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Horse riding activity

On 11 August 2018

On a summery morning the kids from homework room enjoyed a slightly different type of activity, this time in the heart of nature. Within the city of Aleppo and mostly due to the long war, it became harder for kids to enjoy outdoor activities in parks, let alone explore real animals' interaction of any sort. Hence a trip to a horse riding ranch was organized for the children to have a unique experience with back horse riding.The kids got to see the horses, play with them and learn about the different breeds specially that the Arabian horses are one of the most popular worldwide, in fact some of the horses did participate in local and even International races, and actually have won the 1st prize in some.For some kids it was the first time to see these beautiful creatures, and the back riding part was an unforgettable experience for them.However, besides the fun packed in this activity, it is said that children who learn about animals and care for them grow to be a more considerate and respectful adults, and we’re always keen to implement such values in our activities.

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