Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Sewing Workshop

Rami Haddad is like most middle-class workers, battling against the blundering economics and trying to provide for his family of three and his mother whom they live with. During the war, Rami’s work suffered from an immense set-back. The whole chaotic situation resulted in great losses in business; many of Rami’s old clients fled the country without paying him, and many merchandise shipments were confiscated on the unsafe highways between Syrian cities. Eventually Rami had to close his workshop and...

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Metal Welding Workshop

Jameel was one of the craftsmen whose career was severely disrupted because of the Syrian war. Prior to 2012, Syria was heading toward developing its economy; large companies and industries were being built and many well-known artisans like Jameel were having thriving businesses more than ever. However, when war started everything changed. The nature of Jameel’s work was affiliated with industrial facilities, huge gas or water pipe lines' installation project across cities and oil tanks manufacturing projects. this type of...

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Food Place

Despite all difficulties, the 35-years-old Boutros was determined to reopen his local restaurant in Al-Serian neighborhood after being closed for a long time because of war. In those dark years the whole city was in danger, restaurants were closing and life became hard on every aspect. Boutros decided to leave Syria and go to Lebanon, until Aleppo becomes safe again. When Boutros and his wife came back to Aleppo, they settled in his family’s house with his parents, and became...

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Carpentry machines

Nemaan Fannoun is a well-known carpenter with a nearly 40-years-old experience, who fought against all circumstances and managed to make his business survive during the war. Nemaan’s resilience and determination doesn’t mean that he did not suffer, on the contrary, he and his brother lost their cars when shells were constantly falling in their neighborhood and their houses were damaged too, and like all the families they went through financial difficulties specially that they had to take care of their...

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Sewing Machines

The hard circumstances of war and the financial crisis forced the 47-years-old Rima to go back to her maiden profession in tailoring and clothes’ packaging business. 

In the beginning of war, her husband lost his business, when his workshop became under armed groups’ control and later got stolen and destroyed, the family of six started spending from their savings but after two years they had to find another source of income. That’s why Rima started asking her old acquaintances if they...

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Silver Crafting Tools

Khatchir is the head of his small family of four, along with his wife Rowaida, daughter Eliza and son George, they all live in Serian neighborhood. Since they belong to the middle class, the financial crisis of the long war had put a devastating tall on them. 

Due to the high rents, the family had to live in a small, unhealthy underground apartment for a long time. The bad conditions of the apartment did not suit the son, George, who suffers...

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Sewing machines

Gamal is a mother of two, who has a long experience in the sewing field. She had entered this work long before she was married. First, she started doing tailoring for customers but when her own sewing machine was worn out and no longer in a working condition, she stopped for a while. However, her husband’s deteriorating health, which coincided with the start of the war forced her to look for jobs in sewing workshops in order to make a...

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From an early age, George and his brother Fadi had to face the hardships of life instead of having a normal childhood, first they were separated from their parents at the age of five, then, life became even harder. 

The brothers who were living with their aunt and uncle, were shocked when they both were called to serve in the army at the same time. During his service, George was injured; a sniper's shot hit him just under his heart, and...

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Computerized Embroidery Machine

After the death of their father, Fadi and his brother George lived with their mother and became responsible of the household. 

Although the war years were not easy on Fadi, but he considers himself lucky that during those difficult times he and his loved ones stayed safe and he managed to keep his job and make a decent living to survive. 

Young Fadi has a long experience working in the embroidery field; he has been in this domain since 2001, when he...

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Barber’s shop

When he was only fifteen years old, Abboud wanted to learn all about hairstyling so after finishing his 9th grade he started working in a local barber’s shop. But what started as a summer job ended up to be a good career for Abboud who found himself enjoying working in this field. Abboud improved his skills and learnt a lot from all the salons he worked in through the past 5 years. His accumulated experiences and skills entitled him to...

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Block Manufacturing Factory

Rami was a manager at a plastic factory, when the war started in 2011, the factory was transferred to Jordan, and so was Rami. For four years Rami was settled in Jordan, but when the factory closed, he came back home. For a while Rami worked at different places as an accountant then he partnered with one of his relatives in a block manufacturing workshop. It was a new experience for him and he learned a lot during his work...

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Maher’s life was turned upside down when he and his younger brother were both called to serve in the army’s mandatory service in 2018. When the two brothers were away on fire lines, their mother Soaad could not bear the thoughts that her sons are in danger everyday, the fear for their lives and the difficulties of living alone as her husband passed away since the boys were small children, all this affected her health and caused her a heart...

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