Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.





Custom Metal Furniture

It’s been three years since Gabriel Afessa returned from Lebanon, but he is still not able to go back to his main profession and practice in manufacturing metal furniture like he used to do before. This craftsman is 54 years old, married and blessed with two children; a 23 years old son Yousef and 10 years old daughter Angie. 

From a very young age he started learning about blacksmith, then he broadened his horizon and entered the domain of upholstery and...

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Bushra Katanjian had a good life with his wife Silvana and their two sons, Jean and Issa.

But the war cost Bushra more than he ever imagined, his losses were growing through the years. First, he lost his job; he was a crane driver since 1980, but in 2014 due to the war, the business was slow and the income from it was no longer useful. Then his wife got shot when she was in the local market of Al-Midan near...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Hakop Santorian is originally from Al-Ghassaniya village in Idleb province, he worked as a goldsmith with his uncle since 1998.

He lived with his parents in Al-Midan area, during the war the house was damaged by the shells many times. In 2016, he decided to move to Armenia with his family, especially for the sake of his brother who suffers from a mental disability, but unfortunately they were shocked by the livelihood reality there; the rents were very high and the...

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Jean Domat used to be a professional photographer, he owned his own small studio in Bustan Al-Basha area and a prosperous business in photography. 

This 47-year-old man fell in love with the camera from an early age, he worked hard and doubled his efforts in his old job in car parts retail, in order to save enough money to purchase his first camera and do what he loved.

His sincere efforts paid off, he learnt the techniques quickly and became very popular...

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Cars Engines Oils

Despite his old age, Garabed Hayitian still has the drive and resilience to open his own shop in a relatively new field of work for him, all for the best interest of his family.

Garabed is a father of two young men; Sarkis and Hrag, he used to own a workshop in the industrial area of Al-Ramouse. His specialty was repairing and producing the parts of buses, he manually made the molds and the samples; he learnt all about this business...

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Michael Tobji has made a rare career choice when he decided to shift from computers’ maintenance to the maintenance of electric dentistry chairs, and now he is about to make another radical change in his career path with his recent project idea.

Since 1985, the father of two started in the electric devices’ maintenance field, then in 2012 he went towards computer maintenance as a part time job, but eventually he went back to the electric dentistry chairs’ maintenance. Unfortunately, this field...

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Beauty Shop

Jeanette Dahrieh is a beautiful young lady and a mother of four who is about to join the work force to support her family. 

This 28-year-old woman made a hard decision to work with four children and no previous experience, but she felt the urge to step up and do something, specially that the war has impacted their lives gravely. Jeanette and her family were living in Al-Midan area when the war started, back then she had her son Victor and...

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Design Equipment

After graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Steve found himself pursuing a completely different path of design and marketing, he started to improve his skills through courses in this field and in the year 2000 he began his career with a company in Damascus; he designed road advertisements.

Unfortunately with the start of the war in 2012, Steve lost his job like many other Syrians and was suddenly without any source of income for his family; his wife Rita and his...

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Mobile Phones Store

Abed Ahmar (35 years old) lives with his wife Najla and their little son Adib in Al-Suleymanieh area, anyone who knows the area remembers how hard things were in the years between 2013-2015 on all the residents, and Abed’s family was not an exception. 

Their last night in their apartment was horrendous, on April 2015, the mortar shell attacks became intolerable, people were afraid of losing their lives or their loved ones. One night Abed started hearing usual explosion sounds, they...

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For twelve years straight, Bashir used to drive Al-Enaya students to their school, but like every other person in Aleppo city his life was changed with the start of the war. 

The struggle of providing the fuel for cars and the bad situation of closed streets and unsafety of almost every single neighborhood, forced the 60-years-old Bashir to park his taxi and look for another job that would bring food to the table. In the same neighborhood where he lives in...

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Embroidery Machine

Things were difficult for the Michel’s family from the very beginning, when they started their married life during the war time.

Michel worked in the embroidery business since 1997 in Arkoub area, but sadly in 2012 he lost the workshop after the whole area was out of reach.

“I lost my house during the war in Sheikh Maksoud area in 2014, and also my workshop with all the equipment that was in the shop so I rented a machine for two years...

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Physiotherapy Devices

Physiotherapy is a domain that requires both medical knowledge and physical strength combined.

Abdalla Afessa chose this field as his career since early age, in 2014, Abdalla entered the Medical institute to specialize in the physiotherapy department. A year later Abdalla started his professional journey working with Al-Ihsan benevolent organization in a mobile medical center; one of the first of its kind in Aleppo that offered physiotherapy for war-injured people, it was a unique experience for the 25-years-old Abdalla, he cultivated...

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