Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Cake and Pastries

George made a courageous decision when he chose to walk away from his academic studies and follow his passion in culinary arts. Not having any experience in the kitchen, George had to climb the ladder one step at a time. First, he started in a cake factory then slowly improved his position and specialized in sweets' making and learned all about baking skills.

Another courageous decision George took, is to start a family despite the economic crisis we are in. The...

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Laser Cutting Machine

Joseph is a graduated architect, but besides his studies he has always been a hardworking and self-dependent man.

His father had lost his workshop and the machinery, and when the family lost their livelihood, Joseph started seriously considering having a full-time job. First, he volunteered with an organization then in 2018 he started working on a laser cutting machine. Utilizing his designer skills, Joseph started making a living by selling architectural models, wooden accessories and many other items. The problem arose...

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Antoine’s family went through horrendous events during the war. The family used to live in an extremely dangerous neighborhood and Antoine used to work in Al-Sheikh Maksoud as a blacksmith. One of the first losses was Antoine’s livelihood income. Then in 2014 Antoine’s son was kidnapped, it was a devastating and frightening experience that forced Antoine to sell his house just to pay the ransom money. 

Luckily the young man was released soon after, but Antoine was left unemployed and homeless....

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George who is originally from Aleppo, has been living in Al-Raqqa for years. When the war started and the city became under the armed groups control, George lost everything; his car mechanics’ workshop, house and car were all gone with a blink of an eye. George was trapped in AL-Raqqa for a while, and it was an unforgettable experience, fortunately he was eventually able to flee and come back to his home town Aleppo where his family live.

When George arrived...

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Dentistry Clinic

The 31-years-old dentist, is defying all the hardships and doing his best to establish a successful clinic, in a time where the economic situation is so unstable after ten years of ongoing war. One of the main obstacles that stand between George and his dream clinic is the high costs of material and equipment in his field of work. Up-to-date machines are essential for his work but at the same time are very expensive which a newly graduate, self-made dentist like George can’t afford.

While George made huge steps and opened his clinic with the basic and available kit, this fund came in a perfect timing to enable him complete his tools and equipment and give him the financial support necessary to start a long promising career ahead.

Sewing Machines

Dalal is a single lady who lives with her older sister Bahija. Dalal entered the tailoring field back in 1984 when she started working in a sewing workshop. Days passed by and Dalal improved her skills and became a supervisor of over than 30 workers. Sadly, during the first couple of years of war the workshop closed as it was located in an area under the fire and shells, she lost her job and the only source of income. However,...

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Pick-up Truck

When Kamil’s father passed away, he left a huge responsibility on his young son’s shoulders which is to take care of his mother and sister in all aspects of life, specially financially. After his sister got married, Kamil became the sole provider in the house. In order to make a living he started working as a sales person for a food company in addition to many side hustles to be able to pay the rent, electricity and their everyday needs....

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Sewing Workshop

Rania comes from a big family, she lives with her mother, both of her brothers and their own families, all in the same household. From early on Rania grew to be an independent, strong woman on every aspect. Her long years of experience in the sewing field enabled her to open her own workshop just before the war started.

Like many people, Rania was affected by the ramification of war. The lack of electricity, the bombing and the bad economics in...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

Elia Wanessian is a 41-years-old man, who takes care of his mother, aunt and wife. Elia Chose to be a blacksmith from an early age, pursuing a better career options, in 1990 Elia went to Lebanon and stayed there until 2017.

When he returned to Syria, everything was changed, he first settled in Al-Salamieh, a small town near Homs. However, a rift between him and his business partner, costed him the loss of all his machinery which he worked hard his...

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Sandwich Shop

In order to financially support his family of four and take care of his mother, George had to work many jobs from sales to metal spraying to even working in a gas station. George has always been a hard-working resilient man who always managed to be good at whatever he does.

Now that the war is over, the hope of going back to his old house in AL-Sheikh Maksoud was revived. George and the family had suffered a lot, Michelin, his...

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Handmade crafts

The harsh circumstances which Mirna was exposed to during the prolonged war, made her search for a way to contribute to the family’s income along with her siblings since she and her son live in her parents' house. The family's house was damaged severely and they all feel lucky enough they weren't physically hurt from the many tragic explosions and bombings that occurred in their neighborhood.

Today Mirna utilized her talents in making handmade souvenirs, and turned it into a business....

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After Hanna lost his house and his pick-up truck in Al-sheikh Maksoud, life became much harder for him and for his family. Since 2012 they have been living in a rented apartments, due to the constantly rising prices of rents, every now and then they are forced to look for a new more affordable place to live in. Hanna’s current salary as a driver for a telecom company, in addition to his wife’s income are both barely enough to put...

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Cotton Clothes and Linens Shop

Shaza used to work as a hairdresser for 23 years, she is a single woman who lives with her old mother whom she is responsible for.

