The post-war period is very important in the reestablishment of the infrastructure and support the facilities which can help people to continue their lives in the most natural way, and for the youths to feel the hope of continuing their future in this country, whether it is the rehabilitation of shops, schools and playgrounds.

Construction of water and photovoltaic infrastructure in Rural Homs

December 2022 , By Embassy of Poland Republic

Supported by the Embassy of Poland Republic through Polish Aid Agency, this project came as a response to the dire situation of four villages in rural Homs that suffer from the deterioration of the infrastructure of water networks, as well as the lack of rainfall in recent years.

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Al Kalima School Reconstruction

Opening day: 16 September 2019

Al kalima school is back to resume its educational role in Aleppo city after the rehabilitation phase completed.

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St. Vartan garden and Playgrounds

Opening day: 8 March 2019

Reconstruction of the St. Vartan monastery, will allow an estimated 1000 individual from youth and children to enjoy sports and outdoor activities.

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Amusement Park

10 Jul 2018 and will continue , By Terre Sainte College, Franciscan Fathers

Because our children deserve to play safely and happily.

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Al-kalima Playground

Opening day: 23 December , By Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese

It raind bombs and bloomed joy, Childhood memories comes back once again to fill this place with happiness and hope.

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Rooftop Playground

On 7 October 2018 , By Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese

Our dreams reach all the way to the sky, who said you can't play bascketball with a view!

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