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Scout Olympics
in partnership With: Saint Afram Scout
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About this projectScout Olympics is basically a competition between aleppo's scouts; a group athletic games (rope tug – dodge ball – chess – Sagittarius – 3 points – individual race – throwing iron ball – jumping rope) were held in the first day. while the second day was for musical challenge deivided into three categories (group bands – march tambour – solo performances)How the donation was usedThe donation was used to prepare the site – purchase the tools for games – T‐shirts for children and gifts for winners.The impact on the communityThe project had positive repercussions between the scout groups, creating a dynamic and healthy competitive atmosphere between the participants, which was one of the main objectives of the project, in addition to training the scout leaders to organize large projects such as this project until this project becomes annual for our scout.ParticipantsThe estimated number of participants is 550(ages range between 9 and 30 years)Success storiesKatrina – 10 years: I enjoyed playing games and competing with people I did not know before and I also enjoyed the place where there are large areas to play without fear of the shells. I hope that this project will be repeated next year to participate again.

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