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in partnership With: Christian Group of Saint Ephraim
Christian Group of Saint Ephraim

From 11 to 31 June 2018

About this projectSyrian summer club take care of children from kindergarten, primary, preparatory and secondary grades, The project aims to gather kids under the care of the church, so kids can live in an ambience of joy, play and learn. The Syrian summer club has a weekly schedule, where kids are learning languages (English, French, and Syrian), courses of painting and music, study of holy bible, worships, songs, movies, handmade works, and moral support, targeting to create awareness, and introducing concepts, worth and moral. Food is distributed to all participants of the Club. At the end of the Club period, there will be a final ceremony.How the donation was usedThe donation was used to cover the activities of the project, which basically are: Speakerphone for prayers, presentation and animation. Food. Stationary and Club supplies. Toys. Wages of workers. The impact on the communityThe summer club serves the kids need in languages, the kids live in a secure and joyful ambience, through playing, outdoor activities, which support the personalities of the kids, and to support parents in spending much on languages courses. Through asking the parents opinion on the Club, they noticed the progress, happiness of kids in the Club, and they are confident that their kids are in good hands that ensure care, education and entertainment.Success storiesJessica Cossana: (a kid aged 4 years old), this kid was suffering from intense fear, resulting from the war in Aleppo, she fears every person that she sees him for the first time, fears any voice, even when a door is closing, and starts crying loudly, due to care in the Club, the progress of this kid is noticeable, she cries less, play with her friends, feeling secure in the Club.Hanna Krer: (a kid aged 4 years old), this kid could not talk due to war, fearing to say any word, during our care in our club he became in a really good condition.Lesson learnedEvery project has difficulties and challenges, the Club needs always teachers, animators, lag of number and experienced people make a challenge of all projects. But love gathers all, kids and animators, animators play and share everything with kids, which result in an ambience of security, familiarity and love. The biggest challenge is money, we wish that your support will continue because it helps us a lot, without your support, money stay the biggest challenge. But we trust that God will help us to take care of the kids.

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