which is a key quality that Areej possesses that helped her navigate the challenges of dealing with doctors and patients alike.

Areej is from Homs, she graduated from Al-Baath University with a degree in Pharmacy. After graduation, she worked as a representative for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. However, due to the war,...

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Car Maintenance

George is married with two children, he works as an auto mechanic. He learned the trade from a young age and currently works in his brother's shop due to his inability to afford rental costs for his own place. During the war, he moved to Lebanon and continued working in auto repair. He had a set of tools in Aleppo, but most of them were stolen due to the lack of security in the area where he was working.

George suffered...

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Yervant served his country for over 9 years, across most Syrian cities. However, in 2016, he sustained a shoulder injury that resulted in a 15% disability, leading to his reassignment to the back lines as a driver.

Yervant is married and has an newborn son. After giving birth, his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, rendering her unable to care for their child. Consequently, her mother lives with them to help with the baby.

During his military service, Yervant was responsible for...

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For fifteen years, Makardij has been serving at the Franciscan Sisters' Monastery with a modest salary. He lives with his son in a house borrowed from a relative.

Makardij once owned a Suzuki that he worked with, but during the war, he sold it in hopes of financing his travel abroad. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, he lost the money, and his plan to travel fell through.

Despite the challenges, he remained resilient, driven by his desire to provide a better future...

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"Thank God for everything", this is how Mr. Karabet began his conversation during the visit. Karabet is married and has a son and a daughter.

Currently, he works as a driver for a mobile-phone company, but with a low salary. He transports employees and goods between centers.

His daughter suffers from cerebral palsy due to a medical error during childbirth. He bought a car in partnership to work with, but he didn't keep it for more than three months because his daughter...

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Motor Winding

Samir is married and has two sons. He works in motor rewinding and repairs all industrial tools. His father used to have an aluminum manufacturing plant, but due to the war, the plant was completely looted and destroyed. These successive events took a toll on the family, and his father sadly passed away.

After losing the plant at the beginning of the war, Samir decided to take his family and move to start a new life. He chose to go to...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

"You are my brothers, and your visit today is a blessing from the Lord"

This is how Alaa welcomed us during our visit. He is the breadwinner for a family of four children and his wife. His daughters are in school, one son is serving in the army, and the other son left school to help him at work. Alaa currently works as a guard at the Farhat Square area, a gathering place for three churches.

Alaa and his family, along with...

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Car Body Repair

George is married and has one child, he lives with his family in a rented house. 

He learned his profession from a young age and is a well-known craftsman in the area as he works with passion and says that his profession is a part of his life.

When the earthquake hit, his home was damaged and became uninhabitable, forcing him to rent a house to protect his family.

When misfortunes come, they come together; he was still coping with the loss of...

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Laser Machine

Naeem is a young man, married, and has a child. He was called to military service in 2017 and served for six years. During his military service, his expatriate brother supported him to meet all his financial needs throughout his service in Aleppo. 

With determination and effort, Naeem continued working in the goldsmithing field, but as an apprentice. He worked hard and tried to save a little money to pursue the dream he had been striving for since childhood.

Immediately after his...

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Veterinary Clinic

Ahmad, 42 years old, is a veterinarian who has been working in this profession since 2006. He is the father of two girls, and his wife is training to become a lawyer. Dr. Ahmad is also a volunteer with the Rifq Association for Animal Care.

Ahmad loves his profession very much and has worked diligently, developing significantly in his field. In 2017, he moved to a larger clinic where he performs all types of surgeries for animals. He has a big...

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Cotton Clothes Shop

In 2017, Nada's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Disc disease, leaving her unable to continue her work in sewing and clothes repairing. Her husband, Fadi, a retired employee, faced his own health challenges as a tumor paralyzed his facial muscles, requiring continuous physical therapy. 

With their wheat land providing insufficient income, their son Waad took on a job at a sugar factory to support his ailing parents. In a desperate bid to regain financial stability, Nada...

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Sweets and Pastries

Nancy, a mother of two, faced challenges while her husband Toni served in mandatory military service. Struggling with unsuitable jobs, she discovered her passion for baking. Posting on Facebook, she began taking pastry orders, but as demand grew, her kitchen tools fell short. 

Living in a rented house, her baking venture became the family's main income source. Determined to enhance her skills, she applied to the Micro Projects Program for vital tools. 

Nancy's dedication not only transformed her hobby into a thriving business but also improved her family's financial situation. In the face of adversity, her love for baking became a beacon of hope for a brighter livelihood.


