Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Sewing Machines

The clothing industry has a very wide range, tailoring or implementing the designs into reality is just a part of it and it is what Michel Haddad (51 years old) is specialized in.

Michel Haddad and his wife Juliana are blessed with two children; Marina and Alexan, they all live in the family house in Al-Midan. No matter how difficult the situation became during the long years of war, the Haddad family never left their home except for a couple of...

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Being a bus driver and working on the roads between cities in a country struck by war is an extremely dangerous profession, that’s what Zaki Dikran said, when he was telling us his story.

Since 1989, Zaki Became a bus driver for Armenian Central high school, a job he practiced during school season, in the summer vacation he had the flexibility to work on the road between the Syrian cities, that enabled him to provide for his wife Amira and two...

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The combination of the horrendous war effects and the economic crisis created an overwhelming impact on the everyday life of the Kaspar’s family on many levels.

The today sixty-years-old man, Bassil, is struggling to provide for his family; his wife Sylvia, and 18-years-old daughter Celine, since his salary as a private driver became insufficient to support them considering the increase in basic needs of everyday life and the losses they went through. The biggest loss was the family’s safety in their...

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Sanitary Diapers

With the birth of her son jack in 2016, Matilda the new mom discovered an eye-opening fact, that soon she transformed to a profitable business idea. 

Matilda (38 years old) and husband Jalaa Darakji were engaged during the war, it was hard for the couple to start a life together due to the economic situation. It was with the help of a relative who offered their empty house in Al-Midan for them so they could start their family. However, it was...

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Electrical Maintenance Shop

On the fifth floor of a small building in Al-Midan area, lives Kotukjian family.

The 34-years-old Loutfi and his wife Bayan share a two-room tiny apartment with Loutfi’s parents. 

Their neighborhood had its fair share of bombs and mortar shells during the war, one of them was so close that it caused damages to the house, Loutfi’s mother went through a breakdown, it has been years since the incident happened in 2013, when doctors diagnosed her with an incurable neural damage. Despite...

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Despite his young age, the 25-years-old Jack Shammas is a living example of a self-made young man who relied on himself early after high school in the car body parts retail. For two years, Jack worked for someone where he learnt the business quickly and wanted to have his independent business in the same work field. His savings were invested in stocking merchandise and renting a shop in AL-Shkaief area. The first hit jack took when the war started in...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

As the year 2013 began, the war has already overcome Aleppo, mortar shells and missiles disturbed the city’s peace and changed many families’ lives forever. A lot of innocent people were injured, and even more were killed, leaving behind grieving hearts like Ghassan and his wife Gracia. 

Ghassan (52 years old) and Gracia (47 years old) with their two sons George and John used to have a quiet life in their rented house in Al Jabrieh area where Ghassan used to...

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Like all residents of Syria, Oujen and his wife had their fair share of suffering from being displaced and losing their belongings 

One day at the start of the armed conflict in 2012, Oujen and his wife were visiting his in-laws in AL-Midan when they heard the news of armed groups breaking into Sheikh Maksoud area. They confiscated the houses, and soon the whole area became out of civilian reach, and the family like many others couldn’t save anything of their...

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Beauty Salon

Nadia, Maria, and their mother Georgette are three strong women struggling together to survive in these difficult times that all Syrians are facing.

The 38-years-old Nadia has always depended on her skills in order to work and provide a living, ever since 1997, she utilized her talents in handwork in manufacturing wax molds for jewelry making, then she entered the beauty domain in 2002, a thing that she loved and had always been passionate about. At first, it started as a...

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Manuel Ashdoknian is a 41-years-old former photographer. His shop was located in Al-Helloq area, his father and brother also had a shop there. For so many years the three men used to go to work together every day, until the Syrian war happened.

The tension started to rise between the conflicting parties, the number of armed men was increasing gradually in the area, and things were getting scary for the civilians like Manuel. Eventually on one day, armed groups broke into...

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Musical Instruments

Music is what made Yacoub get through the war, it is what helped him deal with the horrible circumstances and cope with the miserable reality.

Yacoub Hanna is a thirty-years-old mechanic engineering graduate, and an MA student in Aleppo university, he works part time with the SSSD (Syrian Society for Social Development). and lives with his parents in the family residence. But all that he’s been passionate about is music and everything related to it; from playing instruments to teaching children...

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Espresso Shop

In his early thirties, Yacoub Baddosh shares his story with us and his future plans, this young man who lives with his parents had originally studied in the institute of tourism in Aleppo university, and worked in lots of hotels after finishing school. He was making his way in that domain steadily and everything was going smoothly for him until the war started. 

The impact of war in Syria reflected greatly on the tourism industry, the losses were massive, Yacoub found...

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