Rooftop Playground
in partnership With: Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese
Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese

On 7 October 2018

About this projectThis rooftop was ruined in the war time in a big way by mortar bombs and missiles that caused it to be in a very bad condition, one of the shells made a hole of 3 square meter. The idea of a closed rooftop playground is new and creative; It will create a safe and free play zone where the children can empty and explode their energies in a positive way, they wouldn’t have to rent other places for high costs, it also represents the hope of ending the war phaseHow the donation was usedthere were reconstructing and maintenance works, for clearing the roof from remains of solar system power equipment and water tanks in order to expand the space of the roof. A warehouse for the church’s worn stuff which is located right next to the church has been emptied and renovated in order to become an indoor gaming hall. Three rooms were prepared; the winter games room and the cafeteria which includes a section for chess and Ping-Pong, and finally the playground which was the biggest challenge.The impact on the communityThe biggest impact was on the children who were very pleasantly surprised by this playground and the game rooms.ParticipantsScouts’ members -Sunday school children-fraternities -Christian youths and people of this area plus a group of the monastery students from other providences. Their number exceeds 400 individuals, ages between 5 and 35.Success storiesEmil (7 years old): "This playground is amazing, I love it very much. We didn’t have any place to play freely in, we used to search for any place just to do an activity or sometimes we just cancel it."

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