Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.


When Abdullah's car broke down due to a technical failure (back in 2014), it was parked near the Red Crescent hospital in Aleppo city, the last thing he expected was that he would wake up the next day to find nothing!

The war has already overwhelmed the 43 years old Abdudllah, the father of two boys; Shaker (11 years old) and (Karam 10 years old) that solely provides for his family, he had already borrowed money from a relative to buy...

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Car Repairing

George Hanna, his wife Faten and their two children Elias (12 years old) and Joelle (10 years old) were living peacefully in a small city near Al-Raqqa. George was a workshop owner for cars maintenance when the war started. At first, war was far from their little town, but when armed factions started to move East towards Raqqah and Deir Ez-Zor governorates, threatening the lives of citizens and confiscating their properties. George decided it was time to leave for the...

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Barber Shop

Since he was 13 years old, Fadi Kremesh chose his profession for life, when he dropped off school and started working in a barber’s shop to master this skill. When you enter the industry in an early age like Fadi did, you start small and gradually learn the tricks until you can be independent and establish a salon of your own.   

Before the war everything was going just as planned, Fadi was saving money to open his own salon and...

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Wooden Furnishing Workshop

38-years-old Aboud Qudsieh, his wife Hanadi and their twelve years old daughter Cecilia, live in their rented house in Al-Jabrieh neighborhood. Maybe Cecilia was too young to remember when the war reached Aleppo, but Al-Jabrieh was not where her family used to live. They were renting in Al-Midan back then, but due to the dangerous situation in Al-Midan and the non-stop shells’ attacks, they were forced to find another place to stay. The same fears daunted Aboud about his workshop,...

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Wooden Furniture Spraying

There is some unique bond in big families like the Sayeghs, which makes the family members stand together through the good and the bad no matter what, that is what the story of this family is all about.

Elias is 35; ever since he got married to Sandra, the couple lived along with Elias’s family that consist of his mother Elaine, his grandmother Maro, his brother Antoine and his wife and their children, in addition to his other brother Johnny. 

The family...

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Aluminum Workshop

Starting a family in a war-stricken country can be an extremely hard mission without the support and the help of parents and friends. Actually, Yorgi went through that struggle when he decided to start his own family in late 2016. Although the city of Aleppo was in a truce phase, but that did not mean that everything was going to be okay! His fiancée’s house in Al-jabrieh was hit with missiles and Yorgi himself was struggling to find a place...

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Aluminum Workshop

Wassim Haddad is a good husband and a father of Soheil, his 2-years-old son. 

Wassim is a hardworking man, since 2000 he has been in the Aluminum manufacturing business, a business that requires physical strength, skills and experience, first he started in Telefon Hawaae area until he could be more independent and resourceful, he moved to Al-Ashrafie neighborhood and established his own business. Wassim was working day and night to prove himself, his main focus was to expand his work, that’s...

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Lathing Machine

Albert Gergi is a 45-years-old industrial man, who has 30 years of work experience in Metal lathing.

Albert is married, and a father of Mark; his 15-years-old son. He lives with his family in their house in Al-Serian neighborhood, which was relatively safer than other areas in Aleppo during the war. Unlike Al-Sheikh Najjar where he works. 

While all his relatives have left the country during the war, Albert chose to stay in Aleppo his home town for many reasons; besides being...

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Blacksmith Workshop

Besides being brothers, Bassam and Fares Moshati have a lot of things in common.

Both men are in their forties, married and have beautiful daughters Bassam is a father of two girls; Remonda (8 years old) and Myriam (6 years old), while Fares has Eva (12 years old).

The list of similarities continues as the two brothers live in the same area (Al-Suleymanieh) only streets away from each other, and the most important that they are business partners. Since it was their...

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Metal Molding Machine

Aleppo being the largest industrial city in Syria, has witnessed grave economic damage during the long years of war, whereas all Syrian cities and civilians everywhere were feeling insecure in their own homes, Aleppians like Mounir and his brother had another thing to worry about; losing their livelihood source of income.

Mounir Bardakji is a 41-years-old single man, living with his brother George and their sister Dalia who are almost at the same age, in their family house in Seryan area....

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Coffee Grinder and Espresso

George Korjian (32 years old) is a self-made hardworking man, whom like many Syrians was affected by the exhausting prolonged war.

His bitter experience started in 2013 When George was still single. He used to work in Sheikh Najjar area in a plastic chairs manufacturing factory. This hard-working man was trying to build his future, his daily shift would extend to approximately 18 hours, but George didn’t mind the tiredness, on the contrary his concentrated efforts paid off when in a...

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Handmade Christian Sculptures

Not many people have the courage to leave their job and switch to something they love, that is what Gaby did by quitting work in a goldsmithing workshop, to choose a pretty unique field; hand making souvenirs rosaries and religious art pieces. This artisan who is also a father of three daughters, made this change back in 2006, since he was the sole provider of his family that was smaller back then.

Gaby was struggling to provide from his weekly paycheck...

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