Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Sewing Machines

Ani Kelejian is an independent, hardworking woman who used to work for long hours in a sewing workshop to earn an income and have a decent life after her parents passed away when she was still young. Unfortunately, by getting older the exhausting working hours were starting to be more difficult, so she started to work in a sewing workshop that makes uniforms. 

Ani takes care of her sister khanem who was also a seamstress, but since she had health problems,...

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Manufacturing Agricultural Spare Parts

In the field of manufacturing agricultural trucks parts, Ameen Maghamez faces many hardships such as the rapid change in the market’s needs, the difference which occurred in the material used and wanted by customers, all of this reflected on Ameen’s business because his existing molds became useless. The problem is that without these molds, Ameen can’t produce the parts to complete his work in order to sell them to customers when the season approaches.

The molds are the main factor in...

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Sewing Machines

Vera suffered like all Syrians during the war, she used to work with a local designer but their workplace was hit by a shell, consequently the designer left the country, he hoped she would come along because of her great work quality but she stayed here and started working from home to provide for her family and take care of her son and husband.

Vera and her husband Antranik and son Hosep were displaced from their home in Al-Midan after it...

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In 2015, Ohannes and his family had to flee from their house in Al-Midan area when a mortar shell hit their building, although the damage was minimal compared to the severity of the incident but the family had to move to the aunt’s house for more than a year. 

Ohannes and his brother Rafi who deliver photography services since 16 years, are now struggling due to the high costs of their equipment, the camera they are using is old and started to break down, they need support in maintaining good quality lenses and cameras since this is the most important factor in their type of work. 

Ice Making Machines

Since he finished high school, Antoine became responsible of providing for his family, which affected his ability to continue his university education in the faculty of economics. First, he worked in a cinema and with a second job as a tutor, then in 2017 he took an opportunity of working in an import and export company located in Tartous city, but being a tenant there increased his expenses and that didn’t work for him well. That’s why a year later...

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Tires' Maintenance Workshop

Krikor left school in an early age and started learning the family business in his father’s workshop for tires’ installation and maintenance. It was there where he learnt and gained experience for many years until a tragic accident hit his father in 2010 and soon after that passed away due to the side effects. When the father died, Krikor became financially responsible of his mother Mary, sister Talar and his little brother Kevork, but he became without a workshop since...

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Cars Engines Oils

Despite the horrendous war and the dangers in Al-Midan area, Nasim with his wife and daughters never left their home and stood together against the falling shells and many hardships of life under the weight of economic crisis.

Before opening his current shop for oil supplies and services in Bustan Al-Basha, Nasim had a pick-up truck that he used to work with multiple workshops. But to maintain a more stable income he sold his vehicle and bought his current workplace, but the recent sanctions and the outrageous rise in prices prevented him from purchasing the needed oil supplies and hydraulic floor jacks, in addition to compressors that are essential for his job.

Car Exhausts Manufacture

The war was the only thing separating Samir from the profession that he loved a lot, it was not only depressing for him not to be able to practice his job, but also going through many financial troubles due to being jobless for that long, specially that his daughter Jeanette’s husband was called for military service and she and her two children became homeless and came to live with her father. 

During that time, Abdallah, Samir’s 32-years-old son was the only...

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Convertible Cabins for Trucks

During the war Jamil’s workplace in Al-Ramouseh was confiscated and his machinery and tools were all stolen. Another two workshops owned by his father were severely damaged, thus the family lost their livelihood for more than three years. When Aleppo city became relatively safer, Jamil and his father rented a workplace together and resumed their job in manufacturing convertible cabins for trucks but this kind of work needs an open and large space which the current workshop lacks, not to...

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Lathing Machinery

George Dayekh is a 51-years-old owner of a metal lathing workshop, since this father of two (Gabriel and Naya) was the sole provider for his family, he had a heavy burden to carry on his shoulders. The family lives in Al-Serian, a neighborhood that was considered dangerous in Aleppo city, exposed to all kinds of shell attacks. But George had other challenges besides the lack of safety. Soon after the war started, George discovered a lump in his back, he...

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Johnny Marta is an enthusiastic young man, all ever since he was in his early twenties, he started working in car repairing and maintenance and he got skillful in this job.

Johnny lives with his parents in addition to his brother Rami who got called for the military service during the war in a very dangerous city: Daraa, he got injured four times and his life is always threatened. The mother and father are of old age so they need constant...

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Rezk Rezk is from a village near Idleb called Al-Jdaideh. It was his hometown and the place where he spent his life in until in 2012, he was forced to flee the town under threats from the armed groups who took control of the village with the start of the war.

The 41 years old Rezk took his wife Julia and children Simon (14 years old), Emily (12 years old) and Michael (11 years old) and went to Latakia after losing...

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