Aghiad's journey from hardship to success is one of hard work and determination. After his parents' passing, he chose to stay with his sister, while their siblings sought opportunities abroad. A twist of fate struck with a knee injury from a car accident, creating a need for surgery that he couldn't afford. Undeterred, he took on a job as an accountant, in a restaurant and then as a teacher in an NGO, struggling to make ends meet.

His path to success...

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Beauty Salon

Hala, a wife and mother of four daughters in Qattinah village, faced the challenge of supporting her family as her husband battled health issues requiring joint replacement surgery. 

With determination, she utilized her skills, working tirelessly at her hair salon for over 5 years. Recognizing the potential to expand her small business, Hala's daughters joined her in the salon, and she pursued additional training in nail care and makeup.

Eager to transform her project into a thriving beauty salon, Hala applied to...

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Cotton Clothes

Rana, from Al-Qaryatayn village, endured the horrors of war, facing abduction and loss after armed groups kidnapped her, she spent a harrowing month in captivity, losing her husband in the war. 

Left with the responsibility of two young sons, they fled to Zaidal village and later settled in Fairouza. In 2017, with humble beginning and assistance from kind individuals, Rana initiated her cotton clothes business from home and despite the challenges, she persevered for the sake of her children. 

Seeking a better future, she applied to the Micro Projects Program, aspiring to enhance her inventory and alleviate her family's hardships. Rana's resilience shines as she strives for a dignifies life for herself and her sons. 

Mini Pick-up Truck

Rawad faced the harsh reality of life after completing his chemistry degree amid the 2011 war. His nine-year mandatory military service left him with two job shifts; a small shop where he produced detergents and his work as an employee, but they both barely covered the essentials for his family; wife Ranim and 5-year-old son Ronny. 

Determined to secure a better future, he wanted a mini pick-up truck to distribute the cleaning materials he made to local businesses like restaurants and car cleaning workshops. However, the financial strain from years in the military hindered his dream. With the invaluable support of the Micro Projects Program, enabled him to advertise and sell his quality cleaning products and ensure a stable living for his family. 

Hair Salon

Maryam, a mother of three boys living in the village of Qattinah, faced challenges as her two eldest sons struggled with brain-electricity issues requiring special care. Their difficult circumstances and her husband's modest income, led her to the Micro Projects Program aiming to make a positive change. 

With over 19 years of hairstyling experience from her home village Rableh, Maryam's dream of enhancing her business became a reality. 

The program's approval not only empowered her to continue working from home, but also contributed to the family's stability. The support of the Micro Projects Program transformed her dreams into a source of strength, enabling her to provide for her family and face the challenges with resilience and hope.

Handmade Accessories and Makeup

Dalida, an employee at the University of Homs and a mother of two, discovered her passion for crafting handmade accessories. What started as a hobby turned into a source of income, prompting her to dream bigger. 

Desiring a shop for her creations and cosmetics, she faced financial constraints. Her husband, juggling roles as an employee and a farmer in Qattinah village, the couple had a shop near their home that they couldn’t make a use of due to the high costs. 


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Nail Care Kit

In the village of Qattinah, Vivian and George's life took a heartbreaking turn during the ravages of war. George, serving his mandatory military duty, fell victim to a cruel explosion, robbing him of his sight. Vivian, now the family's sole provider, possessed a talent for nail care. 

Yet, life's hardships continued and lacking the essential tools for her craft pushed her to borrow from a friend to serve her clients. The burden of a rented house further strained their fragile situation....

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Plastering Equipment

For over 25 years, Amer dedicated himself to his profession, wall plastering. Married to Mirvat, with a daughter and a son, he supported not only his immediate family but also his mother and brother, his partner in work. 

Disaster struck two years ago when a construction site fire destroyed Amer's equipment. Things worsened when his essential electric bike was stolen. Unable to afford replacements, he had to rely on friends' equipment for work. 

The Micro Projects Program became a glimmer of hope,...

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Packaging Materials Shop

Lina and Ghassan, parents of two in Qattinah village, faced adversity when Ghassan who is an officer, was shot in the back during the war, left unable to work, forcing Lina to sell their toys' shop to cover medical expenses and support the family. 

When Ghassan recovered, driving a taxi wasn't enough, so the selfless mother envisioned a way to utilize their old shop within their home to start a Packaging Materials Shop. Financial constraints appeared until Lina discovered the Micro Projects Program. 

Fueled by hope, she applied for the shop, aiming to provide nylon, carton, and plastic products. The program became their lifeline, offering a chance for the family to rebuild and secure a sustainable future. 

Sewing Workshop

Jihad, a skilled tailor, faced adversity when war stole his workshop in 2011. Despite losing everything, he continued his craft by working for other tailors. 