The nature of this job requires standing for long hours which caused Shaza many health problems and forced her to quit and think of another way to make a living. In 2019, she rented a shop, her shop was the only shop in Al-Hamidia neighborhood after the war and everything went well for the first few...

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Scented Frankincense

Ruba has many dreams just like all the other girls of her age, one of her dreams was having a peaceful life with her family at their lovely home! Unfortunately, the brutality of war destroyed everything she looked forward to and also with them her family's only home.

The family had to hide from the falling shells in the shelter for a period of time, but the suffering didn't stop there and the family lost some of their loved ones, Ruba's...

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Grains and Spices Shop

Mttanious worked as a wall painter since 2005, working for a long time in this profession was not easy at all and had very negative impacts on his health, which made him go through many surgeries like knee replacement and open-heart surgery which forced him to leave this job as it requires a lot of physical effort. 

Being the sole breadwinner for his small family; his wife Souhaila and his daughter Ghazal, he couldn’t stop working and thought of another way to...

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Solar System Installing Equipment

“The cruel war affected all Syrian families and made many of them lose everything they have, even their ability to take care of their daily needs. and it became luxurious at the post-war period to think of installing a solar system especially when people’s major interests were repairing what was destroyed and finding a livelihood to support for their families.”

Samer Kabak is originally a plumber, he also worked in solar system installation since 2008, he lives with his mother and...

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Jean worked as a taxi driver for 20 years, back in his home-town Aleppo for 13 years, then the war forced him to leave his city to a safer place, Mashta Al-Helou was his destination and he stayed there for a year.

In 2015, he had an opportunity to work in Lebanon as a truck driver for a furniture company, unluckily, the company he was working with shut down, and he had to find another job as a taxi driver. 

After one...

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Bashar is a married man who lives with his wife Sulaf, his son Fouaad and his daughter Tala. He used to work as a taxi driver since 2010, and he is the only breadwinner for his family in addition to his elderly parents, during the cruel war he was forced to sell his own car and travel seeking a better life in Lebanon where he worked as a driver too. 

Unfortunately, his father’s health started to deteriorate, being the sole provider Bashar...

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Electrical Maintenance Shop

Syrians lives are no longer the same as they were before the war which had a major impact in all the aspects. As a result of this cruel war, Attiah lost his previous job as a maintenance technician because the company he was working for shut its doors in 2014, which forced him to find another livelihood source being the only provider for his family of three and his mother. 

He didn't want to stay without a job, and his experience...

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Mini Market

Naeem is a married man and a father of four; three sons and a daughter. He works in his small shop since 2012.

The brutal war left a scarring memory for this family when one of Naeem’s sons Elie got injured by a shell burst that filled his body with shrapnel, which made him go through several surgeries in order to recover.

During the economic crisis, price changes were a huge obstacle in Naeem’s way, it made it very hard to buy all the required goods which affected his sales' rate and limited his profits.

Having the suitable support for his mini market will make a big difference in his business and help him to support his family.

Sewing Workshop

Shadia and Mariam were partners for ten years, they worked together in their sewing workshop in Karm Shamsham until the brutal war forced them to split up and close the workshop.

Shadia is a married woman and a mother of four; 3 daughters and a son, her husband works as a driver. She had to leave with her family their house in Karm Shamsham to a safer place so they rented an apartment after the loss of their house and a workshop too.

While Mariam is a single woman who had to live alone after the death of her father, who was her sole supporter and now she has to stand on her own.

Helping them to fulfill their dream of restarting the workshop together again will surely support the two families.

Plumbing Equipment

Nekoula is a plumber who lives with his only son Yazan and his sister Micheline and he is the only provider for the family. Plumbing has been Nekoula’s profession since 1990, during these years he managed to build a great reputation among the other craftsmen.

Unfortunately, the economic crisis affected his business a lot which made his income very low, and what caused him many losses were the frequent blackouts and the old equipment he had.

Having new equipment and tools especially the electricity generator will open up new business possibilities and ensure him and his little family a better livelihood. 

"House of Stories" Center

We all have dreams, but we don't always have the courage to pursue them like Manar did. Manar is a 42-years-old writer who lives with his senior parents.

He was studying math and working as a logistic in a church but his father's severe illness forced him to leave his study and work. Treatment expenses were a huge burden on the family's finance; they had to spend all their savings. When his father’s health gradually improved, Manar found a job in...

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Artistic Carpentry Workshop

Saeed loved working in carpentry since he was at a young age, and this job was more like a hobby to him, he mastered this profession without knowing that someday he is going to need it as a source of living.

Saeed is the sole provider for his family of five; his wife and three sons, he worked as an electrician since 1998 in his small workshop, and he did not expect that he will have to leave everything behind seeking...

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