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Summer Club and Library
in partnership With: Saint Ephrem Scout - Syriac Catholic Church
Saint Ephrem Scout - Syriac Catholic Church

On 15 June 2018

About this projectSummer club for children and teenagers which includes creative and educational activities throughout the week, like (games, drawing, painting, movies, field trips, swimming and educational topics for each age group). There is a library with photocopy machine, a color printer to meet the needs of the drawing sessions and explanatory images to serve the educational topics, in addition to a laptop to display purposeful movies for all age groups.The impact on the communityA great positive influence has been noticed after this support as there have been more efforts to put the energy in our youth on a good path and fruitful ending, especially for the children and their parents who want the best for their children; to learn as much as possible in the summer time through an entertaining and interactional program.Lesson learnedChallenges: we expected more children to participate, but because there are many summer clubs, the number of participants was limited. Benefits: a large number of youths participated as assistants in the summer club, here we found out the skills they have especially in dealing with children.Success storiesPamela Zakaria a girl who participated in the summer club aged 11 years old: I learned from the different documentary programs about the Arab world and its countries which included pictures of famous places of those countries to know more about different cultures. Colored flags were printed to differentiate between the countries and then we painted those flags onto our notebooks.

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