Living in a rented house in Al-Hamidiah with his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law, the dream of reopening his workshop seemed mere impossible due to limited resources. 

However, a ray of hope appeared when a friend mentioned the Micro Projects Program. Jihad, determined to revive his small business, applied for assistance. With the program's support, he reclaimed his independence and reestablished his workshop, providing for his family and inspiring others. 

Sewing Workshop

Jamila had always been a hardworking woman. For over two decades, she and her husband had been working tirelessly in the sewing industry. They had started out working for Jamila's sister who owned her own sewing workshop. It was there that Jamila and her husband developed their skills and learned everything they needed to know about the business.

In 2017, after working for so long and having learned everything, they decided that it was time to open their own workshop. They...

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Pick-up Truck

George had shouldered a lot of responsibilities at a young age. He lives with his disabled father, mother, his wife, and her sister, all under one roof. His wife works as a teacher in a public school while her sister works at a wax factory for people with special needs, but their combined income barely makes ends meet.

George had finished high school and went straight to the army, where he served for seven long years. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when he...

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Bassam Fallouh is 34, unmarried, lives alone at a small and modest house in Jaramana while his old parents live in the village.

For more than 10 years, Bassam was an employee with a low but stable income at a governmental institution, his job didn’t allow him to make a difference in his life but he kept working because during the crisis in Syria, it was hard for anyone to find a job.

Unfortunately, in 2021 He suffered a stroke, which caused...

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“It is a splendid feeling after four years of retirement and being dependent on my son and daughters for all my living expenses, to have this life-changing chance that allowed me to work and secure my own income’

This is how Nicola Alhaddad explained his feeling after being funded with the taxi project.

Nicola is 64 years old; he is married to Sofia Fadhel and has two daughters and a son.

For more than 30 years Nicola worked as an employee at an...

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Aluminum workshop

Nidal woke up early every morning to start his day and get ready for work. He lives in a small rented house with his wife and two sons who are college students. Back in the days, Nidal used to live in Aleppo with his family, but they had to move out in 2012 due to the war. The violence forced them to move to a different city and then to Damascus after they lost their house.

Nidal was a skilled aluminum...

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Pick-up Truck

Jerious was a man who knew the value of hard work. As he looked around the small, poor house he shares with his aging father, wife, and two sons, he knew he had to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.

Despite working most of his life as a janitor and doing other jobs like cleaning houses and working as a delivery man, Jerious always felt the weight of their financial struggles. His wife worked in a sewing workshop,...

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Pick-up Truck

Shaher wakes up before the sun rises every day and heads out to work. He lives in a small rented apartment with his wife, who works as a housekeeper, and their two high school-aged children, who also work part-time jobs to support the family.

Shaher used to have a career as a house guard and construction worker in Lebanon. Unfortunately, when the war began, he had to move back to be with his family. He volunteered for the National Defense for...

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Pick-up Truck

Lawrence always knew that he wanted more from life. He grew up in the small village of Misemeah, and often found himself dreaming of the big city and the opportunities it held. After finishing his army service in 2009, he packed his bags and headed to Damascus.

It wasn't easy starting out, but eventually, Lawrence landed a job at a cloth company. His hard work and dedication paid off, and soon he had enough money to get married and start a...

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Bashir and Souryana have always had the will to succeed in life and the determination to improve themselves but the circumstances that they faced stood in their way.

He is 36 years old, married to Souryana Almaher, and has two kids, Joud born in 2015, and Karam born in 2020.

Bashir holds a Diploma in Education and a Master’s in Libraries while his wife holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Sociology, and she is a lecturer at the university, both of them...

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Rabee grew up in a modest family house with his parents who were unable to work, which forced him to quit school at an early age. he used to work as a women's hairdresser before he was enlisted in the army in 2011 for 10 long years. He decided to make use of his time in the army and trained himself to be a male hairdresser too.

After he finished serving in the army, Rabee worked in a salon, but his...

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Nails Care

Onel had never known a life without the shadow of her father looming over her, her sister, and her mother. She and her sister had grown up in a shelter for six years while their abusive father lived far away in Lebanon for work. Despite their difficult upbringing, Onel had always held on to the hope that things would get better and that one day they would be able to escape the cycle of violence that had defined their childhood.


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Pick-up Truck

Samer's life had never been easy. He lived in a small, rented room with his elderly mother. Their one-room apartment was barely big enough for them to sleep, eat, and live in. However, Samer was determined to take care of his mother and provide for her in any way he could.

In 2008, Samer was working as a taxi driver when he had a car accident that left him with a back injury. This tragic event made it impossible for him...

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