Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.

Sewing Workshop

Akram, his wife Claude, son Salim and daughter Dalal have witnessed the war in Aleppo and suffered immensely of its consequences. The constantly falling shells during the first few years affected Salim and Dalal’s mental health greatly, the explosions and the horrors pushed them on the verge of a breakdown. Specially when one of those shells hit Akram's car that was parked in front of their building.

Akram’s business was also affected, when his partner decided to leave the country, they...

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Plumbing Equipment

Just with the start of war, Shadi was called to serve his mandatory military service, Shadi went to his assigned position in Damascus without knowing that this period of his life will extent to over than nine years. 

During those years he went through many hard and challenging circumstances, he overcame many dangers and dodged many explosions, and finally was discharged in April 2020. His wife and two daughters were very excited for their father coming back home, they were united...

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Carpentry Workshop

Aboud, his wife Huda and his two sons Nicholas and Carlos (12 and 6 years old) live together in the family residence in Aleppo, along with Aboud’s mother Mouna.

At the beginning of war, Aboud couldn’t reach his carpentry workshop in Handarat area, all the roads were cut off and the armed groups took complete control of the area. When dangers of mortar shells became closer and more severe, Aboud took his family and fled to Marmaritta village far from the...

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Car Electricity

Costantin was building a name for himself in the market and planning a successful career as a car electrician and mechanic, when the war started and interrupted not only his career but also his family's life.

In 2015, Costantin’s house in Al-Suleymanieh was severely damaged by a mortar shell that exploded in the adjoining building causing complete destruction to Costantin’s 5th-floor-apartment, where he and his mother live. However, the biggest loss for the family was the death of Costantin’s older brother...

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Electrical Maintenance Shop

Bassam lived with his wife Naeema and son Abdel Massih in Bustan Al-Basha area, but with the start of war they were forced like all civilians in their neighborhood to evacuate their house leaving everything behind and move to a rented house in a safer region. Bassam’s business in Electrical Maintenance faced a set of challenges too, the lack of electricity and the war impacts led him to lose his job in 2012. He ended up working in a restaurant...

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Local Food Place

Since he was ten years old, Antoine helped his father and uncles in the family business of making local food (beans, Falafel and Hummus).

The humble place became very famous to all Aleppians for the delicious taste and warm welcoming, Antoine grew in this career until his father passed away of a young age, they had to sell the shop and shortly after that Antoine was recruited in the army service and for many years of war he was shot many times in various places of his body in the battle field, the last injury was the worst one, a surgery was done but without success and now Antoine has no feeling or ability of moving his foot. After he was discharged, the engaged young man is now eager to restart his family’s long life business and open his own food place. 

Computers Maintenance

After finishing school, George got in a sports institute and graduated but he didn’t feel happy or passionate about this field. At the same time a neighbor of his had a computers’ maintenance shop so George started to spend time at the shop and got interested in this work and asked his neighbor to teach him and help in the shop. Not a long time passed before George gained skill and became very good in this job.

George took courses to become more professional and started working for a well-known office, unfortunately after 9 years the office closed and he was left without any job, his wife and three years old son have no other income. George now needs the support to get the equipment and open his own small place for computers’ maintenance. 

Lathing Machine

From an early age, George made the decision which paved his career path to enter the industrial field. He learnt all about metal lathing and slowly opened his own workshop, taking advantage of having his uncle place to work in Sheikh Maksoud area. But the vicious war changed everything, and suddenly the stability and prosperity of his business was gone as the workshop was confiscated by armed groups and all equipment were stolen. 

Many years passed by before George was able...

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Lathing Machinery

War had numerous devastating and horrendous effects on Syrians during its nearly ten years, but for Sheraz, there was no greater loss than losing his brother who was kidnapped in Kasab in the beginning of the war, only to discover his death three months later. The mother couldn’t bare the tragic news, she suffered from a stroke and the poor lady broke down after losing her son. Sheraz’s responsibilities became heavier since he became the sole provider not only for...

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What started nearly six years ago as a passion for photography turned to be a career choice for Hagop, in the toughest years of war. Hagop the father of 11-years-old twins Ani and Lucy, had a hobby of taking photographs. As his love for it grew, he took a course to learn more techniques and improve his skills. Not knowing that shortly after that one of his friends who happened to be a photographer will offer Hagop to buy his...

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Sewing Machines

Ani Kelejian is an independent, hardworking woman who used to work for long hours in a sewing workshop to earn an income and have a decent life after her parents passed away when she was still young. Unfortunately, by getting older the exhausting working hours were starting to be more difficult, so she started to work in a sewing workshop that makes uniforms. 

Ani takes care of her sister khanem who was also a seamstress, but since she had health problems,...

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Manufacturing Agricultural Spare Parts

In the field of manufacturing agricultural trucks parts, Ameen Maghamez faces many hardships such as the rapid change in the market’s needs, the difference which occurred in the material used and wanted by customers, all of this reflected on Ameen’s business because his existing molds became useless. The problem is that without these molds, Ameen can’t produce the parts to complete his work in order to sell them to customers when the season approaches.

The molds are the main factor in...

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