Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.






For sixteen years, Vazken used to wake up every morning, get ready and start touring in the streets of Aleppo city picking up the students of “Guiligian” secondary school. 

This daily routine changed in 2016 when he reached the age of retirement, Vazken became unemployed, depending only on his pension salary and the aids that he gets from the church, as a source of income for his family; he lives with his wife Eva, and their daughter Tamar (27 years-old), while his other...

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Electrical Maintenance Shop

One of the hardest things to experience is to feel helpless, to have a threatening danger in your own house but have nowhere to go, and that’s exactly what Rami Boulos and his mother Odette went through.

Rami, is a 38 years-old electrical technician, he doesn’t have a shop so his clients get in touch by phone. Many years ago, Rami had a work injury where he hurt his back and developed Disc problems, and as a result wasn’t able to...

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Packaging Workshop

Milad Khshefi and his mother suffered immensely from war ramifications. 

In 2012, the 38 years-old single man and his 71 years -old mother had to flee from their home in AL-Ghassanieh when armed groups entered the village, only with the clothes they had on, they couldn’t take anything with them, they didn’t have anywhere to go except Milad’s rented house in AL-Midan in Aleppo city, where he used to stay while working in the packaging workshop. They came to Aleppo, but one...

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Nursing Clinic

When Fahed Hendi (42-years-old) and Mishleen bought their house in Al-Midan they didn’t imagine that one day the neighborhood would be that dangerous, and that they would be in the range of sniper shots and fire lines, nor did they imagine that the vicious war would oblige them to be displaced from their home for long years.

Fahed who is a nurse in the ER section at Alkalima hospital, is a father of nine years-old Alexander.

From the beginning of the war,...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Goerge khoury and Enkenieh Sarkis are a husband and wife in their mid-thirties with two children; Charles who’s 2, and Stephanie who’s 1 year old. After his father lost his battle against cancer, George’s responsibilities expanded to include his mother and two sisters. Having to provide for one family is hard enough, let alone two. George had a pretty stable life before war, he lived in a rented house in Al-Midan area, and worked for a profit percentage as a...

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Cleaning Materials Shop

My name is Joseph Mobayed, a 60 years old married man. my wife Laila and I have one son his name is George and he is a photographer. In 1970, I had a workshop for spraying wooden furniture in Al-Midan area, I am very skilled in this craft. Unfortunately, in 2012, when the crisis started in Aleppo this business took a big hit and no one was thinking about these luxuries. Later, I started working in a shop for spraying...

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Marwan’s career path was determined since his early youth, when he applied with his friends for a public driving license test in Hama, that was in 1975 and since then he’s been a driver; first a bus driver for five years in his hometown Msyaf, later a taxi driver with his brother after moving to Aleppo in 1980. 3 years later, the brothers parted after Marwan’s brother decided to immigrate. Marwan and his wife Nourie Wassouf have 3 children, 2...

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Beauty Salon

Not everyone can work in the beauty industry, it takes both the skill and talent to thrive. Jerjy Iskandar khoury is 33-years-old hairdresser, got the talent by nature, and in order to polish his skills he went to Lebanon in 2002, attended many courses and trainings and after gaining enough experience he came back to Aleppo and worked in a hair salon in Al-villat street. With the beginning of war in 2012, Jerjy and his family went to live in...

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The taxi he wishes to own isn’t just a car nor a project, it’s more of a way to compensate his losses and reclaim a peaceful life he once had, before the war destroyed it all. George Georgess and his Wife Maha live in their home located in Al-Midan area, they have one married daughter. The couple suffered from the war collateral damages like most Syrians. In 2012, their house was hit by a missile leaving them with a damaged...

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A Shop For Selling Car Exhausts

The 31-year-old Elias Khawam had it all... with his wife Odet, and their seven-year-old son George, together they make a beautiful small family living relatively a comfortable life. Elias shares business with his father since 1998, in the domain of selling and fixing car parts. But in 2013 everything was about to change, the armed conflict got heavier and closer in Aleppo city, until one day the inhabitants of Sheikh Maksoud area were forcefully dislodged from their homes. Elias wasn’t...

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Electrical Maintenance

After his graduation from electrical institute in 2002, Bashar Boulos who’s 31 years old today, started building his career on his own, until he could upgrade his business and rent a shop in 2010. Not much time passed before difficulties found their way to him, soon after the war started in 2013, the industrial factories shut down and since he was specialized in Industrial machinery, he had to switch his job to something more profitable. Thereafter, He worked on a...

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Rubber Molds Workshop

Armenak Dadourian is a well-known young man working in the business of Manufacturing Rubber Molds, he learnt and then mastered this profession since 1994. He is the backbone of a small family consisting of his wife Mona Basbous, two little sons; Minas and Hagop who are eight and six years old, a three-year-old daughter Rebecca and his mother Nevart who also lives along with the family. Like every Syrian family the war had its tremendous impact on their lives… Back...

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