Social activities

Brown Sea Challenge

Champagnat Freres Scout

From 8 To 10 June 2018

About this project

It was a big tele-match between the scouts of Aleppo…. The first day was a tele-match for kids aged between 8-10 years old…about 350 child joined the event. The next day they split into two groups, children aged between 8-10 years old were at the Frère Des Maristes center, they played many games into small groups, and children aged between 11-13 enjoyed water games at Al-Huriya swimming pool. The last day was for boys aged between 14-17 also at Al-Huriya swimming pool and we presented our biggest surprise which was the first bubble ball in Syria which has a great popularity between youths. The games are handball, basketball, volleyball, volley balloon and other games.

How the donation was used

We used the donation to bring 8 bubble balls from China over Aliexpress plus the shipping cost to Aleppo. and the reservation of the swimming pool for two days.

The impact on the community

It was a great chance to gather this number of people They had a joyful time playing water games and competing against each other. It was a great opportunity for us that this project was funded by Saint Nicolas foundation to allow such an important event to happen in Syria.

Success stories

George Nahhas (the leader of Champagnat freres scout): One of the best things in this project is that over 50 person asked us to repeat it for older people and let more people join the event…

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